Tool To Create A FOM Contact Report from Copy Pasted English and German Text

How to use this tool

Follow the steps below. This tool only works for FOM website users that have been granted editor permissions to

  1. Ensure that that when you visit the FOM website it logs you in automatically. If you aren't sure whether it logs you in automatically then visit the website and see if it asks you for your password or not. If it does then it doesn't log you in automatically. Log into it and when you do, tick the box "Keep me logged in".
  2. Input the Contact Report number into this box:
  3. Input the Contact Report volume number :
  4. Input the date and time of the contact :
  5. Input the page numbers :
  6. Input the Translators :
  7. Choose the type of contact report this is:
  8. Input the Date of Original Translation :
  9. Input the Synopsis :
  10. Input the Contact Person :
  11. Input the English Source (the URL or just a few words describing where you got it from) :
  12. Input the German Source (the URL or just a few words describing where you got it from) :
  13. Copy and paste the English text into the left-hand textarea
  14. Copy and paste the German text into the right-hand textarea
  15. Click the Merge Now! button.
  16. Open the URL to the right in a new tab
  17. If it says that the page does not exist then click on the Create button
  18. Copy the entire text from the bottom area in to a new wiki page.

Note: The number of lines in both left and right text areas must be exactly the same or the resulting MediaWiki article will not be correct.

English Article German Article
Merged Article In MediaWiki Markup