January 2nd, 2007

"Challenging the blasphemies of 'Gaiaguys.net'"

Some astoundingly misled "Messianic" people, calling themselves "The Refiners Fire" made the serious mistake (having CLEARLY done ZERO research!) of deciding that Billy Meier is a false Prophet. Oh dear! And they are seemingly determined to bring this manifestly erroneous religious delusion of theirs to the attention of the entire world, for which they have our sincere thanks. This is not sarcasm.

Of course about the only kind of "research" these unhappy "Bible Truth" fundamentalists could ever conceive of is looking to see whether the scribes made any mention of Billy Meier in the Bible. If not, he does not exist. You can't argue with that kind of "logic".

Please do visit their colorful animated website.

And please peruse the correspondence Michael Horn and I (Dyson) had with them.

I have gone through the most recent post and responded to their questions.

I have also scanned some of the German language numerological information from the contact notes which very quickly proves Semjase's assertions about just which terms correspond to the numeral 666.


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