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"Beware of those who forbid you access to wisdom and knowledge, for they speak to you only to attain power over you ... " Chapter 7, verse 22, Talmud Jmmanuel

March 1st, 2003

Dear List,

I just received these two emails.

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I refer to your email dated February 17, 2003 10:05 PM "Subject: () Re:Re:Benito" wherein you undertook what I regard as an unwarranted personal attack on another list member.

I have to advise you that you have now collected your 3 warnings and I am unsubscribing you from the list.

Beryl Rotzall (list moderator)

My sincerest apologies to all I've offended. No personal attacks were intended by me, but there is a disagreement as to what a personal attack consists of, and I don't decide, the List moderator does, and I sincerely thank her here for her original invitation and all the useful questions that came my way, and all the very valuable leads I got.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you all how much I've enjoyed your company and input. Thank you most warmly. The feedback was very wecome and instructive, and I hope you can continue to contact me at gaiaguys@nor.com.au

If you'd like your correspondence responded to here to share with other like-minded truth-seekers, please try to remember to put "uforlc" in your subject heading. All requests for anonymity will be honoured.

In the future, I will have to use this page to communicate with you as a group. So please bookmark me here, and check back regularly. MUCH more to come. Much unfinished business.

The Truth can be temporarily suppressed, but never permanently silenced.



P.S. I've disguised some names becasue I don't want to give anyone ANY more stupid ideas about suing us.

The below is an email I sent some months ago that go me in BIG trouble. More to come.



- vibrational energy that molecules retain even at the absolute zero of temperature. Temperature in physics has been found to be a measure of the intensity of random molecular motion, and it might be expected that, as temperature is reduced to absolute zero, all motion ceases and molecules come to rest. In fact, however, the motion corresponding to zero-point energy never vanishes. Zero-point energy results from principles of quantum mechanics, the physics of subatomic phenomena. Should the molecules ever come completely to rest, their component atoms would be precisely located and would simultaneously have precisely specified velocities, namely, of value zero. But it is an axiom of quantum mechanics that no object can ever have precise values of position and velocity simultaneously (uncertainty principle); thus molecules can never come completely to rest.

Copyright © 1994-2002 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.


Dear Marvin, Beryl and List,


What are we going to do about ignorance and apathy? To quote the Irish comic, Dave Allan. "I don't know and I don't care." Words to live by. <--(Dark humour)


One of the first things I wrote to Beryl, when she was kind enough to invite me to join this List last year, is how much I hate flame wars, and how I would not be involving myself in them under any circumstances. (Interestingly, all my requests to contribute to other UFO related message-boards have been ignored, and I am still inexplicably forbidden to gain access to many WWW functions others take for granted. For several months we couldn't even reliably upload or make credit card purchases. Our New York domain host is hacked, but ET (?) keeps us virus free, both bodily and computer related, and even used to fix the site. It's called high strangeness. I briefly had a trojan in Eudora, but it soon departed.)


So in the warm spirit of siblinghood, I just want you all to know that I'm not trying to sledge anyone or play any mind games, but the Truth (capitalised in acknowledgement of it's sanctity) is not served by soothing blandishments. (See the excerpt re-posted at the end of this email.) I now run the risk of sounding snide just by being direct, but my time is limited, due to the nature of our lonely and largely thankless whistleblowing work, and I can't afford the time it would take to construct the sort of diplomatic verbiage that might sugar-coat the bitter - but life saving - pill I have on offer.


Everybody who's ever carried on email correspondences knows how hard it is to avoid being misunderstood. :-)


Sardonic irony is particularly difficult to convey, so I don't even try. Unless I identify it as such, as above. ;-)


My biggest unknown is whether I'm just wasting my time by writing to this List. I certainly did overestimate the quality of the serious research going on by ufologists in general and these List contributors in particular. (And talk about "a silent majority"!!!)




Beryl, in the past you've asked the List for meanings of commonly used words like "opinion", "evidence", "fact", etc. I have a whole shelf of dictionaries, and find them a wonderful resource. Likewise "research" does not strictly mean to go back and search the same data all over again any more than "deliver" is a medical term for the surgical removal of the hepatic organ.


My dictionaries inform me that a vital component of research is the ongoing logical and scrupulous search for newly uncovered facts which can then update and revise superseded conventional wisdom. Axiomatically, progress is otherwise impossible.


The subject title of this email is ignorance and apathy because they are such horribly synergistic qualities. If you don't KNOW, then you won't know that you should care. If you don't CARE, you'll never make the effort to find out. This plagues the Disclosure.


Marvin, I wholeheartedly agree with Tony's statement. "It is obvious you do not know what is really going on in this rapidly changing world."


But I totally DISAGREE with his other remark, "I really think it is time you took a Bex and had a good lie down."


I think both you and Beryl should get off your backsides and do your reading. Forget the lights in the sky. We know what they are.


After Paul. M's oblique sarcasm about the List topics, I actually DID initially think that Beryl was just having a stir of me too when she wrote about energy, but now that I've heard from you too, Marvin, the penny has dropped, and I'm starting to realise just how shamefully ignorant you really are about the nature of the field in which you are a recognised authority. Nothing personal, Marvin. Please forgive me for sounding harsh. Please also recognise that I'm playing the ball and not the man, even though the sporting metaphors are badly misplaced during this time of war. This is SERIOUS! People are DYING (and we're ALL suffering) NEEDLESSLY! Vivienne and I are also in some personal danger now. NO JOKE!


I have to agree that you're "muddled" (unlike Greer and me), but I really don't think you're going to read the material available to you, which I've provided free of charge at great personal expense on a very small income, so I'll try to paraphrase it here for you, and anyone else on the List who might be interested in making the time to read what I've written here.


Functional UNITED STATES PATENTED quantum zero-point energy devices are just one of the many many unbelievable scientific advances - the list is endless - that have been brutally suppressed by the covert oligarchy, who owe their misguided allegiance to truly wicked ancient ET criminals, now recently departed, whose (pre)historic agenda was to thwart Earth people's progress, both technological and more particularly spiritual, and ultimately colonise this beleaguered old planet after we were all killed. We have our friends and relatives from the stars to thank for the fact that we're still here. (The so-called "evil aliens". How must THAT make them feel? Talk about gratitude!)


That's the conclusion I've reached after countless thousands of hours of study across the barren divides isolating hundreds of esoteric academic disciplines. I'm lucky enough to have an Intelligence Quotient (for what it's worth!) in the top ten-thousandth of one percent of the planet's population, and that gift provides me with unusual perspicacity. Maybe ET recognised in me a kindred truth-seeker when we got this year's ETV sightings and the predictably configured UK field forms flawlessly coinciding with our Disclosure Project Official Representative information evenings. Maybe they're trying to tell you that you might learn something really useful if you listen to what's been discovered.


This is something I've alluded to before, but it's not sinking in.


Anyway, more specifically, if you go to www.gaiaguys.net and click on the links on that opening page, you've find places which will bring you up to speed quickly, so I'll just refer you there instead of taking my limited time to reproduce all the links in this email. You'll find material about overunity devices with U.S. Patent Office proof. (Likewise the links from www.australiadisclosureproject.com are valuable. Thank you Marilyn!)


I draw your attention to my correspondence with Shell Oil where I've attached/uploaded a .zip file that goes into detail in layman's language about the new physics paradigm. I advise everyone on the List to read it carefully and pass it on. I also take the liberty of attaching here a recent scientific paper that proves precognition as a quality that almost all of us possess to a varying degree. It's a bit big @229kb, but I'm sure you won't be sorry. Check out the graph on page 4. This is the research I mentioned that was on the David Suzuki doco (The Nature of Things) on SBS-TV last week, so the Truth IS leaking through! VERY encouraging! It's call a "presponse." You heard it here first! :-)


Incidentally, Marvin, a 1KW Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) is expected to initially cost no more than a conventional 1KW combustion generator until economies of scale kick in and the price comes way down. With no moving parts, they do not produce any heat to speak of - they produce free electricity.


Similarly your concerns about CO2 are misplaced. Gaia is a sentient entity with sufficient homeostasis to deal with the New Age, but not enough to deal with a continuation of the old one for very much longer. We've got less that two years, by informed estimates, to start bringing these things into commercial production.


Beryl, the QUANTITATIVE difference between QZPE and other alternatives to fossil/ionizing fuels is apparent once you start to think about it in light of your understanding of what these decentralised domestic appliances will do. One of my current hassles is a bad batch of twelve, 2 volt, 60 kg lead-acid batteries I was sold two years ago to go with our photovoltaic system (which is 1.5KW, not 2.5KW as I once mistakenly mentioned). The website photo is circa 1997, and we've done a huge upgrade since then which means that we own the better part of a tonne of lead - a dangerous heavy metal toxin - and I dunno how many litres of sulphuric acid - also not know for being very environmentally friendly. Without that storage, the cells (and windmills, wave power, etc.) are no good at night and on cloudy (or calm) days. The cells themselves also require a very dirty and VERY expensive manufacturing process. Only negentropy electromagnetic engineering can safely and sustainably provide us with the energy we demand to run this high-tech culture of ours. (And we still don't have enough juice here in Lower Coldstream for a fridge and washing machine.) But it's not CENTRALISED, and it's FREE so you can start to understand how those vile Texas oil magnates now in power feel about it.


To give you a hint for every watt generated by conventional electromagnetic circuitry, ONE BILLION watts simply goes to waste! History tells us that energy like that can 1.) distill seawater, 2.) make the deserts bloom, 3.) feed the starving millions, who then - once their hunger is slated - will 4.) get an education, which means that women will 5.) start practicing birth control, which will 6.) start healing our poor overcrowded biosphere, and ultimately 7.) lead to a future instead of immanent and ineluctable doom.


(Do you know that a careful study of the official material from the recent UN "Earth Summit" not only makes no mention of the New Physics, but NO MENTION OF POPULATION CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the underlying disease. Everything else wrong with this planet is the SYMPTOM. This is NOT "off topic". This is part of what ET is here to tell us. This planet is only good for about 9% of it's current load!


Beryl, your confusion about what you see as Greer's contradictory statements simply comes from you not reading the material. Like Marilyn, I feel like simply washing my hands of all this and telling you to come up to speed and then get back to me when you know what's going on.


You'll find another thought provoking controversy when you look hard enough, but I'll wait for you to discover it first. Don't forget that Semjase said, "We've come to create controversy." Look up it's literal meaning. Likewise please look up the literal meaning of "conspiracy." If you don't have a good etymological dictionary, there are several free ones available on line.


Anyway, Greer said that if ET offered their technology to CSETI, (repeat "CSETI") he'd refuse it. Now just stop and think about that for a moment. If the RAAF Second Airborne Armoured Division dropped into our clearing this afternoon and offered to give me antiaircraft guns, howitzers, surface to air missiles and cluster bombs, would I gratefully accept them? Would you? Don't you think I might have a LITTLE trouble with the conditions stipulated on our firearms licences? Don't you think it might actually be a little DANGEROUS in the hands of someone whose military armaments training extended only to M-16s and soldering guns?


The little QZPE devices can be safely distributed, and the big planet-crackers can be monitored with existing technology, not unlike our nuclear non-proliferation protocols. A warning to backyard inventors Marvin's right. These things are like punching a hole in the bottom of a dam, and almost invariably lethal if not approached with the correct practices. Hence we in the DP are calling for open Congressional hearings, so it can be adequately controlled. Would you give a loaded revolver to a four year old?


Many of these overunity devices are not ET, but are from Tesla's work in the 19th century. Your own research will blow your mind when you see what's out there. And that's the whole point. The Truth IS out there - you just HAVE to go looking for it, 'cause you're sure as heck going to get pressure sores waiting for it to come out on the corrupt and monopolised mainstream media! The current ET involvement is suppressed by those in power because we'll finally wake up to how we've been duped ever since Adam was a lad.


It's not the back-engineered ET energy and propulsion devices that bother me. It's the back-engineered ET, consciousness related, telecommunications technology that has been turned into remote mind-control devices that I'm concerned about. Not to mention the ET retroviruses. Not to mention the climate weapons. (There is an ancient ET-related religio-political context to all this, but I think I've been forbidden to mention it again here.)


Every imaginable "paranormal" aspect of sublunary "realty" is open to us if we can become meta-aware (simply aware of our awareness) and I'll bet that the off-the-shelf hardware which is already in existence will infuriate you against those now in power. That's the BIG problem worrying them just now, along with the concept of unqualified love and forgiveness being part of the erroneous false religious teachings ET is here to finally straighten us out about.


Prepare yourselves for a quantum phase transition. Fortunately for us, Unified Quantum Field research informs us that Bose statistics apply to us macro Humans just as much as it does to rubidium atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate, so the old adage, "Human nature will never change" is as wrong and outmoded as, "There's no such thing as a free lunch". And thank goodness for that!


Thanks also to The Great Sage for the terrific picture of Little George. There's a good article about his war on the English (language) in today's Sydney Morning Herald. www.smh.com.au


Paul.M Do you mean "West" instead of "East" regarding Venus? Is this a TEST? Stop screwing around, you wag, you! All anybody needs is a clear sky and a knowledge of where to look. I once showed both Jupiter and Venus to co-workers in Grafton at 1130 AM! I'll try to get that DP material off to your NZ mate asap. Yes, those speedy little "rods" seem real enough, but the NZ doco had more than enough requisite. S.P.D. (Semi-Plausible Deniability) Who knows where they come from? It's just one of many great areas of our ignorance. That's the trouble. We don't know what we don't know. My guess is that they might be ET reconnaissance devices. (“Hooly-dooly, Zaphod! These Earth creatures are completely crazy! They seem to ENJOY jumping into a thousand foot deep hole and breaking their fall with a big piece of fabric! No wonder they're considered so dangerous!”)


Tony, you're a much needed breath of fresh air, but beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.


If anyone enjoyed the two (somewhat large) ET-related cartoons I attached recently, I have more, but will refrain unless otherwise directed. I like a larf.


Beryl, any more SPECIFIC guidance about the areas of thin ice on this List you might be able to provide me with will be very welcome. (“Fred Nerks” is a made up name.)


I'll have to leave it there. Yes, it IS time-consuming! But you know what they say about time ... time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.










The Hard Language of Truth


With the regular repetition of a striking clock, the harsh and rough-hewn language in Billy's scripts is rejected. A large number of readers are bothered by this fact and prefer to turn to other books whose contents do not attack their psyche so fiercely but instead, soothe it like oil and balsam. Their thoughts can continue along the same old track without having to seek new ways through toilsome efforts. Above all, it is much easier to hang on to traditional ideas than to be faced with completely new facts that can also be very painful every now and then. It must be clear that the truth always sounds hard to a person who finds it annoying and even offensive, so that they feel personally attacked. It also sounds hard because the mirror of their own faultiness and shortcomings is often held before their very noses, although they assess themselves as being almost faultless. Furthermore, the teachings of the spirit require a completely different interpretation. This just so happens to be the way it is found in the nature of the matter. There is no further development if a person thinks the same way in spiritual matters as in physical matters. The language of diplomacy, as commonly used among us on Earth, serves primarily as a means of gaining some type of advantage at the cost of others. The realities are usually improperly and falsely rendered with this form of language and they degenerate into deadly misunderstandings. The truth may never be spread in a diplomatic form. Truth must call the facts by name, as they really are, straightforwardly without belittlement or misappropriation. According to the words of Semjase, paraphrasing and sweet-talking give false impressions with the result that everything is misinterpreted and inappropriately spread, which can lead to renewed false teachings. The language of truth has always been very hard and wherever the attempt was made to paraphrase it, it has been distorted beyond recognition and the real sense was lost. In bearing witness to the truth, a falsification may not occur under any circumstance, as it is a question of the Creational Laws and Directives, which are unwaveringly and forever valid hitherto into all eternity and are in no need of change.

We should thus bear in mind that truth might may not be set forth with fine tongues and soft words. People who are far enough in their spiritual development to understand and grapple the hard language do not take account at Billy's writing style. Naturally, the same fact can be depicted for the reader in various ways, made palatable so that his or her appetite is not spoiled. But Billy makes use of his hard style with full intent because most of our contemporaries are only roused to their own thoughts in this manner.

According to the Pleiadians, [Plejarans] it will not be easy to make this clear to the people of Earth in their present stage of development. They are already too softened and have strayed from the knowledge of truth to the point that they energetically resist everything that sounds like the hard truth.

Hence, know thyself. He who bears the hard, undiplomatic language of truth and acknowledges its worth will find himself on the right path of veritable evolution. Otherwise, for the time being, this way will remain barred to him through hindrances that he must clear away.





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