"Amazing" Randi Now Retracts Claim Meier UFO Case Hoaxed! Will Have to Pay $1,000,000!

LOS ANGELES, CA - In an absolutely stunning reversal of position, one that is sure to leave his skeptical cohorts in disarray and focus new international attention on the case, noted children's magician and professional skeptic the "Amazing" Randi, today effectively withdrew his unsubstantiated, defamatory claims (made on Tuesday, April 15, 2003) that the Billy Meier UFO contact case is a hoax.

In correspondence received by Michael Horn, the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, on Sunday, March 28, 2004, Randi clearly states, "... Now, Michael has divined that I called the Meier case a "hoax." His powers of perception are REMARKABLE; he finds things where they donít exist! Wonderful!" [See full text of Randi's remarkable email to Horn, below]

The staggering implications to his credibility, and that of a whole extended team of professional skeptics and debunkers, who have been publicly defaming Mr. Meier for years, is astounding. At stake, in addition to their reputations, is an award by Randi of $1,000,000 for proof of the paranormal. Since Randi now withdraws his claim that the Meier case isnít paranormal, it logically (and legally) follows that the award is now due Meier.

While conceding the truthfulness of the Meier case, and thereby obligating himself to a rather substantial pay out, Randi may also be attempting to avoid having even more public attention directed to the failure of his associates at CFI-West, the Los Angeles branch of the international professional skeptics' organization, to duplicate the Meier photographic evidence, a challenge accepted by CFI-West in February 2001.

Undoubtedly concerned by the international criticism generated by CFI-West representative Mr. Vaughn Rees' public refusal, in front of millions of listeners on the Art Bell radio show (March 7, 2004), to submit recently produced photos from CFI-West to the same scientific standards and testing Mr. Meier's were, Randi has effectively ended the challenge to Mr. Meier.

It is clear now that after failing to sully Mr. Meierís reputation Randi has no other means of redeeming his own except by forwarding the $1,000,000 award to Mr. Meier. There is also a $5,000 award due Mr. Meier by CFI West since they have failed to duplicate Mr. Meierís photos, which they called "easily duplicated hoaxes".

More importantly, this remarkable development is sure to open the eyes of scientists and other interested people around the world to the authenticity, and actual content, of the Billy Meier contacts.


(Complete text of Mr Amazing's email to Michael Horn)

Gee, I just so hope to find those magic words in there that will tell me Michael is coming up with the metalÖ.! On each of his rantings, I do a search for "metal" and it just doesnít give me the eagerly-anticipated informationÖ. I understand that Michaelís busy obfuscating madly, thrashing about trying to cover over The Question, so Iíll bear up as best I can. Now, Michael has divined that I called the Meier case a "hoax." His powers of perception are REMARKABLE; he finds things where they donít exist! Wonderful!

But heís up against the wall, so go easy on him.

James Randi


(Another daft reply from Mr Amazing)

Michael, before you were just being silly. Now youíre juvenileÖ.

Grow up.

James Randi

(Michael Horn responds)

No, Jimbo, I'm quite serious, as in legal context serious...unless, of course, you now want to reverse again and claim that the case is a hoax. Is that what you're now saying and, if so, are you ready to substantiate that? Hmmm?


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