Pine Brush Nature Reserve/National Estate scandal in a nutshell.

Prime Koala habitat, some of the world’s largest colonies of Earth’s most threatened plants and debatably the last vestige of the once vast, clear-felled Lower Clarence riparian rainforest have been discovered on 492.5 ha (1217ac) of botanically critical National Estate, misrepresented publicly as “ordinary”, and thrown away for a dollar an acre to be illegally damaged by cattle, logging and sandstone rock formation theft, which continues apace.

This National Party crooked land deal corrupted the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service which then corrupted the Australian Labor Party and (former) Environment Minister Allan. The Environmental Defender's Office and the National Parks Association of NSW have not pursued their formal assertions that the significant conservation values live OUTSIDE a sham conservation agreement area.

In 1996, in the Senate, Bob Brown extracted, “We cannot intervene” from Minister Hill. 

June 26th, 1998:The Greens challenge Minister Allan’s errors of fact to state parliament.


The mainstream media’s inaction has lead to public ignorance and the private publication of hundreds of damning files (purchased under Freedom of Information legislation) on the WWW to expose to the grass roots this corruption internationally. 

It is painstakingly documented PROOF of a scandal so extensive as to impede its own resolution. 


(This was squeezed to this size at the request of the National Parks Association of New South Wales Inc.)

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September 10th, 2000

I've finally finished adding hypertext - 204 of them, to be exact - to the letter we wrote refuting Minister Debus' nonsense letter to us.

Hypertext has also been added to our published submission to the House Of Representatives Inquiry Into The Impact Of Conservation Controls Imposed On Land Holders, and our recent letter to the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellency the Honourable Sir William Deane, AC, KBE.

They both also serve as handy summaries of recent events.

This page also contains links to more than a dozen overviews.



The U.N.connection.

Here's an 800 word article we wrote for the Houston Peace News March 2000 Edition

Here's a 500 word follow-up article for the same publication.

They are based in Houston Texas, United States of America
January 25th, 2000 Overview in 946 words


Click here for text of above article
Press Release from the NSW Opposition December 23rd, 1999

October 1998 Australian PRESS RELEASE

Here's a 612 word version of the same sad story which might be easier for our overseas friends to grasp.

These people are not afraid to practice what they preach!

So they have sent this stinging attack on Australian corruption to all these organisations!


An article(Written on invitation from the Earth First! Journal) It's 1904 words long.

 Here's a slightly meatier 275 word version of the above 205 word summary

  Yet another recent 536 word summary with maps

Or how about a 6742 word transcript of a nationally televised feature story broadcast in 1993?

Why don't you read our original 693 word article for the Feb. '95 National Parks Association Journal?

Or perhaps this somewhat dated 1693 word overview , (also written in 1995) at the behest of our local NSW parliamentarian?

Maybe you'd like to read what an investigative journalist had to say in 16366 words back in 1995.

Or how about this 1216 word effort for the Australian Democrats written on February 2nd, 1998?

Let's face it. We lift the rug on the whole filthy corrupt system. It's a scandal too big for anyone to grasp the details of easily. That's why we made this website in the first place, but, in essence, our National Estate was thrown away, is being illegally damaged, and we can't force the corrupt authorities or conservation groups to put a stop to it.

The Forest for the Trees

A Nursery Story for Our Times

(The Pine Brush Story for Five Year Olds) 



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