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An Artistic impression of someone levitating as a result of the block of mentality's mental fluidal powers.

Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness") means the subjective, unaided lifting - which can be experienced - of the weight of the body, and the floating of the body, in space, and, indeed, solely as a result of the block of mentality's mental fluidal powers.[1]

Claims of Levitation

Many mediums have claimed to have levitated during séances, especially in the 19th century in Britain and America. Many have been shown to be frauds, using wires and stage magic tricks. Daniel Dunglas Home the most prolific and well documented levitator of himself and other objects, was said by spiritualists to levitate outside of a window, however, skeptics have disputed such claims. The researchers Joseph McCabe and Trevor H. Hall exposed the "levitation" of Home as nothing more than him moving across a connecting ledge between two iron balconies.[2]

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