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Subject Untouchable Elite Pedophiles


Dear Derek,

We cordially invite you to debunk our evidence of Untouchable Pedophile Elite as described on our website.

Your organization's appraisal of the genuineness of "crop circles" in general and The Disclosure Project in particular would also be gratefully received.

We will be endeavoring to provide your organization coverage on our whisleblowers' website in the future.

Thank you for your time,

Dyson Devine (Official Disclosure Project Representative) --> now enjoying millions of hits a day

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Subject [Plejarans_are_real] Re derekcbart wrote


Dear Dyson,

My apologies for not responding to your earlier email. My spam blocker assumed it was an advertisement for a pornographic website and sent it straight into the trash.

The IIG is located in Southern California and is involved in paranormal investigations. We have no knowledge one way or the other as to the events in Australia that you describe. I am sorry, but the IIG has no way to address this issue.

As for the objects in the photos, we will be revealing how they were constructed in the near future. Keep watching our website for updates.


Derek Bartholomaus

IIG - Treasurer

Lead Investigator - Michael Horn/Billy Meier Response

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Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for your courteous reply and fascinating explanation for the delay.

The main issues we deal with on our site are international in scope and I think that there are already ironclad beliefs held by The Skeptics which you may be kind enough to simply convey to me or refer me to. I well appreciate the understandable limitations of your resources and I don't reasonably expect you to do more under the circumstances.

We are unpaid volunteers in the gathering campaign to advance the truth.

Could you please provide your organisation's position on the International Untouchable Pedophile Elite, as exemplified by

- the current Dutroux case in Belgium,


- U.S. Senator John DeCamp's "Franklin Coverup"



- or the very similar cases we detail here in Australia on our whistleblowers site as our lead story?

They all pertain to so-called "satanic ritual child sacrifice", which is also not believed in by Skeptics, so anything you may be able to provide us for publication on this topic would be very gratefully received.

The other topics are the Disclosure Project (for whom I am an Official Representative) (A nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.)

- that hoary old chestnut that just won't die, "crop circles".

And "free energy" devices, electrogravitics, scalar weaponry (earthquake/volcano generation, weather modification, etc.) - I'm sure one of your favorites. http//

And your understanding of what former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen was taking about (below) in this regard would also be very educational, if I may ask. I ask this of you due to the importance of such highly qualified and influential scholars and politicians making such extraordinary claims which are sure to badly damage the public's understanding of the truth if inaccurate. Dr. Bearden is the Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists.

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

I certainly won't be taking any more of your busy schedule debating you about this, Bart, as I've already done that more than adequately with Steve Novella so just the Skeptical party lines about these matters will do nicely. I include the above Internet addresses for your interest only.

Thank you again for your time and unusual courtesy.

Could you please reply to me in the future at with a Cc to as I have been removed from that list? Thanks.

Yours faithfully,



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> At 0845 PM 8/03/2004 +0000, derekcbart wrote


> >"Almost all of the photographs taken were with disposable 35mm cameras,


> >the focus was fixed at infinity. A couple of the photos were taken with

> >non-disposable cameras, but the focus was also set to infinity in those

> >cases as well."


> Dear Derek,


> Are you seriously suggesting that we should simply take your word for this

> assertion? It's very convenient for you that you chose to use disposable

> cameras for this crucial test.


> And what hard physical evidence are you prepared provide to me to prove

> that these images are not of superluminal extraterrestrial spacecraft?

> Where are your so-called "models"?


> I await a reply to my email of March 5th which is published here

> http//


> Skeptically yours,

> Dyson Devine - whistleblower



> At 0845 PM 8/03/2004 +0000, derekcbart wrote

> >Hello everyone.

> >

> >I just wanted to point a couple of things out regarding the Art Bell Show

> >last night and the

> >comment I have copied below.

> >

> >First, there was no arrangement between Vaughn and Art Bell. He was just

> >lucky. I had

> >been trying to call in as well, but I was unable to get through. I had

> >even emailed Art Bell

> >and Michael Horn to see if they would be interested in a debate, but I

> >received no contact

> >back from either of them.

> >

> >Second, regarding the camera focus. This comment that is below is

> >something that I see

> >coming up from time to time and I feel it is time to address this here,

> >and we will probably

> >make an adjustment to the text of the webpage

> >to address

> >this there as well.

> >

> >Almost all of the photographs taken were with disposable 35mm cameras, so

> >the focus

> >was fixed at infinity. A couple of the photos were taken with

> >non-disposable cameras, but

> >the focus was also set to infinity in those cases as well.

> >

> >Sincerely,

> >

> >Derek Bartholomaus

> >IIG - Treasurer

> >Lead Investigator - Michael Horn/Billy Meier Response

> >

> >

> > > That fellow Vaughn, from the skeptics group, was a pain, and you


> > > hik about the only good way -- to be aggressive against him and strike


> > > his irrevelant rhetoric on the spot, until the radio waves got so


> > > that Art had to hang up on him. Well done! I think that he must have


> > > earlier and arranged with Art, unless Art had called Vaughn first, to


> > > him be the first caller in, so as to help set the negative skeptic's


> > > and satisfy Art's critics who complain loudly to him that he shouldn't


> > > promoting the Billy Meier case. Regarding those photos Underdown


> > > and the pre-conditions for them in trying to replicate it, I do think


> > > should have made it a requirement that the camera focus setting they


> > > be set close to infinity -- which could be around 25 meters, the

setting on

> > > which Meier's camera was stuck. Otherwise, it's been long known that


> > > can suspend a model by fishing-line leader, focus one's camera on it,


> > > have a shot of it in good focus without the suspension line showing


> > > Since Korff did acccept in his book that Meier's camera's focus was


> > > on that near-infinity setting, the skeptics can't very well dispute


> > > fact.

> >





For more detailed Informations on Billy Meier Case please visit Official

FIGU Website http//



Figu Study Group Website in U.S.A



Hans Georg Lanzendorfer's website in German Language Billy Meier - neither

a Guru nor a Great Master Billy Meier - weder Guru noch grosser Meister



For official and well detailed documentation of technical and true

scientific analyses of real metallic samples and sounds visit Michael Horn's

Website "And Yet They Fly"



The most complete and detailed study on Talmud of Jmmanuel Dr. Jim

Deardorff's TJ website http//

and bookmark its newer address http//

Learn more about Creational Laws here on this Webpage



By Dr. Dietmar Rothe, Ph.D.

a transcript of a presentation Dr. Rothe gave at the International UFO

Congress Summer Seminars on 17th of September 2001 at Laughlin, NV.

The material is copyrighted. © All rights reserved by the author. Dr. Dr.

Dietmar Rothe. The web page is intended for your personal education and

enjoyment only. Copying and distributing any part of that material requires

written permission from the author.

Billy Meier An English-Language Bibliography


by David E. Chance


And also Gaiaguys' Website in Australia

many related texts and other informations from those guys Downunder (Figu



[S] Normal [ ] Derek Bartholomaus 10:54 AM 30/03/2004 +1000 14 cold fusion

Dear Derek,

Please readjust your spam filter UP at least two notches from "send directly to trash anything that challenges 19th Century precepts", please respond to my previous email @ http//, dated March 11th, 2004, and please inform yourself about "cold fusion" . Please see below excerpt from the 500 page Disclosure Project Briefing Document by Dr Steven Greer, which was given to every U.S. Congressperson in early 2001. This is a 914kb .zip file which you can look at here http// , or go here http// (595kb .pdf file) or here http// (handy 84kb .txt file) for the 100 page Executive Summary.

Thank you in anticipation of a rational reply,




Testimony of Dr. Eugene Mallove

October 2000

Dr. Eugene Mallove is currently the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Infinite Energy and Director of the New Energy Research Laboratory in New Hampshire. He holds two MIT degrees in Aeronautical-Astronautical Engineering and a Harvard Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences (Air Pollution Control Engineering). He has broad experience in high-technology engineering at companies including Hughes Research Labs, TASC (The Analytic Science Corporation), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Mallove was the Chief Science Writer at MIT when the cold fusion story broke in March 1989, and he resigned in 1991 after his requested investigation into the fudged cold fusion data at MIT (which helped to discredit the whole subject) was not properly done. The marginalization by the scientific establishment of the cold fusion topic bears strong resemblance to the similar marginalization of the ET/UFO topic both have been ridiculed and defamed because they break established paradigms. As Dr. Mallove states in this interview, "There is nothing worse…than suggesting to academic physicists in particular, and academics in general, that they are not only wrong; they are disastrously wrong, catastrophically wrong." In his magazine, Dr. Mallove has advised us to remember the sentiments of Michael Faraday "Nothing is too wonderful to be true."

"… We know for a fact, today, that the cold fusion low energy nuclear reactions are real. It’s a class of nuclear non-dangerous reactions producing dominantly heat, but also nuclear changes a very beneficial type of powerful reaction. It is a commercially emerging technology in the hands of a number of companies…

There is absolutely no doubt about this. What that means is that in one cubic kilometer of ocean, if you fuse all the heavy hydrogen, which is just one sixty-five hundredth of that cubic kilometer of ocean, that would equal the oil energy from combusting all the known oil reserves on Earth…

There has been an extraordinary abrogation of basic legal responsibility at the Patent Office and at the Department of Energy on the matter of cold fusion. Cold fusion patents have not been approved. The only way of approving any patent that resembles cold fusion is to eliminate the words cold fusion or anything like it. Certain people have done that and succeeded. The Patterson power cell is one such example. It was an age acceleration clause (because of the age of Dr. Patterson) that helped him, and he went through a different art group at the Patent Office.

But predominantly, if the patent goes through a certain gentleman at the Patent Office today whose name is Harvey, he will reject all such patents. They will not get through. American citizens are being denied their constitutional rights in this particular case. There is no question about it. We have a complete audit trail on that. Yes, there is serious criminal activity going on that ultimately must be rooted out if the cold fusion and new energy revolution are to go forward. If it doesn’t get rooted out, you will not be able to have a commercial infrastructure …

There is nothing worse, I found, than suggesting to academic physicists in particular, and academics in general, that they are not only wrong; they are disastrously wrong, catastrophically wrong… "



Cold Fusion

The phenomenon of cold fusion was first reported by Utah researchers Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman111, and has been successfully replicated in several hundred experiments in laboratories around the world in spite of a huge disinformation campaign. The situation with cold fusion is akin to the early days of aspirin. It works, but "conventional science" does not know how or why ergo it is a threat to not only entrenched economic interests such as the centralized power industry, but also to the orthodox scientific community.

Nuclear engineer Dr. Thomas Bearden has proposed several novel reactions, including the formation of time-reversal zones, which do explain cold fusion’s mechanism. This is the because these novel experimental anomalies are in fact caused by using time as an energy source by transducing time-energy into spatial energy. Transducing one microsecond per second of time into spatial EM energy yields nearly 1011 watts of power. It can thus be seen that time itself is potentially a huge source of power, and could well be the energy source of choice for the latter part of this century.

An apparent variation on cold fusion, the Patterson Power Cell uses a thin film to achieve the same spectral results, a finding apparently confirmed by Professor George Miley at the University of Illinois. According to Dr. Eugene Mallove, a noted scientist and cold fusion analyst, during a test conducted by Motorola, the giant US electronics manufacturer, on the Patterson Power Cell. "One cell produced 20 watts continuously with zero input power. It is under non-disclosure, but I have that raw data and there is no doubt that in numerous such tests have seen these effects where a thermal difference of lets say 15 degrees centigrade persisted for eleven hours in a cell no bigger than my thumb. You had the functional equivalent of a twenty Watt light bulb heating water."

COP’s of over 1200 have been reported from the Patterson Power Cell. Patents to James A. Patterson and articles include the following

. Patterson, J.A "System for Electrolysis of Liquid Electrolyte," U.S. Patent No. 5,372,688, Dec. 13, 1994; "Method for Electrolysis of Water to Form Metal Hydride," U.S. Patent No. 5,318,675, June 7, 1994;

111 Fleischmann, Martin, Stanley Pons, and M. Hawkins, "Electrochemically induced nuclear fusion of deuterium," J. Electroanal. Chem., Vol. 261, 1989, p. 301-308 and erratum, Vol. 263, p. 187 - 413 - THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT

"Metal Plated Microsphere Catalyst," U.S. Patent No. 5,036,031, July 30, 1991; "Improved Process for Producing Uniformly Plated Microspheres," U.S. Patent No. 4,943,355, July 24, 1990

Cravens, D. "System for Electrolysis," U.S. Patent No. 5,607,563, March 4, 1997.

The foregoing examples are but a few of the known legitimate overunity systems. Lack of space precludes discussion of other proven systems by pioneers such as Bedini, Watson, Fogal, Nelson, Weigand, Lawandy, McKie etc.

The following is a general bibliography on this subject

Heaviside, O., "On the Forces, Stresses, and Fluxes of Energy in the Electromagnetic Field," Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond., 183A, 1893, p. 423-480

Heaviside, O., a series of papers in The Electrical Experimenter.

Whittaker, E.T., "On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics," Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 57, 1903, p. 333-355

"On an Expression of the Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons by Means of Two Scalar Potential Functions," Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., Series 2, Vol. 1, 1904, p. 367-372. The latter paper was published in 1904 and orally delivered in 1903.

See particularly the paper by Evans et al. which for the first time deals very deeply with Whittaker’s two cited papers. M. W. Evans, L. B. Crowell et al., "On the Representation of the Electromagnetic Field in Terms of Two Whittaker Scalar Potentials," 1999 (in preparation). This is a group paper by 19 members and fellows of the AIAS (Alpha Foundation Institute for Advanced Study).

Alger, P.L., (Ed.), The Life and Times of Gabriel Kron, or Walking Around the World, and Tensors, Mohawk Development Services, Inc., Schenectady, NY, 1969.

Hoffman, B., "Kron’s Non-Riemannian Electrodynamics," Reviews of Modern Physics, 21(3), 1949, p. 535-540.

Stigant, S.A. "Gabriel Kron on Tensor Analysis, A bibliographical record," BEAMA Journal, Aug. 1948, (this includes a bibliography of Kron’s publications.)

More recent papers include the following

Bearden, T.E., "Use of Regauging and Multivalued Potentials to Achieve Overunity EM Engines Concepts and Specific Engine Examples," Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences," St. Petersburg, Russia, June 17-22, 1996; Part I Problems of Modern Physics, 1996, p. 277-297

"Use of Asymmetrical Regauging and Multivalued Potentials to Achieve Overunity Electromagnetic Engines," Journal of New Energy, 1(2), Summer 1996, p. 60-78

"The Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines," Infinite Energy, 1(5&6), Nov. 1995-Feb. 1996, p. 38-55.

"On Extracting Electromagnetic Energy from the Vacuum", July 2000

"Bedini’s Method for Forming Negative Resistors in Batteries", 2000

Burke, H.E. ,Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena, Van Nostrand, New York, 1985.

Cole, D.C. and H.E. Puthoff, "Extracting Energy and Heat from the Vacuum," Physical Review E, 48(2), Aug. 1993, p. 1562-1565.

Kaganov, M.I. and V.M. Tsukernik, The Nature of Magnetism, 1985, Mir Publishers, 1985.

Plotkin, H., "The War Against Cold Fusion What’s Really Behind It?" San Francisco Gate, May 17, 1999. Webster at

Puthoff, H.E. "Source of Vacuum Electromagnetic Zero-Point Energy," Physical Review A, 40(9), Nov. 1, 1989, p. 4857-4862.


Many other relevant papers can be see on the Department of Energy public Website at http//

and the Tom Bearden Web site at http//

Though it will never power anything of substance, on December 31, 1996 U.S. Patent Number 5,590,031 was awarded to Franklin B. Mead Jr. and Jack Nachamkin for a system for converting electromagnetic radiation energy to electrical energy. This is actually a proof of principle (using the Casimir effect) in that it definitely proves that there are ways to extract usable EM energy from the vacuum. It only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black! And that is definitely a fine little white crow.

But the most ubiquitous gate of all for "free energy" is the simple little source dipole. The dipole becomes a universal kind of negative resistor extracting EM energy from the vacuum. Specifically it absorbs energy from the time-domain (complex plane) and emits the energy in real 3-space. Unfortunately, lack of space precludes further discussion of this.




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