Three Days Of Darkness

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Prophetien und Voraussagen

  • Prophecies and Predictions {Book} (Prophetien und Voraussagen) Source
    Prophetic statements and predictions of coming events in the world since 1976.
    Prophecies Telepathically received from the PETALE Spirit Plane by Billy.
    Probability Calculations Prophecies Predictions transmitted by Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah In personal conversations with Billy.
    Including Probability Calculations Predictions From his own Calculations by Billy.

The third world-fire will continue on for a very long time, when the ‘seven dark ones’ appear and the ‘12th chair’ wields its power. Fear will be and terror, when the three days of darkness fall across Earth and over mankind.

But suddenly, from the south, enormous masses of planes and rockets will approach, carrying with them heavy and deadly loads.

It will seem as if an evil hornets swarm moves across the sky, covered and filled with many thousands of metallic glistening death messengers, which screamingly thrust forth their deadly loads, to bring bursting and crashing death and destruction to mankind. During one clear star-filled night, the deadly ruin will come, when the howling rockets fall down and the planes open their bomb shafts, to rain down the death-bringing load from the night sky.

And millionfold this death rains down, and where it falls, all life is extinguished.

All life dies: Man, animals, plants and only the war weapons and buildings will remain to the greater extent, when the waves and rays of death race across the nations - when neutron waves and 3-R-rays and the screaming fires ahead of them will bring destruction, followed by additional deaths, due to the breaking out of diseases and epidemics of types unknown up to now.

A gigantic corridor of death will result from South to North, from Czechoslovakia up to the North Sea.

It is the yellow band of death and of destruction, in which all life is extinguished, and which does not allow any lifeform to cross this strip of death from one border to the other, because death will continue to reign therein for a long time.

But this will be the reason, that the power of the foreign troops, who fell into these nations, will break down. Reinforcements will, due to the yellow death strip, also be thwarted, as also their retreat, whereby no living human being will return any more to its homeland beyond the death band.

On the mountains lies snow, yet it is not white, but yellow.

A deadly colour at that time, because the yellow harbours death and ruin for all life.

At this time, the weather will be overcast and rainy, while many deaths float in the atmosphere.

The survivors freeze and will be snatched away by known and unknown deaths, which result from new diseases, epidemics and poisonings.

But at the same time, a severe quake rolls across the nations, to which many people fall victim.

But there will be day again and peace - and a hoary old man will at least be king in Europe. But the cursed one will return, to capture mankind under his spell again; to enslave and exploit them, and to make them dependent upon him. With hypocritical love, with lying, betrayal, assassination, vice, lust and greed he will return, the damned one, to establish anew his spirit-enslaving kingdom of the iniquity cult.

Further Reading

  • Official (already existing/known) three days of darkness which may differ from Billy Meier's in some key areas, it has not been researched. If you’re not interested in Billy’s religiously weird paradox and myth-making explanations which look like they’ve been copied out of a stupid religious scholars fallacy writings then don’t read them, there’s no obligation to, just move on.


  • Prophetien und Voraussagen Book