A Veiled Threat and an Example of "Not Getting It"

(evidently) from the person who calls himself "TerraX" (a.k.a. "Terrarubicon", "E.Visser", etc.)

(the person responsible for http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread187745/pg1)


To: Michael <michael@theyfly.com >

From: Terra X <terrarubicon@yahoo.co.uk >

Subject: Have a nice day

I expected nothing less Michael then what you are trying to do now, and that is to attack Korff's credibility hoping that it will also evaporate his negative comments on the Meier case.

But to be honest I was amazed seeing the recent correspondence between figures such as Kimball, Royce and Korff. I mean, with you it's crystal clear what you can expect but seeing Korff making a complete
ass of himself after making legal threats actually came as a big surprise.

Don't get me wrong. When I first read Korff's website, and I'm being totally honest here, it put a smile on my face since I think FIGU, Meier and you being sued is well deserved. Lets not forget for a moment the discrediting
efforts in the Meier case and its supporters directed at other persons and organisations. If it takes a lawsuit in order for you to behave then so be it.

Still, it seems Korff is on his way to dig his own grave and no doubt you're planning to give him a helping hand on that. A word of caution Michael. Seeing that the guy might be unstable at times and you recently concentrating your efforts on his mental state, if and when he goes over the edge he might not go quietly. He lives in Eastern Europe where it's quite easy to buy a weapon on the black market and he's a 12 hour drive away from Switzerland. I think you can put two and two together. Morally, I thought I should point this out to you.



From: Michael <michael@theyfly.com > Date:Tuesday, 23 January 2007 4:02 AM
To: Terra X <terrarubicon@yahoo.co.uk >
Subject: Re: Have a nice day



I think you fail to see the obvious, that Korff is the one who destroyed his own credibility. I did two radio debates with him in December, a total of three hours ( http://www.xzone-radio.com ). He made many, many claims, ALL of which he was completely unable to support. Not ONE. He initiated the whole debate with the now removed online attack against me and an equally threatening email to me. He, now quite comically, asserted that he was going to "dispose of" me in a "few minutes"...oooops, didn't turn out that way at all. And of course he's been attacking and lying about the Meier case for decades. So if you expect "nothing less" than my gleefully wiping the floor with him then you're correct. And I dare say that you'd do the same if treated that way, or at least I'd like to think so if you're also someone who doesn't get pushed around easily.

Korff's negative comments on the Meier case are indeed evaporated, and actually have been for years, as reading the various links I provided will show. Several years ago, at the Bay Area UFO Expo, a man came up to me, gave me Korff's card and told me that he had it because Korff wanted to hire him to do some graphics work - which included putting lines in Meier's photos to make it look like the UFOs were suspended by them. He declined the work. BTW, his claims of publishing a new set of books on the case through Prometheus Books is also a lie. I contacted them directly and they stated, unequivocally, that they have absolutely NO arrangement to publish anything from him. Nothing at all. The man who's been attacking Meier all these years is a pathological liar...just what does that do for the credibility of his claims against the case?

And if you go back over all the interactions I've had online, my aggressiveness was always prompted by people's attacks on Meier and the case. And not ONE of them had ever actually gone and investigated, met the man, spoken with the witnesses, etc. I certainly have gone over the top on occasions, absolutely, it's unfortunately all too easy to do online. But you have no idea how many times I also simply approached people to invite them to really look into all the info they never saw and was met with less than polite responses - and continued, unsubstantiated attacks against the case.

And if you think it is "deserved" by Meier and FIGU to be sued, I'd really have to ask, why? Have you met, spoken, shared meals, and worked with these people? Do you really know anything about them and what they do - and why they do it? And my tone is simply one of inquiry, even though I know that you don't have any familiarity with them. I've been over there 7 times in the last 6 years, going again in May. I've got 6 hours of Meier answering questions on film, 14 hours of interviews of 25 other people, witnesses, family, other photographers. I think that you - and many, many people - will be shocked at how unlike your/their preconceptions the FIGU people are. Here's a hint, there's NO ONE there even half as "aggressive" as I am in promoting and defending the case. They simply go on about their business and let the world do what it wishes. And all this nonsense about having to give money to a cult, the MEMBERS of FIGU NOT Meier himself, set their own voluntary rules. THEY determine, collectively, how they will function. NO one gets rich off being in FIGU!

As for Korff suing me, the very threat indicated to me that he was an idiot who had lost his mind. Fraud requires willful intent - and complaining parties. There has not been ONE complaint about anything anyone purchased from my site. Not ONE request for me to send money back because of poor quality, deceit, misrepresentation, fraud, etc. Only if a product was defective, and then people just wanted it replaced.

I think that you have allowed yourself to be swept up in a certain anti-Meier fervor for some strange reason. And that's your right but I should tell you that the time is now beginning to fulfill itself when those people who have so viciously and unjustifiably attacked Meier and the case will have to deal with their own pendulum coming back with the fruits of their labors, as we are beginning to see already. There's a difference between disagreement and deliberate, destructive intent and a difference in the effects of those causes.

Korff is a coward, among other things, and while I appreciate your warning, I think that we should be more concerned that he doesn't do severe harm to himself as all of his ego props are ripped away, many by those who formerly supported him.



Note from Dyson: My guess is that we have nothing much to worry about from Kal harming himself physically, since, in his increasingly delusional state, he obviously sees the fate of the free world resting on his shoulders, and his confused sense of duty would preclude jeopardizing his great calling. Of course if he were administered psychogenic pharmaceuticals, that's quite another story. So let's all wish the best for Kal and TerraX, (and a host of others) and hope that, even if they can never ever see reason, at least they will not do themselves harm if they ever do see the truth. Of course people won't see what they close their eyes to.

Abandon your lonely and futile struggle, guys, and come over to the truth. It's never too late, and the courage it takes to do so will be recognized.

A small sample of my didactic correspondence with "TerraX" can be found @ www.gaiaguys.net/p4c.terrax.htm

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