(Red emphasis added by Michael Horn)

From: kalkorff@kalkorff.com

Subject: Last and FINAL reply from Kal :-)
Date: December 19, 2006 4:46:47 AM PST
To:   michael@theyfly.com
Cc:   kalkorff@kalkorff.com, ufowatchdog.com@dreamhost.com, gene@macnightowl.com, dbiedny@yahoo.com

Dear Mikey,

I am afraid you just don't "get" it. But then again, I am not surprised.
YOU, of all people, are NOT in a "position" to "negotiate" anything.

You are a FRAUD, Mikey, and I don't "negotiate" with either terrorists or
con artists. If anything, as you will find out in my upcoming three book
series on terrorism coming out in 2007, I eliminate terrorists, and also
prosecute criminal and consumer fraud scammers just like you.

I do not care if I debate you ever again. Nothing will change. You WILL be
exposed and ARE being exposed. You remain clueless, naturally, as to who
the parties are that are behind this, and what now lays in store for you.

And just so you know, neither the "Pleiadians" nor Meier can or will try
to "save you"... you will be hung out to dry just like prior FIGU

You CAN'T stop the 24 VOLUME series that's coming out exposing Meier, the
Kalendars, and everything else I won't disclose now. Billy will be "uber
alles" shortly, but not in the way he or you expects.

Lastly, as a Captain in the Special Secret Services, of which you know
nothing about, I do NOT talk nor "negotiate" with those I am actively
involved in prosecuting for consumer fraud.

That would be YOU, Michael.

And I WILL announce, and there WILL be a broadcast posted far and wide,
announcing that a formal CRIMINAL investigation has now been launched
against you, and several LAWSUITS ARE being filed against you.

You are certainly welcome to come here to Poland and try to sue me. You
may file the papers in Praga, which many people confuse with Prague, in
the Czech Republic. The district of Praga, in Warsaw, has legal

I "owe" you NOTHING, Mikey, and you, of all people, are in a position to
"negotiate" nothing. You are a FRAUD, you have NO CREDIBILITY, and you
will NOT be given any by anyone who stands for truth and what is right.

This is my LAST email to you. For the last and final time, ALL our
interactions will be PUBLIC, or NONE at all.

I have nothing to hide, but you certainly do. All people who commit fraud
have things to hide.

You CAN'T fight the S3 Mikey, and in the new TV series Secret Wars, which
will broadcast in January, not only are YOU FEATURED IN THIS NEW TV SHOW,
(we DON'T "need" your permission!) but the WORLD will get to see the
meetings that were held discussing your "fate" and how an OpsPlan was put
together to nail you.

I "picked no fight"... YOU did by lying and deceiving consumers.

By LYING to consumers, it was only a matter of time before truth and
justice caught up with you.

I, and others, are busy helping it get there faster. :-)

Do NOT contact me again, and if you do, yet another charge will be added
to prosecute you. I will take it straight to the Feds, Mikey.

I close by reminding you that you CANNOT defeat the Special Secret
Services. You remain not only clueless, you have NO LEGITIMACY.

Our lawyers are now contacting EVERY show and station listed in your
resume, where you try to "impress" people with volume instead of
substance, and Mikey, I just hope that they let me PERSONALLY slap the
handcuffs on you when your time comes.

I don't think they'll let me. But I will certainly, at least be there to
see it in person. Then I will go happily visit my relatives in california.

You will be served in either California, my old stomping grounds, or
Nevada, where a Major who is under my command has already taken up
residence there and lays in wait for you.

I look forward to seeing you in court, Michael, and I am NOT bluffing. So
if you do bother to show yourself this week on the XZone, I would be
extremely careful.

Here's something you may already know... "...Anything you say, can and
will be used against you....."

I think you know the rest of this famous set of words named after someone
called Miranda.

Goodbye, I do not wish you "good luck" and I look forward to working with
everyone to nail you criminally, legally, in the media, and everywhere
that it genuinely matters and counts.

Next time YOU "pick a fight" you might want to stick to TRUTH. I know it
is a concept that might be "alien" to you.

If anyone asks you about this letter, or WHY I REFUSE to "deal" with you,
except in public, here is my official position. You can quote me, and if
you do NOT tell people my position when they ask you, you will be guilty
of LYING yet again. Here it is:

"I (Kal Korff) refuse to have any communications with Michael Horn because
he is a FRAUD. If and when Horn ever decides to admit the truth, that the
Billy Meier case is a hoax, there is nothing to 'discuss.' I don't talk to
people who lie to the public, and I don't 'negotiate' with them. Instead,
I expose them and help prosecute them where possible. I look forward to
working to bring Michael Horn to justice."


YOU BEEN WARNED, THE "LEGAL HOOK" HAS BEEN SET, it is only now a matter of
time and the degree to which you WILL be nailed.

It remains to be seen whether misrepresenting, deliberately, (which makes
it libel and slander) my position as stated above, is yet another charge
that will be added to the growing list that is being built up against you,
and WILL be acted on.

See you in court, and in the court of public opinion and in the court of
the worldwide media.

Kal Korff
Captain, Special Secret Services



From: Michael <michael@theyfly.com > Date:Thursday, 21 December 2006 5:07 AM
Subject: Re: http://www.kalkorff.com/?p=14 
Attachments: (none)

Yo' Kal!

Hey bro, great idea, high concept with the lawsuit press release BUT
can I rely on you to get it out to the AP, UPI, Reuters, etc.? I'm
already getting too many interviews to wanna slow down the train. But
the trial thing's sheer genius! Do you have a pic of yourself in your
little SSS outfit? Suggestion: At least wear it to the trial, VERY
big photo op - and JDL, ADL, NAACP, ACLU, ASPCA, etc. will go
positively nuts (especially when they pick up on your KKK initials -
with the SSS thing)! Let's sock it to 'em, Kaptain K!

A coupla ideas to make this more interesting - drop the thing about
my being a voluntary rep for the case, might make the fraud thing
less believable, try a byline (with MY pic of course) like:

"Has This Baby-Faced, Bald-Headed, UFO Smooth Talker Defrauded

And say, is that a Meier UFO photo you got on your page? Might make
you look like you endorse him, wouldn't want that now, would we? Also
thinking on my side to run with:

"Korff Agrees To Promote Meier Case Through International
Lawsuit!" (Whaddya think?)

BTW, would I be allowed conjugal visits w/my girlfriend if convicted
(no, she wouldn't be convicted, I mean me)? Would I really have to
return ALL of the millions of bucks, etc.? Look, I got questions too
but go ahead and plug away and, one last suggestion, when you do the
radio interviews try and sound REAL nuts (I know it's stretch) but
that's the kind of stuff that really gets you noticed, builds
credibility, if you know what I mean!

Okay, and be sure to Czech out (pun intended? who me?) my site as
always. And don't be a stranger, why wait until the trial, c'mon,
drop in anytime!

OK, ya crazy little knucklehead, get to work!

Yours as always,


P.S. Could I keep, like, just a coupla million...just asking, just


And here's the previous day's correspondence


Dear Michael,

If you wish to have your emails answered, please send them to the RIGHT
email address. This is always a good thing to do. You are fortunate, or
perhaps unfortunate, that your other emails were at least forwarded to me
by some mutual parties.

Please be aware that we WILL answer your emails but only PUBLICLY.
Therefore, if you wish any OFFICIAL responses, please post them on
KalKorff.com. That's one of the many reasons it doth exist.

Regarding Art Bell and all the other false claims you make, prepare to not
only be exposed on the XZone, but I will be happy to especially explain
about Art Bell. But I don't think Jim Dilettoso will "appreciate" you
mentioning it since BOTH Art Bell and Jim ADMITTED that what he did was
FRAUD. Art's words were: "That's fraud, Jim."

And Jim said "Yeah."

You brought it up, I will put and end to it. :-)

Itis too bad that you cannot quiote what REALLY happened, but then again I
am not surprised. You were NOT there, I was.

And regarding non existent "copyright" violations, you never sued
Prometheus Books and these images are from my old Meier expose book. There
is NO copyright violation, but you are free to sue Prometheus in court
should you disagree.

You are welcome to reply formally, openly and PUBLICLY at Kalkorff.com.

Otherwise, ALL of your emails will be either ignored or bounce back to you.

WE have NOTHING to hide, and you are deluding yourself if you think there
is any sort of "conspiracy" to "get" either you or Billy Meier.


It's a concept and principle you neither understand, nor tell the public
about. You are GUILTY of CONSUMER FRAUD, Michael. And I will do my best to
see that you are LEGALLY prosecuted.

Michael, ask anyone who REALLY knows me, I am NOT "bluffing".

I will remind you of the ancient Pleidaian saying: "Vulcans never bluff."
And the Pleiadians found this out after the Vulcans used basic logic to
expose them, and they were so ashamed and jealous of everyone else who
started claiming to also talk to "Pleidaians" that Meier was "compelled"
to change their imaginary names to "Plejarans."




 Michael <michael@theyfly.com > Date:Monday, 18 December 2006 4:50 AM
To: kalkorff@kalkorff.com   
CC: ufowatchdog.com@dreamhost.com , Gene Steinberg <gene@macnightowl.com >, David Biedny <dbiedny@yahoo.com >
Subject: Terms of engagement
Attachments: (none)

Dear Kal,

I'm afraid that your non-responsive email does not, as per the absolutely non-negotiable stipulation in my email to you, qualify, i.e. provide the PROOF required, to warrant dignifying another disinformation-laden interaction with you.

That is not to say that I am not willing to debate again this coming week, only that you first be a good boy, do as you were told, and provide the PROOF for the claims that YOU have already made, both on air and in your press release, etc.

BTW, if I'd only known in advance that I was supposed to roll over, take a dive, hit the canvas and go down for the count - I could have informed you that it's simply not my style...as a few other hapless poseurs like you have also discovered.

Now I have to assume that you have SOME proof (or at least a good story) to back up the claims that you made. As far as the Art Bell issue, maybe you've got that...maybe. It would be fine with me but it WASN'T among the numbered points that you are REQUIRED to provide proof for (please pay attention).

Apparently you're not used to having the curtain pulled back on, and the rug pulled out from under, you, since whatever air time you've had in the past has been mostly unchallenged, especially by anyone who actually enjoys taking on cowardly bullies like you.

Perhaps you didn't notice what happened to the little loud-mouthed tree cultivator, Jeff Ritzmann, who made a feeble attempt to back up his own (still) unsubstantiated claims (I direct you to http://www.theyfly.com/newsflash5/rev_debt.htm and http://www.theyfly.com/newsflash5/tree.htm http://www.tjresearch.info/O-S_photos.htm).

And you were obviously unaware of the fact that David Biedney was also caught in blatant LIES, such as having said that he PROVED that Meier's photo was "a deliberate...out of camera hoax...double exposure...using a light and dark curtain, etc." He even, quite comically, later DENIED saying it was a double exposure, which was shown to be a lie, using his OWN published words, of course.

I apologize if I, too, failed to direct your attention to this information before the show, as it might have prevented your making at least some of those embarrassingly ridiculous claims. Then again, based on what I've seen of your, er, honesty, integrity and truthfulness so far...maybe not.

But back to the point. You had your squandered opportunity to do it your way the first time and now you've been given MY terms for the next engagement. So, if you want the pleasure of my company again, and an opportunity to make your case before the many people who follow my appearances representing the Meier case (see: www.theyfly.com), you'll (quickly!) meet them.

Contrary to what may appear the case with you, I do have other things to do than entertain wannabe gunslingers, especially those who come with their guns unloaded. Please remember that when making your threats, of any kind, against me. On all accounts - put up or shut up.

By the way, when you wrote "ask anyone who REALLY knows me", would you be referring to the Kal Korff, the "me", who lies about his identity, wears a disguise, slithers around in the dark, falsely describes both the FIGU center, Meier, the people there, the evidence, the experts, etc. - or is there yet another Kal Korff being referred to? Help me out here, would ya?

Well, you think on that for a while but please do so AFTER you've submitted PROOF of the following claims made by you (I've left the "he" in just in case whoever debated me on the air and has written to me under the name "Kal Korff" isn't really "you"):

1. The ownership of copyrights of Meier's photographs and permission to sell them

2. The photographs, films and video that he claims to have DUPLICATED of Meier's evidence

3. The legitimacy of the mathematical formulation that he claims prove that the UFOs are small models next to full-sized trees (despite the opinions of six forestry experts)

4. That he actually was given metal samples by Marcel Vogel, when it's already established that the date he gives for such is well AFTER such samples were no longer in Vogel's possession

5. That the analysis of Meier's photos done by Design Technology was erroneous

6. That the analysis of Meier's sound recordings, by three professional sound studios that authenticated them, was incorrect

7. That numerous prophetically accurate statements, published in copyrighted books by Meier BEFORE the events occurred, actually didn't occur as foretold (see: www.theyfly.com)

8. Meier having ever said that he is the reincarnation of, or has ever met, Jesus Christ

9. That the bronze colored object on the rim of the WCUFO has "fallen off" the object and proves that it's a model

10. The WCUFO video being of a model (prove by duplication of both the WCUFO and the video)

11. That, as someone with almost 28 years investigating and researching the Meier case,t I am a "newbie, a literal Johnny-come-lately"

12. That "millions of dollars" have been earned by Meier, the investigators or anyone else directly associated with the case, including me (a VOLUNTARY representative of the case)

13. That the people he has in mind are indeed "con artists"

14. That there is a "Billy Meier cult in Switzerland" and that we are "actively engaged in spreading" it

15. That the case was "proven to be a fraud last century"

16. That this is true: "these con artists continue to lie to the public and steal their hard earned money by illegally telling and falsely assuring consumers that the 'UFO' photos Meier has taken show real 'alien' spacecraft" (HINT: Please provide proof of lying, illegal actions and theft)

Now, in the event that you need more time - and I don't know WHY you would since these are YOUR claims so you MUST have PROOF of them - I will graciously agree to have the second debate with you following your providing them. I would prefer that you do so within this decade however, which I think is more than fair and reasonable...don't you?

Oh yeah, PLEASE don't offer the "I've been called away to defend national security" excuse. You picked the fight with me and now you've got it.

Now hurry along there and, as we say in the states, put your money where your mouth is and...don't let the door hit you on your way out.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts



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