"Doubt everything. Find your own light." -Last words of Gotama Buddha, in Theravada tradition


Some thoughts on anger, and more digression.


I was raised as a Unitarian Universalist, (those who believe in one "God", and that all people are capable of "salvation".) They try to live by example, believing that talk is cheap, (especially on the Net!) and an ounce of application is worth a ton of abstraction. I guess that's why I never really knew "what I was" until I grew up. These folks have a rich tradition of being burned as non-Christian heretics, and have been persecuted since 3 A.D. for denying the divinity of the Trinity. There is very little dogma associated with this faith, but the general ideas of: trying to love your neighbour, keeping an open mind and trying to make the world a better place, were inculcated early in me, and are now an indivisible part of my being. Sorry. 

Theologically speaking, I'm a sort of like a quantitative monist, analogous to Advaita Hinduism. We are like the opposites of atheists, who - of course - deny the existence of "God". We, not unlike Buddhists, believe that reality is One; immutable and unchanging, and all plurality, motion and change are merely illusions of the senses. In other words, we deny the existence of anything that is not "God" I explain the use of quotation marks below..

It was at this stage (May 2003) that I decided I could no longer put off updating this 1997 file.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge for me since then, and my spiritual views have evolved along with my broader understanding of the world - indeed universes - we all live together in.

I now understand that a central element of this current time of Apocalypse (Greek for revelation) is the fact that the word "God" is a misunderstanding of the word used for the ancient extraterrestrial overlords of this planet, who in their criminal psychopathology insisted on being worshiped as the omnipotent and omniscient Creation, of which we are all tiny fragments, which enliven us as spirit. We all must be allowed the psychic freedom to spiritually evolve at our own individual pace and no rungs of the spiritual ladder must be skipped. From now on the word "god" will be replaced by "Creation" in my mental dictionary.

For a good introduction to the corrected spiritual instruction, click here.

If you make the effort to peruse our zipped file, you'll see that I have tried to be restrained and patient in my dealings with the miscreants responsible for this ineffable abuse of community trust, and the wanton destruction of the very biodiversity which permits our existence. This is more than a territorial battle. This is an ideological struggle as well.

The intemperate tone of my ranting on this web site is a recent phenomenon precipitated by the death-of-a-thousand cuts that Vivienne and I have been subjected to as we alone bear witness to the illegal destruction of this irreplaceable, unique wilderness and its concomitant public intimidation, ignorance and apathy., not to mention the appalling criminality that our complicit authorities have no will to stop.

The direction this matter takes will determine the flavor of future rhetoric. Let's hope it works the way we think it should. It's up to us all, now that technology has given us the god-like power to destroy or save our one lovely blue planet.

If we are to be as gods, then we might as well get good at it.

Thanks for hearing me out. ( :D)





 Background is Medford Massachusetts, U.S.A., where I grew up.

Life is better now.



Cartoon by the incomparable Michael Leunig

from The Second Leunig - A Dusty Little Swag Published by Angus and Robertson 1979



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