The Apollo Eleven Moon landing?


Look at this. (right click - save target as)


It's a very mysterious 1.27mb .mpg video file.

Let's try to share it in the hope that eventually it is proven genuine or not.

It seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a little joke, and a joke website would NOT just morph away like that.

Don't miss it. Consider posting it if you have a website.

(The Plejaren said the first public "Moon landing" was indeed a fake, but subsequent ones were real. More on this as time permits. Stay bookmarked.)


This email was sent to us:

This link says in Portuguese language: the truth about man on the moon... (I found it again with Google.)

This is the only site where I could find the movie again. The original website where it was has mysteriously changed all its layout and does not have it online anymore (I wonder why???) I cannot find the original folder where I found it in late December.

It is a movie, very small, about 1.2 megs, of  the hoax of the Apollo 11 landing. You get to watch this my friend. VERY INTERESTING!!! Spread it to others.

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UPDATE - Further reading about the video clip:


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