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The Future Of Mankind
Welcome to the Future Of Mankind, the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU.

The objective of this site is to assist the mission to improve the quality of life for all Earth humans by providing freely available English translations of FIGU articles. In order to bring peace to our world, great wisdom needs to be realised and then put into practice. Wisdom is only achievable when true knowledge is combined with honesty.

Thanks to FIGU and the Plejaren Federation, previously unknown knowledge covering diverse subjects is now freely available to everyone. Such subjects include our true origin, problems on Earth and within us, facts about the universe, the laws of Creation and much more.

If you require evidence that supports the truth of this information then you will find it in this website (See The Evidence menu section on the left), such as on The Witnesses page and the Spirit Teaching pages.

This is not an official FIGU website.


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The human already storms out into space, just as he pleases - with thundering and howling rockets. Exploding, they burst into the structure of the heavens and tear up the harmony of the spheres. At breakneck speed the Moon will be conquered, and then quickly the neighbouring planets, in order to prepare the way for the coming star travellers who want to steer through the primeval vastness in order to fathom the secrets of the enigmatic universe and stars. Often friendly and often cold, they shine down from the firmament when the night has descended over the Earth and has spread its dark, secretive veil out over the world. A world which already smoulders in high technology and further develops it at breakneck speed, always further and further, in order to achieve the best possible perfection. And this technology is created by humans - by humans who are indeed capable of perfecting the technology, controlling it and driving it towards its peak - but who, on the other hand, do not contain within them sufficient cognizance in order to generally guide the thoughts of the entire humanity along progressive paths by teaching that which is good and positive, in order to thereby create ultimate peace on the world and among the humans in accord with the sense of the laws of Creation. But they are not even in a position to create a peaceful co-existence among the peoples. And why not? Because they only know the way of mammon, of pleasure, of selfishness, of progress and, with that, technology, and for that reason they cast the laws of Creation out into the realm of fantasy. Self-evidently the taskmasters thereby function first and foremost because they embody the power and politics, as well as the religion, of their countries. And it is exactly these powers and politicians as well as bigwigs of religion who continually make wrong decisions and carry them out. Thus anybody who is manifestly in the right is continually oppressed and discriminated against. Source


News from English-language FIGU websites and other websites with similar aims and goals. For a longer list of news items see the FIGU News page.


Killing in Ausartung and the Law of Elimination

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Thursday 27th October 2016
An Article by Vibka Wallder

The Secret Plans of the Global Dictatorship

MH, They Fly Blog Monday 24th October 2016
Concerned people have to take measures against the coming war before it is too late Since 1958, Billy Meier has warned of the European Union (EU) as a dictatorship, which would be involved with the USA in bio-chipping everyone on the planet. (Some people simply can’t wait to be enslaved so they rush to the head… Read More

WikiLeaks: “The name alone scares me.”

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 21st October 2016
UFO warnings about dangerous US policies reached “global intelligence” company in 2006 I just discovered, thanks to Matt Knight, that WikiLeaks has included correspondence from me to Stratfor, a “global intelligence” company. In another one of the emails, John Gibbons of Stratfor wrote, “The name alone scares me.” In my 2006 email to Stratfor… Read More


MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 19th October 2016
This is how empires come to an end and quite possibly the rest of the world There’s no shortage of articles, videos, etc., about the ongoing provocation of Russia, the reasons for which have long been clearly explained by the Plejaren and Billy Meier. An unconfirmed report of a possible attack on Alaska actually echoes… Read More

BillyLeaks Beats WikiLeaks by Two Years

MH, They Fly Blog Sunday 16th October 2016
UFO contactee warned about Ukraine, the IS, Qatar, etc., BEFORE Assange, whistleblowers With the US ramping up its warmongering efforts in Eastern Europe – a place, like the Middle East, that’s actually not part of the US despite frequently proclaimed, so-called “national interests” – Billy Meier briefly touches upon the real, underlying causes for this potentially world-engulfing… Read More

Billy Meier Scoops Scientists – by 35 YEARS – on Dangers of Space Travel

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 12th October 2016
New Science Daily report confirms what UFO contactee published in 1981 With the earliest reports* on the dangers of space travel on the human brain already having been preemptively described by Billy Meier and the Plejaren, the new, alarming report from Science Daily confirms specific information already published by Meier…35 years ago. Billy Meier scooped… Read More

Scientists Make Major “New Discovery” 28 Years AFTER Billy Meier

MH, They Fly Blog Tuesday 11th October 2016
UFO contactee specifically described wandering Black Holes in 1988 What was formerly strictly theoretical* scientific conjecture, has now apparently been confirmed by a “new discovery” that astronomers have made pertaining to “wandering” black holes. Despite NASA’s absolute certainty that black holes don’t wander, once again they are correcting their information to accord with what Billy… Read More

Will They Try to Censor This One Too?

MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 6th October 2016
The truth keeps popping up like a cork in the ocean There’s a brand new interview with a young host who’s recently discovered the Billy Meier UFO case. No, I’m not talking about the interview that was taken down – and the reported defamatory comments now being level against Billy Meier and me by the… Read More

Billy Meier UFO Case Censored Again. Why?

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 5th October 2016
Radio interview pulled, producer cites unspecified “safety issues” As many of you know by now, I did an interview with Natalie-Marie Hart that experienced unprecedented technical difficulties. Natalie-Marie’s producer (her mother) said, “You should write about the technical issues that happened. First the voice, and then the second time we do the interview the video… Read More

The Mystery of the Disappearing UFO Video

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 30th September 2016
If it pops back up on YouTube – which says it’s a “strange” situation – the issue may be resolved As I reported in this earlier article about doing my interview with 16-year-old radio host Natalie-Marie regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, we experienced unprecedented technical difficulties for about 2 ½ hours. Strangely enough, the technical… Read More

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Star Wisdom by Piyali

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The Wedding Cake Ship, 1981

Not one but two UFOs! Could a poor, one-armed man have easily hoaxed this photograph in 1975? Adobe Photoshop did not exist back then.

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