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Sydney Morning Herald

November 13, 2007 - 2:16PM

I touched a UFO: ex-air force pilot

Flashback to 1981 ... seen over Vancouver Island in British Columbia and made
public by the British Ministry of Defence in 2006.

A group of former pilots who have recounted seeing strange phenomena in the sky has demanded the US government reopen an investigation into UFOs.

Several pilots offered dramatic accounts of witnessing UFOs - including a transparent flying disc and a triangular craft with mysterious markings - as they insisted their questions needed to be taken seriously more than 30 years after the US file was closed.

"We want the US government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth, conventional terms," said Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona and air force pilot who says he saw a UFO in 1997.

"Instead our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it shut down in 1969," Symington said.

"We believe that for reasons of both national security and flight safety, every country should make an effort to identify any object in its airspace," said a statement from the 19 former pilots and government officials from around the world.

The subject of UFOs came up in a recent debate among US presidential candidates, with Democrat Dennis Kucinich saying he once saw a UFO - making him the object of ridicule and jokes by late night television comedians.

Sceptics say UFO sightings are merely aircraft, satellites or meteors re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

But the retired pilots spoke to a sympathetic audience of UFO "believers" who heard them recall their encounters with seemingly other-worldly objects appearing out of the sky.

"Nothing in my training prepared me for what we were witnessing," said James Penniston, a retired US Air Force pilot, as he described seeing and touching a UFO when he was stationed at a British air base in Woodbridge.

He said he saw an inexplicable triangular craft in a clearing in the woods with "blue and yellow lights swirling around the exterior".

The UFO was "warm to the touch and felt like metal," Penniston said. One side of the craft had pictorial symbols and "the largest symbol was a triangle, which was centred in the middle of the others," he said.

Then after 45 minutes the light from the object "began to intensify" and it then "shot off at an unbelievable speed" before 80 Air Force personnel, he said. "In my logbook, I wrote 'speed: impossible'."

Rodrigo Bravo from Chile's air force said UFOs needed to be studied but lamented that the media often belittle the sightings.

"Sadly the UFO subject has been contaminated with false information, out of touch with reality, provided by unqualified people to the media," Bravo said.

"One of our most important civil aviation cases occurred in 1988, showing that unidentified flying objects can be a danger for air operations," he said.

"A Boeing 737 pilot on a final approach to the runway at the Puerto Montt airport suddenly encountered a large white light surrounded by green and red."

The pilot took a sharp turn to avoid a collision, according to Bravo.

The panel included a former Iranian fighter pilot, Parviz Jafari, who said in 1976 he tried in vain to fire from his jet at an "object which was flashing with intense red, green, orange and blue light" over Tehran.

But when he approached, "my weapons jammed and my radio communications garbled".

A former Air France captain, Jean-Charles Duboc, said in 1994 he and his crew saw "a huge flying disc" near Paris with a diameter of about 300 metres that left no sign on radar.

The disc "became transparent and disappeared in about 10 to 20 seconds," Duboc said.

The former pilot said like other major airlines Air France was mindful of its image and it was difficult to raise the subject of UFOs.

A former official with the Federal Aviation Administration, John Callahan, said government agencies discourage inquiries into UFOs.

"'Who believes in UFOs?' is the kind of attitude of the FAA all the time," he said.

"However, when I asked the CIA person: 'What do you think it was,' he responded 'a UFO'."

When Callahan suggested the government tell Americans about a UFO, the CIA official allegedly told him: "'No way, if we were to tell the American public there are UFOs they would panic."'


THAT'S not a good flying saucer photograph!



THIS is a good flying saucer photograph!


Seek and ye shall find.

Sydney Morning Herald

Exceeding light speed might not be warped
Date: November 13 2007

James Randerson in London

CAPTAIN KIRK and his crew may some day be followed on their travels across the universe at warp speed by real people.

If scientists meeting for a one-day international conference on Thursday have their way, the Starship Enterprise's warp drive will no longer be the stuff of science fiction but an achievable means of travelling vast distances faster than light.

People who want to boldly go on a trip to a far-off galaxy should not hold their breath, though. Scientists admit there is little chance of anyone building a warp drive this century but there is academic interest in the subject.

The British Interplanetary Society is bringing together physicists for a conference titled Warp Drive, Faster Than Light: Breaking The Interstellar Distance Barrier.

An organiser, Kelvin Long, said: "The main purpose is to raise awareness of this obscure field of research within general relativity and quantum field theory and attract new and particularly young researchers to work on the technical problems."

Although the subject was in the realm of exotic physics, he said many controversial ideas found their way into the mainstream eventually.

"Historically, black holes and wormholes were not taken seriously," he said. "Now dozens of papers are published every year on these topics. It is desirable for warp field theory to receive similar attention, if we are to realistically appraise its potential."

The makers of Star Trek had had a knack of predicting technological developments. James T. Kirk's orders from an alien planet were conveyed by a communicator that looked much like a mobile phone.

The theory behind warp-speed travel is that the fabric of space and time must be bent in a region around a spacecraft by creating an anti-gravitational field. This should cause the space behind to expand. In front space should collapse, like in a black hole.

This theoretically allows the craft to move across enormous distances faster than light. A tenet of Einstein's theory of special relativity is that nothing can travel faster than light within space and time but the idea with warp speed is that a small region of space and time moves - like a person standing on a moving walkway.

Guardian News & Media

Note to all those receiving this second Disclosure Project press release entitled "Insiders Expose Reasons for UFO Secrecy". Please note that two paragraphs - those referring to Laurence Rockefeller and to Bill and Hillary Clinton - have been removed from the second one. The service we use for sending out press releases: refused to send out the original press release with those references. It was referred up the chain of command at their organization and censored by them. When you think that we have a free press, think again. This was not even censored by the outlets themselves, but by the entry point to those outlets!


Washington, DC

Disclosure Project ( ) Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power - and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

Recent calls for a US government investigation into UFOs have not taken into account the fact that such investigations are on-going, highly compartmented and top-secret.

Dr. Greer states "As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woo!
lsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access. The senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, then headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me directly that upwards of $100 billion per year was going into so-called ‘black’ projects, including UFO programs, but that with a top-secret clearance and a subpoena power, he could not penetrate the veil of secrecy."

Since then, The Disclosure Project has uncovered thousands of official US documents and over 400 top-secret military and corporate witnesses to programs dealing with UFOs, along with project code names and numbers. Such operations are rogue and deny access to Congressional oversight committees.

The Disclosure Project is calling for open hearings in the Congress and UN so that these whistle-blowers may testify. Previous government/civilian panels, such as the Condon Committee of 1969, proved to be white-wash operations and were penetrated by CIA involvement. Dr. Greer states "We feel that an open hearing process would be the best avenue for our democracy to reassert control over these rogue operations. We have hundreds of heroic government whistle-blowers who need to be heard."

For further information or for an interview with Dr. Greer contact:



14 November 2007

Dear Governor Symington and Mr. Fox,

Congratulations on an excellent press conference on Monday. We are heartened to see the process of Disclosure continuing and that some of the witnesses and materials brought forward by The Disclosure Project ( ) are continuing to reach the public.

Regarding the request for a government/civilian panel to investigate the UFO matter, while we appreciate your laudable purpose in making this request, we are concerned about the unintended strategic consequences of such a process. To wit:

> It is important to realize that powerful and well-funded unacknowledged special access projects (USAPs) within sectors of the US and other governments, and working largely through ‘work for others’ contracts with private institutes and corporations, have already been investigating the UFO/ET matter for decades.

> These projects are rogue, unconstitutional and transnational in nature. In briefings that I conducted personally for CIA Director R. James Woolsey, Defense Intelligence Agency Director General Patrick Hughes, the Director of Intelligence, Joint Staff (J2) and senior members of key Congressional committees (Senate Intelligence Committee, House Government Oversight committee, etc.) among others, it was made clear that the chain of command has been subverted. Even after providing current project code names and numbers to J2, and after he subsequently located one of these USAPs within the Pentagon and demanded to be ‘read into’ (or briefed) on the operation, this Admiral informed us that he was denied access to these projects.

> The science and technology behind these ET vehicles have been studied since at least the 1940’s and have been largely understood and reproduced. Their energy and propulsion systems, once disclosed, would eliminate the need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, public utilities and so forth. Many UFO sightings are, in fact, of these advanced aircraft which have been developed by Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, SAIC and other military contractors and were operational by the late 1950s.

> Importantly, in 1969 the Condon Committee at the University of Colorado, a panel much like what you are recommending, became a fraud perpetrated on the public, and its chairman, Dr. Condon, was a secret, unacknowledged CIA asset (after briefing CIA Director Woolsey and making a FOIA request, we obtained a CIA document that establishes this fact). Dr. Robert Wood, then of McDonnel Douglas Aerospace, was involved with the Condon Committee and discovered that Dr. Condon was sanitizing any credible evidence from the report and even withheld such evidence from other panel members (see witness testimony by Dr. Wood). When Dr. Wood challenged Dr. Condon on this behavior, Dr. Condon contacted Mr. McDonnel directly and attempted to get Dr. Wood fired. Any such committee today would most likely be a similar corrupt hoax and would seriously set-back Disclosure and only deepen the cover-up.

> In light of the above, we recommend a strategy to have open, secrecy-free hearings before a relevant Congressional committee, such as the House Government Oversight Subcommittee for domestic affairs, chaired by UFO-observer Rep. Dennis Kucinich, or some other committee headed by a similarly honest and trustworthy chairperson. Alternatively, a hearing by the UN or the World Court would be an acceptable venue.

> Importantly, since The Disclosure Project now has over 400 military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses from around the world, as well as corroborating official documents and project code numbers and names, such a pool of witnesses testifying before an open, televised hearing would assure honest, real-time Disclosure. This process, so long as open and conducted by an honest chairperson, would be much less likely to be corrupted than a government panel investigation.

I wish you great success in your important work towards disclosing the truth about UFOs and wish to assure you that all of us at The Disclosure Project stand ready to assist you and this process in every way we can. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this matter further.

Best always,

Steven M. Greer MD
The Disclosure Project

MEDIA RELEASE November 15th. 2007

Hillary Clinton and the Rockefeller Initiative

 Stephen Bassett
    Executive Director
     Paradigm Research Group

Washington, DC -  Today's Washington Post has an article by Libby Copeland which mentions the work of Canadian researcher Grant Cameron in the context of requests to obtain documents from the Clinton presidential library relating to the UFO phenomenon.  

The context for these Freedom of Information Act requests is the initiative by Laurance Rockefeller from March of 1993 through 1995 to persuade the new president to release all government documents pertaining to UFO phenomena to the public and effectively end a long standing truth embargo. 

A comprehensive review of this initiative and other related developments during the Clinton administration can be found at:

Rockefeller initially approached the executive Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) headed by Dr. John Gibbons.  As the initiative unfolded Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and key Clinton adviser, John Podesta, watched from the Oval Office but did not get directly involved.

Furthermore, President and Mrs. Clinton had private visits with Laurance Rockefeller at his ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1994 and 1995.  It is reasonably assumed they discussed the Initiative at this time.

We know this because of 900 pages of documents obtained by Grant Cameron from the OSTP via the Freedom of Information Act and from news articles relating to the Clintons' private meetings with Rockefeller.

PRG will soon publish to the internet the relevant news articles and OSTP documents confirming the Rockefeller Initiative.

In light of recent questions posed to candidates Kucinich and Richardson regarding UFO phenomena, it is appropriate that candidate Clinton be asked about her views regarding the Rockefeller Initiative.

Contact:  Stephen Bassett
              Executive Director
              Paradigm Research Group


Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814   202-215-8344



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