The Urge and the Enforcement /Constraint – Thoughts about the healthy and the unhealthy.

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Everyone hears an "inner voice" of some sort and often I asked myself, "who is who" inside me? With the help of the prophet of the new age Billy, I came to the conclusion that there are always more "who's" in the inner self. Like an onion, in Creation different frequencies and vibrations are wrapped up, one in the other, like Creation itself is build up of 7 belts. The human life-form is indeed a composite, made out of impulses from the storage banks, the uploaded essence in the overall-consciousness block and thus in the subconsciousness, as the highest values worked out during all the past lives, the influences from the education, friends, family, good and bad experiences. As it should be clear, everyone "imprints" the other person only by being in his surroundings or by connecting subconsciously and unconsciously with the other, or by sharing thoughts and impressions. So many, very many factors come together and merge in one "person". This is very interesting and beautiful, because when knowing this, the ego seems not so important any more. Sadly, often our hectically life style, working hours, and social duties steal us the time to deal with our inner self and thus from the most important part of our evolution. However, to find out which influence comes from where, is a very difficult endeavour, as often the boundaries become blurred or fuzzy. Here I only focus on the two big blocks, the constraint and the urge, without going too much into detail.

The constraint or pressure is a product and an "inner voice" coming from indoctrinated habits, "values" which in reality are none, like having power and money. The constraint is also linked to the culture which on its turn is often linked to religion and thus located in the genes and in total earth-human subconsciousness. It comes in parts from the psyche, because the psyche always seeks stability and thus wants that "everything stays as it is", as the psyche will die when the human dies. As the Psyche is a half material entity, it develops like we humans over millions of years, the psyche of the earth humans was and is still influenced by the cults. Religions, wars and natural catastrophes impregnated our psyche over generations as well as the social structures which developed out of them. These social structures impregnated us until now. I will give only one example: During the French revolution the statement was postulated "Egalité, liberté, fraternité", and that all humans were equal, but this was done in such a way that the human life lost all its value, as humans were considered almost the same as animals, which explains the period following shortly after, which was called "La terreur" (the terror), where millions of humans lost their lives. This impregnation you can still find in many doctrines and cults nowadays, namely that one life is almost worth nothing. Constraints are so internalized in our world that they even come from inside ourselves nowadays. The constraint is also fuelled by materialism as an endless wheel turning for money, and which forces the humans to buy even they don't want to do it or don't need anything, fuelled by so called "trends" which tell you what you should wear, eat and drink. Nowadays humans live more after constraints then after the urges. Humans are influenced by what others say, think, eat, drink and do in their free time. A simple example to this are the polls conducted from the media, where the simple human is thought of what opinion he should be on certain topics, not to get a fight with the "majority", who are of another opinion, no one cares if this “majority” is 100, 10000 or one million humans, which is anyway a ridiculous number regarding overpopulation. The constraint is the social pressure, the cults and the blind, illusory materialism. It is also the wrong values which were created inside us and which we are trying to pursue.

The urge on the other side is of different nature. As Billy said, one has the urge to love, one has the urge to eat, one has the urge to sleep and one has the urge to fight for life,.......... The urge is different than the constraint because the urge comes up the whole way to consciousness from our spirit-form ... The urge “asks for” things and actions, or for thinking actively, whereas the constraint “forces something upon” or “claims” things from someone, even this constraint rapes the psyche of this person, or contradicts his nature and inner life. It is this pure spiritual power which gives us the urges and goes back the whole way to the source, namely Creation. These are very fine impulses, which have nothing to do with the „intuition“ which is rooted in the storage banks and the uploaded „essence“ in the subconsciousness. These fine impulses stimulate our overall-consciousness block, to continue there where we stopped learning in our previous lives. The urges are thus build up, and fueled by the spirit-form impulses, on the "essence" uploaded in the subconscious, worked out all the lives before, in millions of years and uncountable rebirth's, which are also part of the "collective" of humanity, as love for example does not belong to one person but is indeed as “Lafcadio Hearn” postulated, a "superhuman" or collective attribute. These impulses act indirectly via our subconsciousness and our psyche on us and break trough in the consciousness. One example can be given with the sleep. When one had a lot of head work in a day, one becomes tired because all the energy of consciousness was used up, so the fine impulses break more and more trough until the person “feels” the need or “wants” to sleep. This is an evolutionary need, because only trough the sleep the own batteries can be refilled and after the sleep the task of consciousness evolution can be continued. Love is also an urge as well as other ones which follow the evolution, as it is the foundation of everything, and asks us to be sensible and friendly with the other fellow man and through it we give up one part of our egoism.

What is interesting is that one can observe the urges also with animals, only that biologists use the term "instinct" for it. Also with animals the urge or “instinct” tells them to eat, drink, sleep and flee from predators. Animals, like some cetaceans have also certain intelligence and are able to learn. What differs us though from the animals is that the urges of humans and animals are different in their set-up, as the human has also the urge to learn, and develop his consciousness, which is not the case with animals. He also has the urge to search for a spiritual deepness and to understand where he comes from and where he goes to, to find out what is his purpose and sense of life. One should be careful to follow the urges as they are the guidepost of the individual evolutionary goal in everyone’s actual material life as mentioned before. They lead to mistakes but also to love, freedom and harmony. Urges are part of the source and thus very important as they lead to higher values, finer thinking and feeling which again leads to finer vibrations or frequencies. They lead to learning different professions or hobbies and make the human live pass trough everything possible during his material life, this includes positive as well as negative things. This again leads closer to the goal, namely to Creation itself. Everything comes from the source and goes back to it.

The interesting point is the interaction between the pressures or constraints and the urges, which intermingle sometimes. Often, humans think that the constraints are the urges themselves which is however a huge mistake. Nowadays it is normal to think that a lot of money is a “natural” urge. Some Biologists who misinterpreted evolution, where the stupid saying, “The survival of the fittest” comes from, and proclaimed that this is an urge of nature, is absolutely and with certainty wrong, because in nature everything lives together in relative harmony, which can be seen by those who have eyes every day.

The difference between the urge and the constraint can only be found out when a person is honest to himself, his fellow man and when he turns inside himself to observe without prejudice and in a neutral way. It can only be found out when the principles of reverence and modesty are correctly understood and applied, which means that one should admit ones mistakes and misdeeds as natural. It is still a long way to inner freedom and peace and this way has to start being honest and sort out the two blocks correctly, in a way to know, what is a constraint and what is an urge. This difficult task can last for many lives, but when finding out, one can live the urges wholly while at the same time fulfilling the necessary constraints inflicted trough the laws of society.


9.11.2009 Luxembourg