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Instinct Evolution occurs exclusively in the life-forms of animals and other creatures, specifically it relates to those animals and creatures that do not form the groups of higher species of animals, which as a rule observe an Intelligence Evolution, which also should not be associated with the human form of Evolution, that being, the Consciousness Evolution form of Evolution.

Usually Zoologists, Ethologists, those who spend time with animal biology, embryology, Evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. Generally speaking lump higher animals of Intelligence Evolution with animals and creatures of Instinct Evolution. It is understandable that they might quickly conclude to do this, because key to the understanding of these specific differences lies in direction, the specific naturally occurring laws or rules that are found in nature, the various forms of Evolution. In this way it obviously does not appear to be clear to them that everything spiritual and material, therefore all things of all existence in that which is spiritual, physical and conscious, Is integrated into evolution. In other words the Creation Universal Consciousness is not simply an accumulation of chance and chaos, which is sufficiently clear to those diverse scientists that have examined Instinct Evolution. There are clearly undiscovered pure material sciences that govern or dictate in the form of natural laws of nature, found in nature, the course of Evolution. It should also be said that the specific forms of Evolution have a number of different forms of life-form that fulfil the respective form of Evolution in the progress of this spiritual, pure material science, Creation Universal Consciousness. This is why we can be relatively certain that we can or will find animals and creatures on other worlds, in the future, that will fit somewhat neatly into various classifications for types, families and forms of animals and creatures, that we have designated here on Earth, from the species of animals and creatures that have Evolved on Earth in this way. Therefore making good use of reality in these designations.

For example, and an example of a higher animal family that observes Intelligence Evolution not Instinct Evolution, likely found on another world in some similar form (probably) is the Canidae, of the biological family of Carnivorans, which is subsequently divided into two tribes: Canini (related to wolves) and Vulpini (related to foxes), included in this family is the ancient Borophagini (ancient north american, short-faced, heavy-jawed canine usually massive in size), Hesperocyoninae (basal canids that gave rise to the other canid groups), and Phlaocyonini (rounded cusps on the molar teeth). Commonly and basically a dog, I used this example because everyone is familiar with a dog, and also somewhat familiar with its various different forms, and/or taxonomical subfamilies.

Getting back to Instinct Evolution, the best way of actually appreciating these differences is to actually look at these different forms yourself and look into the behavioural sciences, as well as the specific Evolutionary changes that take place in the specific families, types and forms of animal and creatures. Nature documentaries tend to only show in images the diversity of life on planet earth. But the really clever people are more interested in the spiritual aspects (and how the animal feels) specific to the Evolution (which is easier, clearer to see in real life and not in images), and therefore the consciousness of the animal (not to be confused with Consciousness Evolution). Which does develop a level of consciousness, though it is clear to see for yourself that this consciousness is based exclusively on the senses and the environment, its specific environment, which as a rule facilitates the progress of this instinct. When it comes to Intelligence Evolution in the same way of observing these differences, and the higher form of animal, this consciousness is slightly different in that the animal still develops its senses proportionately to its environment, but the higher animal does so through aiming to combine these abilities intelligently. In this way, we can find predators in both Instinct Evolution and in Intelligence Evolution, with these very distinctive differences.

Incidentally this is both why the religious values that a human may incarnate as an animal in a future life and vice versa, and that the human evolved from the specific array of higher animal monkey forms, on this world only, is wrong. The human did however evolve from a form similar to the primate, but again unlike the higher or lower animal forms the human evolved towards the Consciousness Evolution, and with this, while we may have behaved somewhat animalistic during our earliest stages of Consciousness Evolution, whereby our Consciousness was weak, we did not evolve to develop our senses proportionately to our environment exclusively nor did we exclusively develop these things intelligently, instead we only developed the consciousness, and with that an ability to understand the Universe/Creation itself. Therefore the material and later the spiritual sciences. Though Human forms also take a number of their own forms to fulfil this Consciousness based Evolution, see Humanoid lifeforms in the known universe. In humans, consciousness has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self-hood, and the executive control system of the mind. While the higher animal consciousness has been defined as: the quality or state of self-awareness or of being aware of an external object or something within itself or its environment, though specifically through evolutionary interaction, trial and error, rather than from memory or from cognition, the consciousness Storage Banks, evaluation, like the human would do in the same learning situation.

So here we see with some examination that there is in fact some key differences that can be observed when you know what to look for when observing as a human being. Had a life-form evolving towards Intelligence Evolution been reading this, then (assuming it had gained the ability to read) the life-form would have made a very different interpretation of these various components of information, assuming the higher animal had evolved far enough to begin to have developed a form of knowledge based system. Which as a rule on earth has not since humans have become dominant been possible. Though it has apparently been possible on a number of other worlds. This would be a very different experience, the highest form from an Intelligence Evolution would observe something like a pack mentality, something similar to a lower or primitive human, Consciousness Evolution based being.

These various things evidently take a long time to become clear for the human Consciousness Evolution based being of Earth. But it can all be summarised quite neatly.

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