Weather Engineering Over North America

Gratefully scanned from Dr. Thomas Bearden's FER DE LANCE p115-118

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The first KGB weather engineering tests over the U.S., using their relatively new interferometers, produced signatures of anomalous perfectly round holes appearing in clouds. These experiments started in 1967 or thereabouts. The Russians gave us that very severe "deep freeze" winter of 1967, as an initial weather-engineering test of their energetics interferometry weapons. 

The KGB communists do have a sense of historical dates, and they often do things on certain dates in symbolic fashion. Full-time Soviet weather engineering over North America started in earnest on July 4th, 1976 - our Independence Day and our bicentennial. This was the KGB's "gift" to the United States on such a historic occasion. Full-bore weather engineering over the Americas has continued to this day, and even increased. It was passed into the hands of the Yakuza and the Aum Shinrikyo upon their leasing of those interferometers on site in Russia at the end of 1989. In 1985 I produced a rather crude videotape 42 (40 minutes) with pictures of the giant radial cloud signatures etc, associated with such weather engineering operations since 1976. 

The basic weather engineering method is simple. Use an L[ongitudinal] W[ave] interferometer (LWI) to reach through the earth and cool the air in a region and produce a high pressure area, due to the densification of the air. Use another interferometer to heat another area and form a low-pressure area, due to the expansion of the air. Then carefully steer those highs and lows by gradually and slowing rotating the distant antennae and slowly adjusting the interferometry range simultaneously, according to a calculated schedule.

 By that means, the LWIs easily catch, entrain, and steer the jet streams largely responsible for our weather. Put sharp loops and twists in that steering, and the huge angular momentum of the jet streams developed in those sharp turns and circles will spawn tornadoes, violent weather, etc.

The first complete weather engineering system over North America in 1976 also used the Woodpecker's normal EM carrier signals with dimensioning and internal assemblage of the composite longitudinal EM wavepairs. A giant "interference grid" was established over much of North America. A great deal of local adjusting of the interferometry in the grid was necessary. These local grid readjustments caused "sudden popouts" of EM energy, creating many atmospheric booms, rumbles, and explosions.

 To really stir up big weather trouble, the Russians--and now the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo--also heat or cool areas of the ocean where El Nine and similar "water engines" form. A dimensioned LW interferometer is required for this operation. By slowly and protractedly heating or cooling the water in one of the "warm water engines" fueling the weather, one causes a very significant, long-term, later effect on perhaps an entire continent.

One can create great droughts in some areas, great floods in others, etc. The KGB has been doing this extensively, since 1976. The great floods in Red China a few years ago are a direct example of KGBNakuza weather engineering, as is much of the extreme heat of 1998. In fact, thanks to the weather operations of the Yakuza under their KGB mentors, 1998 was the overall hottest year on record till then, since records were kept. At least for the summer of 2002, the record may have been broken again, with a significant season of giant forest fires burning away.

 One purpose of the excess heating of the atmosphere, of course, is to do damage. An added "benefit" to the KGB is to furnish support to the environmentalists who are concerned about global warming. Understand, there is indeed such a thing as global warming. But by augmenting the atmospheric (and ice sheet) heating just a bit in a single year, the statistical analyses are skewed. The skewed analyses will show that the global warming problem is far more imminent than it really is, if the LWI engineering of it were suspended. Nobody on either side of the global warming debate seems aware of the LWI intervention that is ruining the results of their models and calculations.

 In turn, the heightened global warming indications, detected as a result of the LWI interruptions, impel strong activist support for such things as the Kyoto treaty, which is specifically designed to the strategic detriment of the U.S. if and when the U.S. Senate ever approves it. The Kyoto treaty does not even apply to some 160 countries including Russia, China, etc. This focuses a certain proportion of our government time and effort in grappling with an inflated global warming problem, immediately. It directly fits the KGB strategy of "spreading" our government energy and attention all over the map, anywhere but upon the coming strategic energetics strike and upon energetics weaponry.

The die-hard section of the KGB strategists are chess players. They will come at you anyway, anyhow, and anywhen that they can. Everything that can be impressed to serve or support the overall objective, will be impressed and used. That is the overriding principle when analyzing Russian KGB strategy.

 Khrushchev meant every word of it when he said to Nixon in their famous Kitchen Debate: " ~Ye will bury you! " Interestingly, to this day Americans and their government officials have continued to be deceived as to exactly what Khrushchev meant. He meant it literally.


Earthquakes to Order

According to U.S. Defense Secretary Cohen, electromagnetic induction of earthquakes is now recognized by the U. S. Department of Defense, considering his little-noticed statement in Georgia in 1997, which we previously quoted. An interesting exchange of induced earthquakes had occurred in latter 1988 and early 1989. Here two sides seemed to be "counting rifles." [See the record of major earthquakes since 1923]

As Secretary Cohen made his April 1997 statement obliquely recognizing the scalar interferometer weapons, the little friendly nation had just completed countering and averting a massive strategic energetics strike upon the United States and Western Europe, scheduled for May 1, 1997 --just three days later. A little more than two months earlier, a previously scheduled attack had also been countered and averted by the same friendly little nation. 

Once one can reach into or through the earth and ocean and create energy in a desired interference zone, induction of earthquakes is simple. Use the interferometers to deposit energy in a fault zone over a period of time. Keep it up, and the piezoelectric plates build up enough mechanical stress to forcibly "slip" and produce an earthquake. 

Put the energy in very slowly, and one gets a long "overpotential" effect where the rocks do not slip for a long time, while the energy builds to higher levels due to the static friction of the rocks. Then there occurs a rather rapid catastrophic slip. In short, one produces a large destructive earthquake. The KGB weaponry can produce earthquakes of the highest magnitude if they work at it. 

If one wishes to induce a quake in an area where there are no known faults, then one simply focuses the interference zone there inside the solid rocks and proceeds to deposit the energy, preferably rather quickly (in hours instead of days). The entire rock will be expanded and it will fracture, producing an anomalous so-called "flat plate" earthquake. 

Around the early 1900s, the "normal" rate of large earthquakes was two or three per year. That gradually increased after WW II. During one week in year 2000, there were some 20 major earthquakes around the globe. Obviously, someone is doing it, since this is far beyond what could be expected naturally. Presently that "someone" is mostly the Yakuza and Aun Shinrikyo, on site in Russia and leasing the LWIs. With the scheduled CSR attacks forcibly aborted, the KGS has the problem of restraining an increasingly impatient Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo group, while keeping them paying the lucrative lease money. Consequently, inducing some big earthquakes is one way to "keep the troops occupied and busy." Shooting down the occasional aircraft or missile is another way.

I worked for 8 years or more with an inventor (Floyd Sweet, now deceased) who had an energy device ( 127,128) sensitive to artificially induced quakes of that fashion, even such quakes thousands of miles away. The device would sit right on top of a normal quake and not react. We could tell within some 8-10 thousand miles--and often even for greater distances-- which quakes were artificial and which were natural.

 So during that period I was able to clearly ascertain what was going on, and who was doing what to whom, and which quakes were normal and which were manmade. Several artificial U.S. quakes, the Armenia quake, and a subsequent big quake in Russia were particularly interesting in the mid and latter 1980s. The huge 1976 China quake was directly induced by the KGB.

Other brief excerpts from this book include a couple of pages about Quantum Potential weapons

Sydney Morning Herald

Coastwatcher's storm warning: the next big one is overdue

"Such events happened every so often until the 1970s."

July 12th,  2004

By Stephanie Peatling, Environment Reporter

If a huge storm whipped up by furious offshore conditions came crashing down on the northern beaches of Narrabeen and Collaroy causing damage to houses and other buildings, Dr Ian Turner would take more than a passing interest.

The coastal engineer from the University of NSW needs just such an unusual event to liven up his research into erosion and accretion.

"The last really huge storm was in the 1970s," Dr Turner said. "We're talking about huge waves and large storms offshore combining to hit the shore at high tide."

Such events happened every so often until the 1970s. Since then it has been relatively quiet for engineering storm chasers like Dr Turner, who believes "the next big storm is overdue".

Sand dunes once bore the brunt of natural temper tantrums and were able to accommodate the changing coastline. But now the dunes have been replaced by housing and public buildings such as surf clubs.

Warringah Council estimates about $100 million of infrastructure lines the beaches and could be at risk next time nature lets it rip.

"The great majority of the coast is undeveloped but Narrabeen-Collaroy is developed and it's close to the beach," Dr Turner says. "The next big storm means houses falling into the ocean is a real possibility."

When it does Dr Turner will be watching to try to find out what lasting effects extraordinary storms have on the coast.

Cameras pointed at Narrabeen and Collaroy will be installed today as part of a project Dr Turner and the council are running. Every hour for the next three years digital images will be recorded and used to measure erosion and accretion of the beaches.

"The data suggest the beach rotates every four to seven years," Dr Turner said. "The northern end builds up and the southern end erodes and then it switches. We think it could be cyclic erosion pivoting around a central point, but the story of erosion is probably more complex than we understand."

Dr Turner is also keen to investigate whether the changes at Narrabeen and Collaroy are linked to climate change that could be having a similar effect along the eastern coastline.

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