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The spirit lessons are in the German language only. They are subscribed to when becoming a FIGU passive member and are sent one lesson per month to the subscriber.

The following question and answer is from the FIGU Forum regarding the spirit lessons.

Hi Eduard,

Why are the spirit lessons not available to the public without FIGU membership, please?

From what I read, it is because they are dangerous in the wrong hands. I do not understand how the truth could be dangerous so this must be incorrect.

In my opinion they should be available online in electronic form, free of charge. Only paper-based books should be chargable. This is the case with the Goblet of Truth as you know.

Thank you


Billy's descision to publish the Goblet of Truth for free and in electronic form will remain to be an exception. All of our other books will be available in paper form only, be it in German or other languages. If we would publish the spirit lessons freely and in electronic form, much too much falsifications and problems would arise. There already exist enough problems with the inaccurate translation of the other texts. Any translation of the spiritual teachings from German is incomplete and open to false assumptions and misunderstandings.

Btw: Even many persons who speak German as their native language have to learn to understand certain words and meanings, because nowadays many words are used falsely and, therefore, are not understood correctly anymore. And to read information between the lines is also something that has to be learned.

(Note by CF: The Spirit Lessons are a series of lectures that must be studied one after another. And to be fruitful, the lectures must be studied and practiced thoroughly. If that great knowledge from the spirit lessons would be open to anybody in the internet, plenty of people would just pick that which seems spectacular to them and distort the information and misuse it. This would lead to effects that we could never take responsibility for.)