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Billy Meier Interview – Billy answering questions from Children

Interviewer: Christian Frehner

Questions collected by the Billy for Kids team from Children

English and German Translation: Christian Frehner

July 3, 2011 at the SSSC, Switzerland

Video to Text Transcription: Rem Robinson, November 17, 2011 from


Christian Frehner: It’s about the “” website. There are several questions from children. They would like to have an answer. After having read about your adventures, your problems, the first question is: “Why did all that which is described in Billy for Kids happen to you? Does it have a purpose?”

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier: The fact that I have experienced so much must be attributed to my thirst for adventure. Even as a child I was an adventurous type, really very young. I made my first excursion at the age of two. I walked 20 or 22 kilometers away from home. Actually this was my first adventure. And this has remained so during my entire life. However, this had nothing to do with my mission, with my task as a herald or, as they say, a prophet, but it was pure thirst for adventure.

And by going into foreign countries, you were facing difficult situations and, accordingly, experienced all kinds of things.

Yes, this was simply the result.

There was no intention?

No, there was no special intention. Actually, travelling was pre-programmed. But the adventures that I experienced, they actually didn’t have anything to do with it.

Good. Now, since you are having contact with the Plejaren, there’s the question: “Why did you not go away with them? You could have gone to their world, but you decided to remain here.”

Yes. On the one hand it is like this: I am an earthling, an earthling by birth, even when my spirit-form is of an extraterrestrial origin, and I feel very well here on Earth as a barbarian among barbarians. Here I have my male and female friends, and everything else. This is the reason that holds me here. And the other very important reason is to fulfill my mission as herald or, as they say, a prophet.

The third question: Why do the extraterrestrials not show themselves to everybody?

On the one hand they are not interested because they are only connected with me, that is, associated with me alone, and together we carry out the task in connection to the mission. And they have no interest to get in contact with terrestrial humankind, because compared with them we are still very underdeveloped. And, as I said before, down here, there is kind of a barbarism when compared to them. According to their directives they have no right to get in contact with human peoples, with any races etc. who are standing below their development, about whom they could say: It is fine if we can help them officially.

Good. Then next: The Plejaren with their advanced medical science are very highly developed. Why did you not try to extend your life, so you can live a longer time?

I am an earthling, I am not an extraterrestrial. My body is of earthly nature, not of extraterrestrial nature. The only thing of extraterrestrial nature is my spirit-form. And I don’t want to have more rights than any other human being of Earth.

Would it be possible for them to extend your life?

It would be possible for them, but this is against my attitude, and I don’t want this to happen. I am an earthling and don’t want to have more rights than any other earthling. It’s that simple.


Then, what about the super volcano in the Yellowstone National Park in the USA: Will it erupt in your lifetime?

As far as I know it will not happen during my lifetime. Except if I live longer to an older age, but to my knowledge, the eruption at Yellowstone will occur much later. It is overdue since about 700,000 years, but in my time, as far as I know – I don’t know it precisely – I think it will not yet erupt. This is very much in the future. But as I said: I don’t know, and I never asked. That’s why the question is still open.

Yes. Then here a question by a girl: Do fairies exist?

Fairies in the sense as is understood by the human beings are fantasy-forms. They are fairy-tale figures etc. which don’t have anything to do with reality. Therefore, they are plain fantastic inventions by human beings.

The next question: Can a human being have two spirits, i.e. spirit-forms?

No! This is absolutely impossible. Only one spirit-form can be in an individual human being. And if some other things occur, then it is a disorder of the consciousness which brings forth different kinds of personalities, because – how shall I explain it – because a personal damage has resulted from a disorder of the consciousness, which is divided into different personalities. E.g. five or six or even 20 or 30 personalities may find expression, but this is purely a matter of consciousness for each single human being, whereas no other spirit-form or another human being would contribute. It is schizophrenic.

This is an aspect of schizophrenia. A split of the personality.

Exactly, yes. And it is also impossible that two spirit-forms can simultaneously exist in a human being.

Can we say…

It is possible only if there are Siamese twins, where, e.g., there are two heads, or two heads with two bodies etc., or even three heads or three bodies, etc. There you have a spirit-form in each head.

…each brain has its own spirit-form…

Correct. And not more. And everything else which appears, as e.g. the nonsense performed by Catholicism, with the incantations and exorcism etc., all of this is plain nonsense. No evil spirit – which does not exist anyway, because each spirit is absolutely neutral, thus no other spirit-form can be in a human being except his own. There is no devil who would take hold of the human being; there is no dear god who could take hold of the human being. The human being has his own consciousness, own thoughts, own feelings etc., and he lives and works with them. And what concerns the casting-out of devils, exorcism etc., this is pure nonsense, simply because there is no other spirit-form in a human being except for one’s own.


Thanks. Then something about the eleven-year old girl, Cladena-Aikarina, who visited you. This has stirred up interest. What was your experience if you compare her with an earthly girl of 11 years? Is there a striking difference with her appearance, or her talking?

When going by appearances there is no difference. The Plejaren are human beings just as we human beings of Earth. The only difference that I have noticed is that Semjase’s ear-lobes are a little bit longer. But except that all of them appear just like us human beings of Earth, and we also have people down here who have somewhat longer ear-lobes, without them being extraterrestrials. The girl appeared absolutely normal and natural to me. The difference to our children at the age of about eleven years is that there is a great respect towards the fellow human being, towards me, towards Ptaah, who is also involved, just as others are. And there is a much greater, extensive knowledge than is the case with our children. They are… this girl is, at the age of eleven, much more developed concerning knowledge and wisdom etc. than our children are. However, they are educated fundamentally different than our children here on Earth. They are educated beginning from very early-on. They are taught that which is necessary for life, for knowledge, for the company with other fellow human beings, the environment and the animals, the plants, etc. The knowledge is much greater when compared with an earthly child, because in this respect you cannot compare an eleven-year old Plejaren girl with a child that has been born here on Earth and has been educated in an earthly way, by earthly parents.

She has, if you read the contact report, a very highly-developed use of language…


…which stands out in the case of a child.

Yes, precisely. The child had learned German especially to come here and make a visit. And she really has spoken German perfectly.

High German?

High German, i.e. not Swiss German, but High German. And what she said was perfect. An eleven-year old child here on Earth could take her as the best example of learning a language and regarding general knowledge, etc. If I might make a comparison regarding the age, I would say that you would have to add 25 to 30 years in order to compare the knowledge, decency, respect, dealings and language with that eleven-year old girl.

There is quite a difference.

Yes, there is an enormous difference.

You already notice this through the way she speaks.

But she is a child, and she remains child, even when there is great knowledge and everything. It is a girl of eleven years. In this respect there is actually no difference to a girl of eleven years, as we have here. She is simply an eleven-year old girl. But her entire level of knowledge, wisdom, decency, respect and everything together is at a point where you have to add 25 to 30 years, assumed that a human being here on Earth would learn intensively and would express it in the way this girl could.

Did she wear a spacesuit?


One like the others do, a grey one?


Now coming back to Earth: The next set of questions deals with this: Considering the current situation here on Earth, having problems like overpopulation, climate change, violence, etc. what advice would you give to a child or young person? How should a human being face the future, what shall one do? Regarding all existing problems.

To think fundamentally over these things; to think about them and see what one can do better, to bring about a change within oneself, and also among fellow human beings with whom one associates with. To involve one’s fellow human beings in one’s thoughts, decisions and ethics and everything that is worked out through one’s thoughts and feelings; to involve them in one’s own thinking, behaviour, one’s own knowledge, wisdom, in one’s own love etc., so that other human beings – the fellow human beings – can learn from oneself. And that the other people can accept those things from that child, that are really good and positive, and to implement them for oneself, to emulate him or her and, in turn to pass on what has been learned.


If emphasizing overpopulation, which is the fundamental problem: How shall the child or young person look into the future?

Regarding overpopulation, children shall see to it that when they get to the age where they marry, have their own children or are founding a family, that they shall not have more children than –how shall I say it– than is appropriate in the world of today. In our time of such an enormous overpopulation, one should have as few children as possible. And if there is a proper marriage, there shall not be more than three children. A proper marriage is always the prerequisite, of course, because there should be children only if there is a proper marriage and everything is in order regarding the entire family. But in our times of such an enormous overpopulation, it is appropriate that one has fewer children than is allowed by the creational-natural laws which states that there are up to three children per family. It is a creational law that one should not have more than three children. But since there is such huge overpopulation it is appropriate that the fewest children as possible are born. Of course, both married partners must always be responsible for it, and if one of them does not agree, problems can arise. That’s why it is necessary that this is discussed and handled. As a rule, this should be carried out in the way that children learn this from a young age and have their own way and opinion, or learn to have it, and that the partners even before marrying become clear about what and how everything shall be during the marriage.

Actually there should exist love between the partners…


…which leads to the next question: What is love really? Because it is very important in a marriage, although love leads much farther.

Love leads much farther. You can quote from what I have written: “Love is the absolute certainty that oneself co-lives and coexists in everything that exists: in fauna and flora, in the fellow human being, in each and every material and spiritual life-form of any kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond.” Therefore, love is not just thoughts and feelings, but true love is a spiritual fine-sensitive feeling that directly originates from the “gemuet”, i.e. from the spirit realm. And what are the human beings on Earth usually doing? They build a form of thought-and-feeling-related love through their thoughts and feelings, which very often is not permanent. They marry, are together, and then, after a few weeks, months or a few years, everything falls apart. They divorce, get into quarrels, beat each other up. And under certain circumstances there is even murder and manslaughter or whatever. A feeling-related love, love based on thoughts and feelings, is not what makes real true love which is of internally-perceived origin; where things are transferred from the spirit realm in an internally-perceived way into the consciousness and the psyche.

And on to another question: Regarding the eating of meat: Do we have to eat meat? What about animal products?

Regarding meat it is like this: the human being is an omnivore, just as the pig is an omnivore. And the human being, as a rule, draws the substances that he really needs from animal products, provided he is not allergic to it or if there are no other troubles. There are people who are not able to tolerate it, just as there are people who are not able to tolerate bread, or milk etc., or no fruits or no vegetables. But basically the human being is designed to eat meat. And it is the law of nature that animals must be killed in order for the human being to have meat. Exactly the same is happening out in nature. Based on natural law it is a proper thing if the human being eats meat, in the same way that various predators and other animals –even vegetarian animals like some species of apes– eat meat. Therefore, this is all right. And what vegetarianism and veganism concerns: those are simply human lines of thought that are taken, in part because no animals shall be killed, or because they don’t want to have meat because animals must be killed etc. But fundamentally, the human being is a carnivore, and eating meat is a part of it. Veganism and vegetarianism are personal attitudes and have nothing to do with the natural-creational laws. With respect to the nourishment of human beings, the natural-creational laws are interpreted that we are carnivores, which includes eating meat.


Exactly. The development of children may even be at risk if they do not eat animal products.

That’s correct. This corresponds with the truth.

Then the next question: Is there a heaven. This means…


There is a heaven (sky) as we see it.

…not this one.

Not the ethereal heaven, in that sense. If one talks about heaven, the human beings are usually seeing it from a religious angle, i.e. that somewhere an alleged dear god lives, or angels etc. And this heaven does not exist. This is an illusion; this heaven is only based on religion.

And the angels?


Angels are also the product of religious assumption, and there are no angels in the way that the religions say. In ancient times the angels were simply called messengers, but then the religions came, the faithful people, and called them angels. But an angel, translated into German and any other languages, means no other thing than a messenger. And in ancient times, when certain extraterrestrials still came to Earth, they were called guardian messengers. Guardian and messenger at the same time..

And guardian angels?

Guardian angels do not exist! This is also and invention by the religions and sects. Each guardian angel that exists is the human being himself, through his thoughts, through his feelings, through his consciousness or simply his mental-block, respectively. That’s why he decides through his reason and understanding what he shall do in a correct way. And if certain things occur, then he thinks like lightning without noticing, when he still thinks unconsciously, when he triggers feelings unconsciously and makes everything right, then he protects himself. There is no such thing as some external guardian angel, as the religions and sects claim. It does not exist! The human being is his own guardian angel.

And speaking of angels: Here on Earth there are various religions, different gods, many more in Hinduism. What about God and the gods?

Well, in the sense that the religions name a god, a goddess or gods, this is illusory, this does not exist. There is neither a god, nor are there gods. There are only tin gods. And tin gods are everything what the human being worships. A human being may be a tin god, who is worshipped. A tin god may be an illusory, imaginative figure, as e.g. a god is called by the religions etc. And an object may be a tin god, a car, or a house; or a human being, or anything else that is worshipped. And this is idolatry. And that which is worshipped as god is also idolatry, because God is just an assumed imaginative figure. In reality there’s no God, but there is only Creation Universal Consciousness, which is pure energy. It does not watch over the human being, and it does not direct, because a human being exercises this himself. He himself watches and directs over himself. And he, the human being, decides himself what shall be done and what he shall do, etc. Everything that happens and occurs, what the human being does, is his own decision, and from this he bears his own responsibility. There is no god anywhere in the whole universe in the form as is represented by the religions and sects. There is only a god that has been invented imaginatively, as an imaginary non-figure, that is worshipped in a religious-sectarian way by the human beings.

This means that the human being is always responsible for what he does?


He himself is always responsible in any way, whatever happens. What is happening, what the human being does, he does and executes through his own decisions. Consequently, he must fully bear the responsibility himself for everything that is happening in his own life and what comes from his own decisions, in his own life and what comes from his own decisions. There is not a God who directs everything and would bear responsibility for the human being, but it is always the human being who does this himself.

What about death? Do we have to be afraid, and why do we have to die?

You don’t have to be afraid of dying because this is an entirely natural process, as this also occurs to plants. But in a different way. They grow in spring, they blossom and bring forth fruit, and in fall they die, and next spring they start to sprout again. They grow anew, bring forth blossoms, bring fruits, etc., and this will last until that plant will vanish some day.


And exactly the same thing is done by the whole universe, the so-called Creation Universal Consciousness; and exactly the same is done by the human being. The human being is like a plant: In the evening he goes to bed, he sleeps, and in the morning he is rested, relaxed and ready for new deeds. Exactly as the plant does so from spring to autumn and until the next spring and autumn. All of nature, all life, does it the same way. Even the Creation Universal Consciousness does exactly the same. And when the human being dies, this means that his spirit-form goes into the realm of the other world. The old personality which had lived in the material body is dissolved by the so-called overall consciousness-block which belongs to the spirit-form in the realm of the other world. And from it a new consciousness and a new personality are formed. And this new personality incarnates into a new human body when a new human being is born. At the 21st day after insemination, the new personality and the consciousness, together with the spirit-form, enter the newly procreated body in the womb and thus enliven the new life-form. Therefore, death is exactly what is happening in nature. When a tree or plant or whatever dies, it produces seed, and from this seed a new tree, a new plant grows. Exactly the same thing happens with the human being; it’s exactly the same thing with all animals, all insects, all birds, all fish and all living creatures. It is the same thing with all of them.


And in the next life you don’t know anything about the previous one.

In the next life the knowledge about the previous life or all lives in general is wiped out. This lasts until the human being has developed in a consciousness-related way to such a high level that he can cope with that which has happened and occurred in his former lives. And by the fact that the human being is reborn, he is provided –through the subconsciousness– with a part of the essences from former lives. That’s why he is not born to this world without knowledge, but as a personality capable of learning, who can develop further and evolves in a consciousness-related manner.

And can unconsciously build upon what has been learned previously.

And can build upon that which was previous. Exactly like a plant can build. When the plant sprouts anew, it can build what has been left by the old plant, and that’s the seed.

Genetics (in the plant), in that sense. Therefore there’s no reason to be afraid of dying…


There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of dying.

…and death. Because nothing is lost: the energy is not lost.


Now we come to the final question: Is there anything you can say or find important for each human being, for each child to observe during life?


From the beginning as a child it is necessary that each one is taught, in a correct way according to the creational-natural laws and recommendations, so that the child can grow, can develop in his consciousness, can develop love, develop peace, develop freedom, develop harmony, develop feelings for himself and other fellow human beings, the entire environment, the whole of nature; for the animals, the plants and everything which exists, even for the planet and the universe, etc.


It is essential for each child to learn what is right, what is positive, what is good, and to bring everything what is positive and good to an effect. And it is essential that this human being, i.e. the child himself –even when it reaches the age of adulthood– lives within that which he has learned in a positive and right and good sense. And that he transmits all this to the neighbour and out into the world, into the surroundings or, as mentioned, into the whole world, so that, finally, in this world results that of which it is said: It is necessary that love, peace, freedom, harmony, feelings for others, confidence and everything else exists, and that all of this becomes a reality and the world at last becomes peaceful. And, that each human being becomes aware of what he has to do in life, how he must live in order that everything begins to function in the way the creational-natural laws and recommendations advise, out in nature, in the Universe, etc. and so forth.

Thank you very much.