Older than the Oldest.

Wiser than the Wisest.

(Nokodemion / Henock are the names of some of the individuals who previously possessed the spirit form that now enlivens Billy Meier)


Volume 3
German printing: Februar 1997
English publishing: July 1998

Question: Nokodemion: I suspect that the voluntary "retrogression" of the Wisest of the Wise in human form is absolutely unique to the Universe. Behind his extraordinary selfless and helpful act must have been a far more profound motive than "merely" the transgressions by Semjasa and his consorts. Can you tell me the actual reason? - Franco Chelini, Switzerland
Answer: Billions of years ago Nokodemion founded and created a highly evolved people/society. Slowly initially, then increasingly ever more rapidly over a very long time span, the people detached themselves from their roots after his death, and they negatively retrogressed from their life of positive consciousness (erroneously called spiritual life). Their degeneration threatened to engulf them in a war of galactic proportions. To bring the people back to their senses, Nokodemion reestablished himself within a material body once again and returned from the Arahat Athersata levelóa truly unique event in the Universe. Pertinent information about Nokodemion is revealed in Contact 238 of May 18, 1991. (German Contact Report Block #13, pages 2550/51) - Billy


English translations of


Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 5, 228th Contact, Monday, May 1st, 1989, 6:05PM, Pages 468-470




Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 6 238th Contact Saturday, May 18th, 1991, 12:55AM Pages 410-413


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