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The 31st Contact that Billy Meier had on 17 July 1975 is one of the most memorable. When I first visited the Semjase Silver Star Center in 1989, I was given all the English-translated Contact Notes to read. It was all I did from morning to night. Each page was a new adventure for me, and I gasped and was stunned at the breadth of experiences that Billy had with his ETs guiding and almost tutoring him along the way.

The 31st Contact was the one I had been waiting to read. An unauthorized edition was making its way around Los Angeles, where I then lived, and I was eager to know more details about the "The Big Trip".

Sitting down with Billy one night, he told me of being on the "Great Spacer" and seeing what appeared like a large quantity of what seemed like algae gliding and floating through space as he watched it out of the window. It was a planet's spirits searching for another planet to start living on. I supposed their former planet had been destroyed by nature or war or both.

In Volume One of the Kontact Berichte, p. 262-263, Billy is on Ptaah's ship and asks Semjase to write a greeting to his group for them. She hesitated and said she didn't know what to say. Billy said not to make it so complicated but just to write some nice words from her and not from him.

Here is a translation of what she wrote in her letter:

English German
Dear Group Members, Liebe Gruppenfreunde,
With your really unacquainted script, it troubles me to write some words after the wish of your friend and to say: Trust in our words and teachings, because when they appear strange to you, they contain in themselves the deepest truth that, unfortunately in all your writings since ages ago, have become falsified and in today's time and under great trouble must become newly announced. Mit Eurer Schrift recht unvertraut bemuehe ich mich, Euch nach dem Wunsche Eures Freundes einige Worte zu schreiben und zusagen: Vertraut auf unsere Worte und Lehren, denn wenn sie Euch Fremd erscheinen moegen, so bergen sie in sich doch die tiefste Wahrheit, die leider in allem Euren Schriften sei altersher verfalscht wurden und zur hetigen Zeit unter grossen Muehen neu gekuendet werden muss.
Through the existing false teachings, however, the truth appears anew and strange and also harsh words pushes through. Durch die bestehenden Irrlehrer aber erscheint die Wahrheit neu und Fremdartig und stoesst auch harten W...?stand mit sich.
Yet, the truth must break through and you should all help it to victory. Doch die Wahrheit muss durchbrechen und ihr alle sonst ihr Siege verhelfen.
See that neither work nor effort brings down the cornerstones for victory. Schenet daher weder Arbeit noch Muehe, um die Grundsteine zum Sieg zu Legen.
Fulfill your Mission, trust in us and our common, great and wise friend who, out of all of us, has the most difficult Mission to fulfill. Erfuellet Eure Mission, vertrauet auf uns und unseren gemeinsamen grossen und weisen Freund der von uns allem die Schwerste Mision zu erfuellen hat.
Stand by him always and give him the best possible help, as alone the burden would be too great for him. Steht ihm allzeit bei und leistet ihm bestmoegliche Hilfe, dem allein wurden ihm die Lasten zu gross.
In the name of us all, I give you a great thanks, however, I thank you for your previous troubles, even if everything is not always followed exactly according to our determinations. In Namen von uns allen spreche ich Euch grossen Dank aus, insbesondere aber bedanke ich mich fuer Eure bisherigen Bemuehen, auch wenn nicht immer alles genau nach unseren Bestimmungen befolgt werde.
Take the trouble in the future, however, to follow everything after precise orders and do not trouble yourselves in thoughts that we can only have contact from our side with our mutual friend. Bemueht Euch jedoch zukunftig, alles nach genauer Ordnung zu befolgen und truebt Euch nicht in Gedanken daran, dass wir von unserer Seite aus allein unserem gemeinsamen Freund Kontakt halten koennen.
In love. I give you my greetings, In Liebe gebe ich Euch meinen Gruess.
Semjase Semjase

Philip McAiney