An open letter from Michael Horn to Jeff Rense about "Captain" Kal K. Korff.

January 21st, 2007

(If Jeff replies, it will be added here.)



Since, for many years, has been a supporter of the
attempts to discredit and marginalize the Billy Meier case, which is
the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (65 years!)
extraterrestrial UFO contact case, I thought I'd share with you the,
ultimately inevitable, unraveling of the major debunker of the case,
Kal Korff*. Please see:

Also note that Korff has now started to attack his former fellow
debunkers of the Meier case (

“David Biedny Melts Down: Insults Jewish Community Hero and Leader”

“UFO Watchdog’s Selective and Uneven ‘Standards of Credibility’

“(Paul) Kimball or Goofball? - Attorneys Shred St. APauling”

Then there's skeptic/debunker Paul Kimball (no friend of the Meier
case) doing his number on Korff:

You should also know that skeptic, photographer, model maker
and...miniature tree cultivator Jeff Ritzmann also tried - and failed
- to duplicate Meier's UFO photos, films and video, as he claimed he

(This is all the more important since Ritzmann - the MINIATURE TREE
CULTIVATOR - claimed for over a year that Meier had used "miniature
trees and model UFOs" to hoax his photos. Yet he couldn't - and
wouldn't even try to - produce ONE photo, let alone the promised film
and video, with his model UFO next to a miniature tree. Gee, does it
get any clearer than this?)

Imaging "expert" David Biedney had proclaimed that he had "PROVED
that Meier had deliberately hoaxed an out of camera double
exposure" (which was actually an accidental, in camera, triple
exposure) and Biedney was contradicted, on his own online forum
devoted to debunking Meier, by another (presumed) expert who said:

“I cannot confirm Biedny's conclusion that this photo is in fact a
forgery, especially since his strongest point of evidence (the line
near the top of the photo) was not observed in my own analysis.”

Jeff, while all of Meier's attackers and debunkers are flushing
themselves down the inevitable, well-deserved, s(k)eptic tank, you
may want to spend a little time reading the Prophecies, Articles,
Newsletters, Evidence, etc. at and associated links
to bring yourself up to speed on the most important story in all of
human history...and the key to our future survival.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

*You may also wish to educate yourself on the thorough debunking of
Korff, which apparently escaped your notice over the years:


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