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“Greed devours the brain“

Some weeks ago I bought a book with the title “Der Crash kommt – Die neue Weltwirtschaftskrise und wie Sie sich darauf vorbereiten“ (free translation: “The Crash is coming—the new world economic crisis and how you can prepare yourself”) by Prof. Dr. Max Otte (ISBN 978-3-430-20001-1). His unrolling of the history of the various crashes shows me that our beautiful mother Earth accommodates a lot of “brainless” imitators and repetitive offenders—which can also be said about history in general. The book is very gripping and in a certain way also instructive, but I’m only going to elaborate on a particular point that caught my eye and which I find is absolutely true and worthwhile to examine in more detail.

On page 41 in the first paragraph there is the following sentence: “The old broker wisdom ‘Greed devours the brain’ hits the nail on the head.” This saying also struck me immediately. It’s really true: “Greed devours the brain”! Of course Max Otte supports his statements with some scientific studies, as expected from a professor. Among others he describes an experiment where students were asked questions concerning financial investments while having their heads in a MRI scanner. One of the questions was whether they wanted 100 dollars now or rather 110 dollars in 4 months. The MRI scanner then showed which parts of the brain were especially active during the answering of the questions. Every time the test subject was “greedy”, i.e. wanted the 100 dollars immediately, the cerebellum exhibited a high level of activity. In the history of evolution the cerebellum is a very old part of the brain which is also found in reptiles—one could say it contains our primary rudimentary instinct. However, those test subjects who decided for the 110 dollars in 4 months exhibited a high level of activity in the cerebrum that is used for conscious thinking. For Max Otte it is quite clear that no profitable stock market transactions can be carried out if only the cerebellum is involved. But how does this function in general? Do we get any positive results if instinctive greed is the motivating force behind our actions instead of intelligent and reasonable thinking?

Greed has several synonyms, i.e. related terms, such as: desire lasciviousness lust obsession vice passion addictions (craving for money and power, victory, quarrels; compulsive gambling, gluttony, drugs, sensation, etc.)

Greed is therefore not only to be associated with money, but this unreasonable, foolish and depraved behaviour can also be observed in the degenerated forms of eating, sex, gambling, brutality, belligerence, aggressiveness, victory and lust for power, etc.—greed affects a lot of spheres of life. Our consciousness consists of uncountable consciousness forms or consciousness levels that embody characteristics, such as love, esthetics, greed, dignity, hatred, eroticism, harmony, freedom, peace, thirst for revenge, justice, retaliation, and a lot more; all of them radiate in a particular colour according to their evolutionary level. If, according to the above study, greed activates the cerebellum—historically one of evolution’s oldest parts of the brain—, then this means for me that the radiated colour also has to be of a low value.

In Block 2 of the Plejadian-Plejaren Contact Reports on page 225, there is a table of colour values which lists the values of the seven radiated colours through which the human being’s consciousness levels have to progress. If one looks for the terms

Inability to reason, unreasonableness. Inability to judge and think, form concepts, draw conclusions, lack of judgment vice,

then they can be found in the first radiation value under the colour pink. What does this really mean? In my opinion, it means that our pre-, pre- …. pre-ancestors as the first human beings not only had consciousness levels radiating in pink, but also if we are greedy and otherwise are leading an unreasonable way of life without thinking and judging etc., then we have not evolved ourselves much higher than this “Primate-status”. There are a lot of nuances from pink to violet—the second value. Coming back to the above expression “Greed devours the brain”, we have to ask ourselves why greed embodies so much destructiveness and a primate-like status. Surely we are embarrassed or even repelled when observing colleagues eating huge quantities of food voraciously in the cafeteria; seeing extremely achievement- and bonus-oriented ones—head downwards—rushing by; watching how megalomaniacs with lust for power decide over the “heads” of their employees; reading about disgusting sex machinations in the worst form of inhumanity—possibly even with children—, so that our hair stands on end—something is just not right. There is some power which obviously is much stronger than the wish and the insight to really be a self-controlled human being. Whatever may be the reason, they are victims of foreign determination that is much stronger than their present evolutionary level of reasoning, thinking and judging. Perhaps some may ask themselves what is wrong with such instinctive acting if it is embedded in our brains and therefore part of us. Besides, they may also claim it would have atrophied if it were no longer of any use to us. (Of course these are not the only excuses of those persons affected, because to defend oneself is always much easier than to seriously improve.)—There are two possible answers which cannot be repeated often enough. Firstly: The Creation’s predetermined aim for the human being is such, that his or her spirit-form has to evolve by means of the consciousness to such a height that it will be able to melt together with the universal consciousness, the Creation, to evolve the Creation itself, for the perfection of the Creation, the universal consciousness, is always only relative. Secondly: In the Creation, the universal consciousness, everything is pervaded or steered by the principle of cause and effect. That means, for every possible cause there exists an effect following the Creation’s pattern. Everything is pre-programmed, like a huge operating system that contains all possibilities and eventualities. The “cause and effect system” receives the frequencies of our absolutely free and self-steered thinking, feeling and acting as cause, and we receive as effect—which is at the same time the new cause for another effect—that which is predefined in the Creation’s pattern—without any emotions nor feelings, but in absolute logic (logos = the power of the Creation).

Our thinking and acting is not predefined, as some may perhaps assume—if it were so, we would be complete puppets and not capable of having our own thoughts—; only the laws of cause and effect are predefined. We have an infinite number of possibilities to choose from, everything is open to us, we can choose from the greatest degeneration in the worst form of inhumanity up to the most dignified human life. To find the Creation’s correct path within this openness and myriad of possibilities in order to become a real human being is the greatest challenge, and yet our responsibility. The influence of the many religions, sects, cults, ideologies, philosophies, etc. on us Earth human beings leads us astray and hinders us in decoding the program’s code step-by-step. It is therefore very important to look out for the right help in order to make progress in our consciousness and to work towards our aim. One great help is the “Dekalog/Dodekalog” by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (FIGU, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrüti). In the “Dekalog/Dodekalog”, the 12 commandments of the highest spiritual level called PETALE are explained. These commandments are very old—that is, in the order of billions of years—, merely formulated in a language the Earth human being is able to understand. Contrary to the known biblical 10 commandments, where each commandment stands on its own and can more or less be fulfilled on its own, the true commandments don’t allow such a thing. If only one commandment of the Creation is violated, all others are violated at the same time. All the above mentioned examples of greediness—and also those not mentioned—violate already the 1st commandment, because greed for something, such as money, power, satisfaction, desire, etc., turns the object of desire into a foreign power, an idol. If we idolize e.g. the idol “Mammon“ or worship any gods or saints, we then no longer acknowledge the Creation’s status as being the sole might—we deprive the Creation of its might. The 1st commandment is called: “You are to have no other mights and no gods, idols and saints beside the Creation.”

Two explanations for it: 128. Only the human being creates good and evil through his process of thinking, and the powers released thereby, thus generating new mights.

129. But these human-made mights are neither created in the Creation’s love, nor in enduring form, therefore they are against the laws and recommendations of the Creation.

Also the 2nd commandment will be violated because through the deprivation of the Creation’s might, the love for the Creation is no longer given. The 2nd commandment is called: “You are to keep the name of the Creation holy and not abuse this name.“

Two explanations for it: 173. Not only outwardly you are to live thereby, but in all of your internal and external activities and deeds.

174. Because you are a human being who now is informed of this second commandment, you are to realize that every word and every thought and every activity not in harmony with the Creation’s love means a transgression against this commandment, and you thereby consciously violate the all-controlling (holy) name of the Creation.

There will also be a violation of the 3rd commandment, as through the deprivation of the Creation’s might, the love for the Creation is no longer given and also the conscious control ceases. The 3rd commandment is called: “You are to make every day a day of celebration and keep it holy (control it).“

Two explanations for it: 230. The commandment only says that for the duration of your life, you are to refrain from all those activities not in agreement with the Creation’s laws and recommendations.

231. When you are actively engaged outside the realm of the Creation’s love, you will defile the day—you lose control over it—and thereby you transgress against this commandment.

And the same applies to all the following nine commandments of the “Dekalog/Dodekalog”. In this way each commandment shows what happens if the human being no longer controls himself and no longer orients himself or herself towards the Creation—and in this way suffers from the effects of the cause and effect principle, which can be very painful.

Since we are human beings, we have the responsibility, predetermined by the Creation, to evolve our consciousness levels to such a high level that they one day radiate in the purest blue according to the aforementioned colour scale. Our consciousness-block will then be pure: Truth Knowledge Wisdom Strength Love Respect Inner Fulfillment Protection Might Will of Creation Creation

Until then it is still a very, very long way to go. For most of the human beings who live on Earth it means still uncountable reincarnations of the spirit-form and incarnations of new personalities over millions of years. But we are not without support because Billy’s many and comprehensive writings and books and his teaching of the spirit help us—provided we make the effort to understand and digest everything, and then to live our life using our ability and power to think, understand and judge according to the given commandments of the Creation and to live as human beings without any greed.

Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland Translation: Mariann and Willem Mondria, Switzerland