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Creational Laws as mentioned by BEAM are positive in regards to spiritual development, if the individual adheres to its fundamental characteristics along with balancing its technological achievements, which is the "product" of man's interface with the coarse and fine matter.

However, in the case of Earth humans, their true spiritual development is severely handicaped by religious dogmas, which does not go un-noticed by unscrupulus power lustful degenerates taking advantage of such "tools" of control including money, the evils that perpetuate their power over others. And to make matters even worse, those in power will not hesitate to kill those that threaten their grip over others as witnessed by numerious attempts against Billy and others that still continue on to this day.

That is one of the reasons why BEAM must keep silent on certain facts given by the Plejarens and however compassionate one is towards their fellow humans, must also remain silent or should we? Sacrifice may be an honor, as the spirit does not die but re-incarnate either here on Earth or the closest enity, that is something that throughout history has pondered and continued to be.

That being the case, then maybe a different approach is merited to counter-act the negative influences based on materialistic attributes that dominate pass and current events on Earth. The Cause and Effect, the balance or harmony between the positive and negative forces that rule this most materialistic prison that enslaves Earth humans. Individualistic endeavors through Creational reasonings will only make a very minor dent in the overall effect on the masses that remain ignorant and dependent on material "reasonings" however illogical. The masses of ignorant degenerates "need" something materialistical related to Creational Laws in order to "see" the connection that will "logically" nullify or significantly reduce the negative influences of the above mentioned previously.

On what basis does one account for this deviation one would ask? For starters, although the Plejaren base their predictions on a time frame between 800 years, did it take into account of the numerious handicapes facing Earth humans? Things that occurred by their counter-parts, the Creator Overlords billions of years ago that the manipulated warrior humans (Earth)had no control of, shorten life spans of 100 instead of the Creational normal 350-450 years.

Which has certainly prohibited the necessary experience and knowledge for the spirit to develop, because denying such life span also denies the 3-4 exponentially life cycles, quite a bundle indeed! Then, one has to look at the Cause and Effect of such un-Creational outcome, are those that did this now are they at the same level as the High Council, since the pre-requiste 40-60 million years has already been established long ago?

Another reason to ponder, given the various different human interfaces both positive and negative throughout the entire span since the first colonization millions of years ago, from the various factions that settled here, on Malona and Mars, the numerious wars and re-incarnations, spirits wanted redemtions from pass injustices all play into this delimna we call Earth. There we have a composite of various combinations between the positive and negative factors all contributing to a rather complex hybrid of circumstances that indeed may need some type of Creational "adjustment" in order to "administer" the apporpriate solution, because certainly such events are not common throughout the universe, I would think?

Maybe the solution has always been in front of us all the time, with BEAM being the catalyst to get the "chemical" process going?

J rod7 said ...

Billy is much more than a simple man. Billy is indeed a spiritual philosopher in it's true meaning. For any such man to show us all the way into self-realization is a singular honor which brings into the light of truth. Thank you Billy. Salome all OMEDAM.

--J rod7 02:03, 3 January 2012 (UTC)