The Avaricious Usurers

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They will build cult places for cults to worship and will pay homage to a non-existent god as well as saints who are human beings canonized by human beings. The places for the cults' worship of a non-existent god will become sites for merchants and moneychangers. The lenders who lend various acquisitions, temporary dwellings and many inventions for a fee, will become avaricious usurers.


Thus the believers of the various god cults will confront each other with force and doubt, with hatred and revenge, as well as with suspicion, treachery and with the intention to murder, and therefore death will inevitably spread everywhere. And through all this evil, very many human beings will be excluded from human rights and life, and will have neither bread nor shelter, for every right will be taken from them. They will be the poorest among the poor and will have to go around naked, and will have only their bodies to sell. They will be the outlaws and the outcasts, and exist far away from all those who live in joyfulness, magnificence and abundance. And those who live in this manner of affluence will grumble in their guilt, threaten the poorest whose land they occupy by force, and unrestrainedly reproduce themselves. And they will hear perfectly well the harsh and just words of the prophet of the new time, yet they will be indifferent and have no fear of retaliation. But their arrogance will one day break down when the masses of people become barbarians and seize everything by storming, destroying and plundering the palaces of those who are rich, who are governing, who are in top positions, as well as those who are powerful and are the cults rulers.

Source: Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia - Contact Report 229

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