Homosexuality - What is its Cause?

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This is an official and authorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Homosexuality - a Natural Occurence in Conflict with Nature

Homosexuality is a sexual variation that is occurring naturally, yet is against nature. "Occurring naturally, yet being against nature" here means that it manifests itself through a natural process but cannot serve the law of natural reproduction. It is therefore against nature, or rather, a naturally occurring sexual variation that is against nature. Homosexuality is a variation rooted in genetics, and for this reason it is considered natural. But due to the inability to reproduce, it is categorized as being against nature; hence, homosexuality is called a naturally occurring sexual variation that is against nature. Homosexuality, as a naturally occurring sexual variation that is against nature, could never be classified as unlawful on account of any of the natural-creational laws and directives. It is therefore considered naturally normal - although against nature, precisely because of the impossibility for procreation to occur. Certain genes and their characteristics determine the type of sexual variation, including homosexuality. But genes and their characteristics, in turn, are tiny particles of nature and are thus subject to nature's laws and directives. This then implies that nothing can be abnormal in the sense of its naturalness, if nature permits, indeed creates it; whereby furthermore it follows that homosexuality is a natural manifestation whose anti-naturalness is simply based on its lack of any possibility for procreation. Furthermore, as homosexuality is a natural manifestation, hence nature-given, it cannot and must not be considered, judged or condemned as degenerate and unnatural, and similarly not as reprehensible, as loathsome, and neither as violating natural or human law. What is termed unnatural and a transgression against nature, however, is homosexuality and bisexuality of a sodomitical, degenerate nature - the sexual gratification with and on animals of any kind (beastiality). This form of sexual variation namely develops exclusively from human thinking processes and fantasies, through which a person is even able to influence genes and their characteristics. By doing so, an individual can generate a particular corresponding predisposition. This predisposition then amounts to an aberration, an antinaturalness, and a transgression against the laws of nature as described in the following verses on homosexuality in Genesis:

11. Designated as homosexuality is the physical joining of two beings of the same species and gender, also called male and male or female and female.

12. Among all male life-forms it is an aberration against nature; among all female life-forms it is a natural arrangement.
13. Therefore, the sexual joining between two males is an aberration against nature because insemination and insemination come together in a wrong act of procreation.
14. This is a form of aberration generated by male life-forms with degenerate sensory perceptions and self-generated, unnatural perverse forms of desire.

15. This type of sexual activity can only come about among male, human life-forms with inherent homophile selfishness who, as life-forms, are misled and degenerated through factors of false teachings, uncontrolled perverse desires and unlawful lusts.

Degenerate sensory perceptions and self-created, anti-natural desires in perverse form, as well as inherent homophile selfishness, are interpreted as engendering a pseudo-homosexuality that is generated by one's own thoughts and fantasies, and which transgresses against the natural-creational laws and directives, and consequently constitutes an aberration. This form of homosexuality shows no relation whatsoever to the naturally occurring homosexuality that is against nature but genetically predetermined by nature. As a rule, the degenerate homosexuality, hence the pseudo-homosexuality that is self-created through thoughts and fantasies, is paired with other self-generated sexual abnormalities and transgressions against the laws of nature, such as sodomy, masochism, sadism, and so forth. Homosexual men, by definition, cannot perform sexually procreative acts with one another. They can merely gratify themselves sexually, as is explained in the OM:

138. For as a man cannot bear a child, so a procreative - sexual contact cannot exist from one man to another or between one man and another; otherwise, it would be a transgression against the direction of Creation, against Creation's laws and directives, and against the sevenfold order.

Homosexual men, therefore, cannot perform sex acts with one another, they merely get sexual gratification. The basis for this definition is that men are unable to procreate with and amongst one another. Thus, a genuine sex act can only occur when the opportunity for procreation exists, as is the case with two human beings of different genders - man and woman. All other sexual activities, where reproductive opportunities are not provided, as with acts between two men, are simply called sexual gratification. Of course, the sexual activities between two partners of different genders who are both or individually infertile are also considered sex acts. Of importance here is only that the two are of different gender. This is how the facts are explained in the spiritual teachings. When the OM on page 69, verse 139, states that the homosexual joining of two men is punishable, it means that homosexual men are guilty then, when they come together in such a way that makes them capable of giving birth in an unnatural and sacrilegious manner (for instance through genetic manipulation etc.), and then have sexual relationships for the purpose of procreating descendants by this means:

139. Thus, a man transgresses against the direction of Creation in these matters if he sacrilegiously joins another man in a procreative, sexual relationship, and thereby he shall be guilty and punished for the remainder of his life to a place for fulfilling the corrective measure. And a similar measure shall also apply when a man or a woman joins with life-forms of a different kind that are called animals.

Verses 6 and 8, Chapter 12 of the Talmud Jmmanuel, refer to the same situation as the one mentioned in the above-quoted verse 139 of the OM:

6. And if two men bed down with each other, then they shall be punished, for those fallible are undignified of life and its laws and behave heretically; thus they shall be emasculated, expelled and banished before the people.
8. When inseminator and inseminator join together, life is desecrated and destroyed...

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

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