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LOS ANGELES, CA Just days after Michael Horn, the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, appeared on the internationally broadcast Coast To Coast radio show with Art Bell, relating the uncannily accurate prophecies and predictions preemptively published by Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, it appears that Meier has been proven right again, unfortunately so in one case.

While millions of listeners heard Art Bell play the role of devilís advocate to perfection, challenging Horn about almost every detail of the proof that he claims authenticates the Meier case, Horn read from prophecies allegedly given to Meier by his extraterrestrial visitors in 1987. In addition to highly disturbing information foretelling enormous destruction to America, if its military policies and governmental leaders are not immediately changed, Horn read the following excerpt from a much more lengthy, and equally ominous, section dealing with massive destruction in Europe

"And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up and cover the lands of Europe with war, all will shake and quiver."

Three days later, Spain was struck by terrorists who are now believed to be linked to Osama bin Ladinís Al-Qaida Islamic terrorist group.

Another New Confirmation

Contrasting the gloomy forecast of worldwide turmoil, should people everywhere not heed the warnings in time, an announcement first made on February 24, 2004, and recently reported again on March 15, regarding the discovery of a new planet beyond Pluto, was shown to have been again preempted by Meierís own foretelling, published in 1996, of the ultimate discovery of not one but two such planets.

Bell Confirms Meierís Amazing Accuracy

While Art Bell maintained a healthy skepticism regarding Meierís prophetic accuracy, he readily admitted that not only were the renowned scientific experts who confirmed the authenticity of Meierís physical evidence beyond reproach in their credibility but Horn was right when he stated that Meierís prophetic warnings about a half-dozen specific events, including the U.S. attack on Iraq, the increase in Islamic terrorism, the appearance of SARS, the spread of Mad Cow Disease, the renewed public concern over chemical warfare and the near accident at the nuclear power plant near Lyon, France (all predicted by Meier in 1995) were all in Bellís own possession in a book published in 2001Öalso years before they occurred!

Skeptic Shot Down On Air

The show had a moment of unexpected light comedy when Mr. Vaughn Rees, Case Investigator for the professional skepticsí organization CFI-West, who has the dubious distinction of accepting and subsequently failing Hornís challenge to duplicate Meierís photo and film evidence, tried to claim that the photos of UFO models CFI-West finally published (after three years) should be exempted from being subjected to the same scientific scrutiny as Meierís were! Bell himself made short work of Rees and any credibility heíd hoped to establish with his attempt at redefining scientific standards of proof.

Anti-American Rhetoric or Wake-up Call?

While Bell, and some of his listeners, were clearly upset by the critical tone regarding American policies in Meierís information, Horn tried to point out that, while these were warnings designed to wake us up to take corrective action and, as such, are not couched in pleasant, flattering terms inappropriate to the situation, an equally harsh tone was also directed at numerous other nations and leaders. During this unprecedented, four-hour, in-depth exploration of the Meier information it was noted that, for his troubles, Meier has been the target of unsuccessful assassins a documented 19 times, which, while it may be consistent with the time-honored human idiocy of "shooting the messenger", certainly contradicts the idea that any kind of "hoaxer" would warrant such negative attention.

Full Prophecies Now Available

In addition to the new, comprehensive, two-hour long DVD "The Meier Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival", Horn also announced that the full English translation of the Henoch Prophecies from 1987, from which the information regarding the Islamic attacks in Europe, the forewarning of the World Trade Center destruction by terrorists and the American-led wars to follow were culled, is now available in the new book "And Still They Fly!" from http://www.theyfly.com/

At 0801 PM 14/03/2004 -0800, Michael wrote

Dear NASA,

Very nice of you inform about the apparent new planet beyond Pluto but is it asking too much of you to "discover" things that haven't already been described by Billy Meier of Switzerland in copyrighted, published documents years and decades prior to "official" discovery?

In addition to the information below pertaining to Meier's description regarding two planets beyond Pluto's orbit, please see my website (www.theyfly.com) for articles regarding Meier preempting Cornell University astronomers, and Dr. Joseph Veverka, by up to 20 years regarding specific information about Jupiter's rings (their existence, formation and composition), Europa being covered in ice and Io being the most volcanically active body in the solar system.

Come on now, guys and gals, stop lagging behind!


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts





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