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The Future Of Mankind
Welcome to the Future Of Mankind, the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU.

The objective of this site is to assist the mission to improve the quality of life for all Earth humans by providing freely available English translations of FIGU articles. In order to bring peace to our world, great wisdom needs to be realised and then put into practice. Wisdom is only achievable when true knowledge is combined with honesty.

Thanks to FIGU and the Plejaren Federation, previously unknown knowledge covering diverse subjects is now freely available to everyone. Such subjects include our true origin, problems on Earth and within us, facts about the universe, the laws of Creation and much more.

If you require evidence that supports the truth of this information then you will find it in this website (See The Evidence menu section on the left), such as on The Witnesses page, the Scientific Facts And Theories Corroborated page and the Spirit Teaching pages.

This is not an official FIGU website.


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2. In order that correct justice and humanity, as well as true reverence for life can prevail, it is our desire that in all countries worldwide, torture as well as the death penalty be abolished and laws are enacted where every life and the right to soundness of the body and psyche are respected and placed under legal protection. Source


News from English-language FIGU websites and other websites with similar aims and goals. For a longer list of news items see the FIGU News page.


Stuart Robbins, Please Test this WCUFO Photo

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Let’s try something easy for a change. I’m inviting Stuart Robbins - and all the rest of the skeptics and members of the UFOCI – to simply…test this photo:   Notice that I even said…please. Here’s the drill, drop it into PhotoShop, increase the brightness, lower the contrast and let’s see what you come up with. Since we… Read More

Contact Report 304

Jamesm, Future Of Mankind - Wikilogs [en] Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Yet Another Daffy, Delusional UFO Cult?

MH, They Fly Blog Monday 21st July 2014
Just after seemingly wrapping up the last of my griping about UFOCI profiteers, and also noting the tail-between-his-legs disappearance of Antonio Paris, who feigned interest in reevaluating his misinformed position on the Billy Meier UFO case, it seems like there’s a new UFO cult trying to emerge, one that I briefly touched on before. So… Read More

Wake the Hell Up!

MH, They Fly Blog Sunday 20th July 2014
Russia and its leader (who many Americans also admire because of his macho posturing) continue to openly march forward towards the fulfillment of their negative role in the Henoch Prophecies, as I’ve been documenting on this blog. Meanwhile, many Americans are busy blaming president Obama for all of their woes, failing to understand just how the… Read More

“I Don‘t Want to Find What I’m Looking For”

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 18th July 2014
I recently wrote about someone in the UFOCI who found the mother lode, who knows the truth but who’s so angry at me for outing them for unashamedly promoting a pathological liar as a “UFO contactee”, that they would rather pursue profit and fame than openly inform others about the singular authenticity of the Billy… Read More

UFO Persona Au Gratin, That’s Me

MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 17th July 2014
Sometimes people ask if I’m going to be at a particular event and I also routinely suggest that I speak at upcoming UFO conferences. In that light I recently had a contentious exchange (I know, big surprise) with Paola Harris, who’s apparently an organizer of the Starworksusa UFO Symposium. Although I’m actually not too interested… Read More

Contact Report 5 and Attacking questions from Japan

Jamesm, Future Of Mankind - Wikilogs [en] Wednesday 16th July 2014

Attacking questions from Japan and Contact Report 5 were recently added to the Wiki.

MUFON Finds Billy Meier UFO “Cold Case” Suddenly Very Hot – and Very Real

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 16th July 2014
(NOTE: This is the new press release issued today.) MUFON joins investigation as new “DNA” testing of 1980 photographs yields surprising results – Billy Meier UFO case proved authentic FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In 1980, Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, took 63, clear 35mm film photographs and a five-minute video of an object dubbed the Wedding Cake UFO,… Read More

BREAKING NEWS: MUFON Posts Billy Meier UFO Case Information!

MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 10th July 2014
In a historic, precedent setting development, Jan Harzan, MUFON’s Executive Director, has posted an entire page of information on the Billy Meier UFO contact case, ongoing in Switzerland, since 1942, on MUFON’s official website. Derived primarily from Wikipedia, the information is the first official public recognition of the Meier case from MUFON in over 30… Read More

UFO, IFO, Beamship or…Groundhog Day?

MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 10th July 2014
This blog is in response to John’s very excellent points in his question below: Q: Michael, you have done an incredible job bringing the Meier material to the public. I want to thank you for all your efforts and please continue holding their feet to the fire. I just wanted to pass along a thought.… Read More

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