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Hawaiian 21:14, 25 December 2009 (UTC)43. According to the explanation of the High Council, this law represents a real possibility that some day, the fallible ones can yet achieve their evolution.

44. But from my side, I would have to send the fallible ones to a desolate and uninhabited planet, where they would yet have to think for the rest of their lives about what can be done to get through their mistakes and culpability, in order, then, to lead a progressive existence in the following life and in all lives after that.

Both statements come from Quetzal, a Plejaren on Feb 3 1983 in which one can observe two different views one from the High Council which appears to be more accommodating that "keeps intact" the "unaccomplished" members of BEAM's inner circle to Earth's inter-connections according to FIGU's Special Bulletin 38.

However Quetzal's approach appears more in line to what was done to the Bafath, which is appropriate for these evil ones, but I find not justified for Earth humans who are the victim of interferences, which at one time proved difficult for Billy to overcome when he was shown the "artifacts" of the wooden cross and other items during his trip back in time under the Egyptian pyramids. Billy is a human that has experienced these interferences, that in my opinion the Plejaren or High Council has not have, MAY explain the differences of approaches to rectify those that stray the course of evolutionary process under Creational Laws.

Even Semjase stated after doing some research on the past re-incarnations of BEAM's inner circle found that "most were just potters or ordinary people", certainly not of the caliber of Billy, who was once an JHWH. Thus, hopefully this has come to pass, but I would recommend since unfortunately Billy is fast approaching his "time of passing" and there is no more prophets forthcoming, nor are there any replacement(s) for his leadership, that other options are made available, simply for the fact...that even the Plejarens admit...there is no other place in this DERN universe where humans have been and continue to be subjected to negative interferences!

Thus, in the best interests, not just for Earth humans, but the entire DERN universe since the inter-connections and experiences are all "embedded" right here, maybe another search for "qualified" re-incarnated individuals should be done? I'm quite sure there are some that fit that category, those that have displayed honor and grace for their particular personalities in assisting others for Creational benefit.

All intelligent beings, whether human or otherwise are the interface between the coarse and fine energies via his/her 6th and 7th senses along with the other 5 if still in the physical state. However Earth humans are special and unique because of interference and various different re-incarnations of different spiritual levels along with negative/positive experiences that even the Plejarens don't have. Within humans lays the answers to resolve many issues that span both the physical and pure spiritual realms.

Due to the Cause and Effect interconnections via the Fluidal energies of each individual accordingly to thoughts that awaken past and current realities that are related. Because Nokodemion, a pure spiritual form of the Arahat Athersata level came back into physical form to bring order in the DERN universe and now resides in BEAM, Earth humans are now in a unique position to "catch up" and resolve many of the negative issues still threatens this universe. The answers are closer than Laws or logical reasoning, but corporating both with experiences and interconnections that span entire time and distance realms according to Special Bulletin 38 and Fluidual energies.

Earth humans were never given the proper means to his/her natural life cycle of 350-450 years, nor the natural defences against induced diseases or be subjected to religious dogmas of stagnation, but created to become self-destructive after serving one purpose serve the human parasites of first the Creator Overlords, then their counter-parts, the benevolent turned malovent ones who called themselves gods and created religions, then of course, earthly clergy who seized this concept along with the Bafath to control and manipulate Earth humans.

Therefore, Creational Laws may need to be "adjusted" to deal with such Uncreational interferences, just deporting those that stray this course may not be the best answer as was done to Earth in past times. So an incorporation of those items mentioned above may be a better approach than putting the entire burden on Billy Meier...he needs to rest and let others lead this mission.