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Alive said ...

I do not know how many million men on this planet have the same experience as H has. Every hour thousands men tried to destroy themselves, through selfdeception and suicidal attempt, after losing the sensation of true love. The lost of the sensation makes them feel being separated as if the whole world abandoned them for an unfair reason they can not accept. They feel being cheated by the object, which gave them the sensation, and being excluded by the people around them. The feeling provoked them to build a hatred not only toward the object, but also toward the innocent people around them, and even toward the concept of love. Although I have a sincere pity for those unlucky ones, I tend to say that it is their karma, that they deserve to get the pain of love, since they have failed to accurately discern the concept of love. They are the victims of their own love crime. The prisoners of their own love jail.

---- M -- 11:33, 13 August 2012 (BST)