Education - or what is it and why is it only associated with children?

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Education on a personal and individual level

In our civilization, it has become known that education plays an important role. However this importance has lessened in value during the last 50 years, due to a shift in values which focuses more on material wealth and pleasures of all sorts and especially on the wrong value that “doing nothing” and idleness or faineance, is a way of relaxing and that it diverts us from the hard work we do. The old proverb holds true: “Idleness is the beginning of all vice” or “The devil finds work for idle hands”. Another factor is that our economy is shaped now in such a manner, with enormous debts, a social system that suffers from this, that some persons have to take two or even three jobs to sustain their household and with it, education goes in a downward spiral. If we want to have a look at what education really is, we have to start from the beginning.

If we look at the definition on Wikipedia about education we can read the following:

Education in the general sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. Education can also be defined as the process of becoming an educated person. An educated person refers to a person that has access to optimal states of mind regardless of the situation they are in. That person is able to perceive accurately, think clearly and act effectively to achieve self-selected goals and aspirations.[1]

At first glance it is mainly about transferring knowledge, skills and values to our children or others. However, it is so much more and an algorithm that encompasses not only material life, but also the immaterial cycles.

A new person is born. The new personality incarnates in a new body with the spirit-form. The new personality is like a blank paper, but where there is already written something on it, with “invisible ink” which represents the “essence” gathered from all the lives before. In the absolute best case for a person, education should overwrite this invisible ink, letter by letter so that the dark ink and the invisible ink are overlaying, as fast as possible. In other words, the invisible ink has to be made visible through education again as fast as possible, so that the new consciousness can start to gather new knowledge and thus evolve.

In a contact block Ptaah, the JHWH still responsible for our planet, who is in contact with <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM), said that the humans from earth, stop learning at the age of 25. This is a pertinent sentence as “learning” is not only about gathering information and “knowledge” but it is about “self-education” and “education” through others. It is about mastering every life situation. The main goal in evolution is to work on values like “love”, “discipline”, “Mitgefühl”, “Ethical values” ect. and not on mere numbers or “scientific knowledge”. This knowledge is only important to heighten our “Gehirnquotient” (brain quotient). So the majority stops learning at the age of 25. If we look at our lives we see that school or university continues until the age of 25 approximately. At this period it is said that the children are adults and “mature” enough to handle life alone. The parents stop educating and the “grown up” children think they now know enough and that they are smart enough, saw everything that is to see in life, or that they can stop learning and educating themselves. This truth can be seen and experienced in daily life, for example if one sees adults behaving like children. In this context I do not mean the good and the positive aptitude of children to explore their surroundings like scientists, without biases or preconceived opinions, but the lack of development of their reason, their common sense and their ethical and moral values. A good example is our politicians. There are always exceptions of course, but the last time I saw the German parliament on TV, as they were sitting there, their attitude and their speeches made me strongly remember my classes with 16 year olds. Even their nice and expensive suits and ties could not alter this impression…

So we grow biologically “old” but our consciousness often stays only at the state of only one or two sentences more then was written with the invisible ink. This lack of education leads to a very slow evolution of the individual.

If we look at it precisely we can see that “education” is everywhere at any time. We educate ourselves often indirectly through doing mistakes and correcting them. We are educated by others who open our eyes for the mistakes we do. We are educated through nature when getting the consequences of the law of “cause and effect”. Thus the sentence from <Billy> Eduard Meier which says that education is “the non plus ultra” as it is written in the Book “Erziehung der Kinder, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen” from BEAM, is absolutely true.

Education on the level of society and the earth population

If we look at the schools in Europe it can be seen that those children entering pre-high school or high school already have a huge lack of education which implies the simplest rules and the lack of simple moral values like “respect”, “tolerance”, “Mitgefühl”, “the thirst for knowledge”, “love”, “empathy”, ect. We have to be careful with the word “Empathy”, it can be used for the bad as well as for the good. “Empathy” is only the capacity to “feel with the other person”. Like anthropologists observed in a tropical forest (do not recall the article anymore), great apes tortured each other, so in other words they tortured because they “knew” or “felt” that the other ape suffered through it. “Empathy” on the other hand lets us also “feel” the happiness of others and this feeling also rewards us, because it also automatically creates neutral-positive thoughts that have again a positive effect on our psyche. “Empathy” is thus a tool that should be used for ethical and moral positive values and not for bad and degenerate actions. Education should teach us the benefits of using our “Empathy” for the good and not the bad.

Like it is already in many Brazilian public schools today, where teachers get harassed with weapons, knives and the one or the other gets killed by their students, it will become in Europe one day, because of this lack of education, self-education and social care, if nothing is done to the current situation. Treating the children like pets, giving them all they want without asking for an effort, or seeing them as a social status or an accessory, is wrong and degenerate. Without educating them to self-responsibility, or that in life “Nothing is for free”, as my father used to say, and that they have to work to actually have success and a good life, gets lost in our world of consumerism. We not only want to consume resources, TV, radio, cars and houses, but also information and education without having to do any effort for it. This irrational logic, leads to a mere societal bubble, where a small needle is enough, to make the whole system collapse. The fact that during the big earthquakes in Haiti and Italy whole gangs rioted through the streets and stole what they could, or raped women, or that some criminal organizations used the situation to steal children and sell them on the pedophilia marked as sex slaves, shows that “a needle” that could destroy the bubble, could be a severe earthquake.

Also because the learning process stops with many at the age of 25 or sometimes even before, there is no good education for the next generations either. Imagine still being an apprentice and wanting to teach what you do to someone else. You could never explain it in such a way and also apply it in a good enough manner to teach the other person this, so that that person actually could use it by himself later. As I explained in paragraph 1 this snowball effect leads to “grown up” persons who are unqualified and often are not able to do their job correctly, as I explained with the politicians. Ethics and Morals are important in every job, as they give us a frame for social behavior and neutral-positive, constructive values as they are given to us by the spiritual teaching also. So through this lack of education and self-education, we are creating whole masses of persons who are not really “grown-ups” in the moral and ethical sense, but who are in reality Teenagers with suits, who worry more about their material wealth or their dresses/suits from Armani, than about the real problems like the climate change or geopolitical tensions between the giants China, Russia and the US.

Some thoughts on possible solutions

First of all the parents are the first responsible and also a role model, for the education of their children. Too much time gets lost because of work, material pleasures, or through idleness. At the moment in schools, too much time gets lost on discipline problems, which could be invested into the transfer of knowledge, so that the child could get a correct diploma. Also many teachers are overburdened, because they not only have to transfer knowledge, but also educate many children as well as they can in what constitutes behavior, politeness and other matters, because they come from destroyed families or from families where the parents are alcoholics or worse. At the moment this is a privilege of the rich by sending their children to expensive private schools. The governments and especially the ministries of education, have to build up a social system where parents can have enough of time for the education of their children and not have to hunt after the money 24 h a day. The ministries also have to take distance from the “child petting” policy and produce a new correct and fair order, where the children learn again that “nothing is for free”.

We have to learn again that education is in fact a lifelong process integrated in our evolution and that we learn not only from our grandparents and parents but also from our siblings, cousins, friends, coworkers, bosses, apprentices, neighbors and from nature (law of cause and effect) itself. We also learn from our selves when we do mistakes, recognize them and then try to correct them. This is the “self-education”.

Another aspect could be to offer a “skill enhancement” or a “basic and advanced training” in matters of “education of the grown-ups or teenagers”, for different jobs. As an example the police forces which have to deal with law offenders, do in reality nothing more than “educating” by punishing the delinquents, so that they stick to the law next time. They have already a pedagogical training in the EU to some extent, but in my opinion all these forces need themselves a different teaching in pedagogy specialized on kleptomania, brutality at home, or in society and in psychology. Like this they could be able to handle the delinquents in a better way or to educate them better, than through the stupid “Carrot and stick” policy. As I said, they are also “educating” teenagers and “grown-ups”, and should find a method specifically worked out for that field.

All this should be done to better not only the life of ourselves, but also to better the life of our children and their children. Something is clear, I plead for a ‘coming out of the Lethargy and idleness’, and act.

(Passive member)
24th January 2012


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