Sects: Main Religions as Mother Sects and their "Advisors on Sects"

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by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

It is correct that a true happy life must be strived for with inner and outer means, but the outer helpful things are not allowed to diminish nor disadvantage the inner sources. This means that the inner as well as the outer have to be in harmony with each other and therefore the consciousness-related and the material have to be brought into balance. And when consciousness-related is spoken of, then a neutral form is meant which has nothing to do with any kind of religious belief. The fundamental good characteristics of the human nature, those being virtues, feeling for the other, honesty, intelligence, discipline, love and feeling of responsibility etc., are addressed by the term consciousness-related and they are altogether called into being and directed by a positive motivation. Fundamentally, all of these characteristics are put latent into the consciousness already from the moment when the new consciousness and new personality as well as the new sub-consciousness are created by the overall-consciousness-block. Therefore, these basic values do not first appear in the course of the human being’s life, but have to be searched for only within himself, comprehended, and developed by the human being. And also this has nothing to do with a religious belief since such a belief develops only later and it exhibits two different aspects: firstly, that an almighty god plays the most important roll and not the human being, and secondly, that religious teachings and cult behaviours demand an unconditional worship of a god, as well as cult objects and the compliance with divine laws and recommendations, etc. That each almighty god of every religion demands unconditional obedience and bloody revenge for offences, – carried out by his alleged representative or other believer on Earth – contradicts the almighty god’s demand, for human beings to be gentle, loving, righteous and compassionate etc., and that these qualities should be strengthened. The individual main religions interpret their “divine” laws and recommendations according to their need and choosing and have the audacity to label as sects and apostates other religious communities as well as non-religious groups who are a thorn in their side. Above all, the Christian churches, i.e. their representatives and “advisors on sects”, are specialists in being able to judge other religious communities as being sects as well as to defame and insult other non-religious communities and to slander them by calling them religious sects. They state that a sect was a free-church community which claimed to be the only true saving one and pretended to separate itself from the human race and whose preacher found himself again in the “holy book” and appeared as a redeemer or divine figure who placed the members under pressure, watched over them and reduced their freedom or enriched himself at the expense of the members. Furthermore, the main religions define sects as being totalitarian and that they insist that their truth alone was the only correct one. There is nothing to even argue about when actually dealing with a religious or other kind of sect that is functioning in this way, but why don’t the main religions – particularly the Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant and Reformed churches – admit that they are the largest religious sects? In fact, everything that they accuse the sects of applies to themselves to a large and unsurpassed extent, because when compared to the main religions, no small religious sect can restrict freedom more and be more totalitarian, more exploitive, be more all-knowing and cult-like, and be a greater alleged representative of god, be more redeeming, and teach a doctrine that is more false, etc., for the reason that the number of members of a sect is, as a rule, small when compared to the number of believers of the main religions, who, literally speaking, rule over the world and humanity with their nonsense of believing. The Christian churches and all other main religions audaciously claim that they knew the effective truth and have the only true belief and that their religion was the only correct one and that they alone preached and defended everything that was divine and rightful. Above all, the Christian churches claim for themselves all religious and cult-like rights in order to denigrate as sects not only religious communities but also non-religious communities who are against every religious belief, all religious rituals, cult-like behaviour and generally everything religious and sectarian; and they do so irrespective of the fact that they, as Christian churches, are the most extensive and most enormous religious sects and with their criminal machinations have brought since time immemorial the most murders, manslaughters, treacheries, crimes, persecutions and exploitations to the humankind of Earth, for which the inquisition is well the best example. And all this through an artificially created belief in an imaginary god, which exists in an irrational and dangerous way only as a genetically rooted sickness in the brain of the human being. God is fundamentally an imaginary creation of the human being, or rather the human brain. This imaginary god has been inherited by human beings for millions of years in a form of a schizophrenic epileptic delusion and is fixed in the temporal lobe as well as in the parietal lobe. When religious experiences manifest, forms of schizophrenic delusions are formed at the same time and are, therefore, a result of a genetically inherited religious belief. When the main religions and their “advisors on sects” have the audacity to describe other religious communities as sects, then they do so in complete denial of the fact that their religions contain the largest amount of sectarianism as they emphasize their position as being the sole original religion and claim the right of being in possession of the sole truth in reference to a god and divine laws and recommendations. It may be that smaller religious sects are radical and one-sided concerning their belief and their cult related practices, but this also applies equally to the main religions, which represent strict religious principles and lay claim to the magnificence in all things as well as the correctness in all things of their god and belief. Thus, the main religions accuse the religious sects of exactly the same thing that they as mother sects lay claim to, represent and practise, and in this way – just like the small religious sects – with delusional teachings, lead human beings astray, brainwash them and make them dependent, and keep them from the very thing that they searchingly strive for, the effective truth. In addition to all of this, the main religions as large and comprehensive mother sects are also responsible for the formation of small religious sects; for if they, as power craving mother sects, had never invented, in their irresponsibleness, all the nonsense of deities, angels, saints and divine laws and recommendations and allowed the entire nonsense to form and grow in the human being’s brain as a genetic and schizophrenic sickness, then there would not be any religious sects on a small scale.

If the conduct of the main religions as all-encompassing mother sects is ever precisely observed, then the cheekiness of their battle against the small religious communities is not surprising since each member of a small religious sect counts as a defector from the mother sect of the main religion. But this means that each member of a small sect who has left the mother sect of the main religion, no longer provides the mother sect with the obligatory offering, taxes and other religious contributions as well as their membership - and that, of course, is damn painful. Also, in regards to groups of people who think differently, the persecution by the mother sects of the main religions becomes obvious since it doesn’t matter which non-religious, philosophic, worldly, truthful and logical or ideological line of thought is cultivated, the groups are, against better knowledge, defamed and cheekily called sects by the mother sects and their “advisors on sects”. This dirty way of behaving is especially typical of the Christian mother sects of the Christian main religions, the Protestant or evangelical and catholic churches, whereby their big-mouthed “advisors on sects” and “experts on sects” etc. in particular take it upon themselves to maliciously defame non-religious groups by calling them sects.


Translation of the original article titled “Sekten – Hauptreligionen als Muttersekten und deren <Sektenbeauftragte>” from the booklet of the same title by Willem Mondria.