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The Future Of Mankind
Welcome to the Future Of Mankind, the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU.

The objective of this site is to assist the mission to improve the quality of life for all Earth humans by providing freely available English translations of FIGU articles. In order to bring peace to our world, great wisdom needs to be realised and then put into practice. Wisdom is only achievable when true knowledge is combined with honesty.

Thanks to FIGU and the Plejaren Federation, previously unknown knowledge covering diverse subjects is now freely available to everyone. Such subjects include our true origin, problems on Earth and within us, facts about the universe, the laws of Creation and much more.

If you require evidence that supports the truth of this information then you will find it in this website (See The Evidence menu section on the left), such as on The Witnesses page and the Spirit Teaching pages.

This is not an official FIGU website.


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The Seven Steps of Education The world’s happenings are dependent on thoughts. I) At first the human must seek the truth, find it, gain knowledge from it and expand on it. II) As second step the human must correct his thoughts in a controlling manner and align them with the truth of his gained knowledge. III) As third step the human must, through his knowledge and his thoughts, create his inner harmony. IV) As fourth step the human must, based on his inner harmony, correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his own character. V) As fifth step the human must correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his direct environment, his family life and relatives' life. VI) As sixth step the human must correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his near environment of friends, mates and acquaintances. VII) As seventh step the human is then capable to correct, to straighten out, to form, to harmonise and to lead a group of humans, the mass of humanity, the state and the world in a wise, humane and creational-just and law-like way. Source


News from English-language FIGU websites and other websites with similar aims and goals. For a longer list of news items see the FIGU News page.


Q & A from Debut of “The Resonance” UFO Film

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 25th November 2015
You can watch the full Q & A from “The Resonance” below, or at this link, where I answer questions from the perspective of the Billy Meier UFO case.… Read More

George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website

MH, They Fly Blog Tuesday 24th November 2015
Prophetic accuracy about France and Islam prompts Noory’s precedent setting invitation to spread Meier information The clear connection between Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings about radical Islamic attacks on France, dating back to 1958, and the recent attacks in Paris prompted C2C host George Noory to extend an unprecedented invitation to have Meier’s information posted on the… Read More

Michael Horn on C2C to Discuss New Film & Meier Prophecies

MH, They Fly Blog Monday 23rd November 2015
“WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS” documents historic first presentation of Billy Meier UFO case at major American university Michael Horn will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to discuss his new film, “When Truth Prevails” which documents how he overcame the resistance to the Billy Meier UFO case from universities with the help of… Read More

Dust is Passing, the Spirit Everlasting

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Thursday 19th November 2015
An Article by Rebecca Walkiw

“The Resonance” Features Advance Warnings of Islamist Attacks

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 18th November 2015
June 2015 interview with Michael Horn shows Billy Meier foretold attacks in France and Europe in 1958 In the new Canadian film, The Resonance, filmed in June 2015 by Dr. Lana Marconi, Michael Horn presents Billy Meier’s startling, prophetically accurate information from 1958, 1981 and 1987, foretelling the recent radical Islamist attacks in France, the mass migrations in Europe, and much more that’s… Read More

The Reason for the Paris Attacks: Billy Meier, 1958

MH, They Fly Blog Monday 16th November 2015
Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen? Should there be any questions about the specific, prophetic accuracy in Billy Meier’s warnings about Islamic terrorismit should be noted that , even long before 1981, in 1958, Meier stated: 83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants… Read More

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

MH, They Fly Blog Saturday 14th November 2015
The answer is, and can only be found in, the spiritual teaching. As we reported almost exactly 10 years ago, and again five years ago, regarding the first signs of the fulfillment of the prophecies regarding France being destroyed by Islam, which were published by Billy Meier in 1981, so we must report it again today in… Read More

The Sad, Cynical Legacy of Stanton Friedman

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 13th November 2015
A testament to the pursuit of profit over truth, fueled by intellectual dishonesty and cowardice The email exchanges below will tell the story of what happens when a self-satisfied, profit-oriented member of the UFOCI pretends to want to know the truth about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, until he sees that the truth would crush him, his… Read More

A World of Hirt

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 11th November 2015
Futurist doesn’t want to know the future, after all it’s just a game It’s coming to light, more and more, that the first business of colleges and universities is…business. The recent controversy at the University of Missouri, reminds us that the great American preoccupation with head-banging football is also a huge business, reflecting a priority… Read More

Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Tuesday 3rd November 2015
An Article by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

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An old newspaper article from India, 1964 that provides further evidence of Billy's interaction with UFO's and star people (one of whom was a woman named Asket from the DAL Universe) while in his 20's. In this newspaper article we can also read that he went on interstellar travels even back then, just like he did so again later on with the Plejaren.

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