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Evolution: (lat. Evolvere = roll up) development. Every lifeform is included within the Natural Creative Law of development (Evolution). In spiritual, consciousness-related and in a material way. However every lifeform has its own specific evolution.

Evolution is also developing powers, force, abilities and skills that dont exist yet, and developing powers, force, abilities and skills that are already present, in either conscious-active or subconscious-passive slumbering form.[1]

Evolution is not necessarily guaranteed and must be worked at.

Evolution is not simply an accumulation of chance and chaos. It is in laws and recommendations, in the external storage banks and in our conscious memory, just as it is in the subconscious memory and in the countless forms of consciousness, unconsciousness and sub-consciousness, etc.

Everywhere, everything is well ordered. Natural Law and regulation and principles prevail.


Evolution in the Contact Reports

During contact 217 dated 8th May, 1987. Quetzal explains to Billy how Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution is fundamentally wrong:


83. Darwin was a deceiver in relation to the Man-Ape Evolutionary Line Theory because he secretly worked on ape bones and ape skeletons with a filing utensil, in order to adapt them into his claim and false theory and to present it to those scientists at that time who occupied themselves with the evolution of animals and humans.
84. At first, they were completely impressed by Darwin’s “evidence” and spread Darwin’s false claims and deceitful machinations across the globe as correct and as a true sensation.
85. And once they discovered Charles R. Darwin’s fraud, it was already too late to correct everything again; consequently, everything took its course, and the fraudulently created evidence entered into the scientific annals as authenticity; thus, it also spread among the people, and the erroneous teaching was born that the human being is descended from the ape, which is the exact opposite of what corresponds to the truth and correctness, that the ape is descended from the line of the human being.


The story is well-known to me. Through his wrong machinations, Darwin probably created the greatest deception and the greatest lie that a scientist on Earth has ever created. Greater deception and greater lies were probably only created by the Americans, with their made-up first Moon-landing, as well as those through which religions and sects were created.


86. That is correct.

Book: God-delusion and God-delusion insanity

In the Book, 'God-delusion and God-delusion insanity' Billy thoroughly explains to the Earth human of the present time – as the first human ever to do so – what Creation is and how its laws and recommendations work:

Thereby one must take great care that the principle of cause-effect-evolution, in other words, of causality, and how it works, is correctly understood.

Most scientists only know about the evolution of nature, and they do not even always know that correctly, but they are basically on the right path, contrary to the Creationists who totally go astray. It obviously does not appear to be clear to them that everything spiritual and material – therefore all things of all existence in that which is spiritual, physical and conscious – is integrated into evolution. Actually, the following forms of evolution exist:

Forms of Evolution

Creation evolution spirit-energetical evolution of Creation
conscious evolution of the consciousness human life-form
Only the human being evolves by means of the conscious evolution of the consciousness
instinct evolution Life-forms of animals and other creatures
impulse evolution
Adaptation evolution, respectively, assimilation evolution
plant life-forms
energy evolution
Transformation evolution, respectively, conversion evolution
sand, stones, crystals, gasses, liquids, etc.
Compatibility evolution and mutation evolution
bacterium, bacillus, virus
intelligence evolution
(not to be equated with the human beings’ consciousness-evolution)
higher species of animals, such as apes, dolphins, horses, ravens, pigs, goats, parrots, buffalo and other kinds of cattle, bears, camels, donkeys, beasts of prey, elephants, dogs, cats, sheep, and so forth.

The Creation Universal Consciousness is not simply an accumulation of chance and chaos. It is in its laws and recommendations, in the external storage banks and in our conscious memory, just as it is in the subconscious memory and in the countless forms of consciousness, unconsciousness and sub-consciousness, etc. Everywhere, everything is well ordered. Law and regulation and principles prevail.

What use is a discovery to the scientists if they cannot include it in a bigger whole in order to draw right conclusions because they have a completely false picture of the Creation Universal Consciousness? Since the following seven principles of all existence are, for the time being, only explained in the Spiritual Teaching, but are very important in the drawing of conclusions, they shall be named here. Spiritual Teaching, Spirit-Lesson no. 127, Die Sieben Prinzipien aller Existenz (The Seven Principles of All Existence), Sieben Prinzipien der Wahrheit des Lebens im Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten sind gegeben in aller Existenz (Seven Principles of the Truth of Life in the Spiritual, Physical and Conscious are given in all Existence). Nokodemjon-Henoch

The Seven Principles of All Existence

1. Das erste Prinzip fundiert in der Existenz des allumfassenden Geistigen des schöpferischen, allbelebenden Geistes, im Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, und so also in allem Geistigen und Materiellen.

1. The first principle is based in the existence of the all-embracing spirit of the creational, all-enlivening spirit, in that which is spiritual, physical and conscious, and thus in everything spiritual and material.

2. Das zweite Prinzip fundiert in der Gleichheit und Gleichwertigkeit aller Dinge des Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, so also alle Dinge sowohl des Geistigen als auch des Materiellen in Gleichheit und Gleichwertigkeit gegeben sind.

2. The second principle is based on the equality and equal value of all things which are spiritual, physical and conscious, thus all things which are spiritual, as well as those which are material, exist in equality and in equal value.

3. Das dritte Prinzip ist die alluniverselle und allexistenzielle Schwingung aller Formen des Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, und so also in allem Geistigen und Materiellen.

3. The third principle is the all-universal and all-existential vibration of all forms of that which is spiritual, physical and conscious, and thus in everything spiritual and material.

4. Das vierte Prinzip ist die Zweipoligkeit aller Dinge alles Existenten, und so also die Gegenpoligkeit aller geistigen und materiellen Werte und Faktoren in ihrer Zusammengehörigkeit.

4. The fourth principle is the bipolarity of all things in everything which exists, and thus the existence of opposite poles in all spiritual and material values and factors in its togetherness.

5. Das fünfte Prinzip ist das Gleichmass aller Dinge im Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, und so also in allem Geistigen und Materiellen.

5. The fifth principle is the consonance of all things in the spiritual, physical and conscious, and thus in everything spiritual and material.

6. Das sechste Prinzip ist das Gesetz des Zusammenhanges aller in Erscheinung tretenden Vorkommnisse und Geschehen, so also im Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, und so also gegeben in allem Geistigen und Materiellen.

6. The sixth principle is the law of the connection of all occurences and events which come about, so, therefore, in that which is spiritual, physical and conscious, and thus given in everything spiritual and material.

7. Das siebente Prinzip ist das der allumfassenden Evolution aller Dinge aller Existenz im Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, und so also in allem Geistigen und Materiellen.

7. The seventh principle is that of the all-embracing evolution of all things of all existence in the spiritual, physical and conscious, and thus in everything spiritual and material.

Example Evolving conversation about Evolution

A Says: The HDD (Hard Disk Drive) of my computer is different to what it was yesterday as it contains more data yet appears the same HDD.

B Says: It is my personally held belief rather than a fact, that your HDD does not evolve.

C Says: B did you mean your HDD has absolutely nothing to do with solid state SSD. But it has however changed state.

A Says: Even if we time-travel we traverse a space in time.

B Says: I am confused about the concept of time changing a materials state, please clearly explain so that I may personally comprehend the matter.

C Says: Everything evolves, but only human beings consciously evolve.

A Says: Antiques are a subordinate category in the evolution business.

B Says: Energy evolution, Transformation evolution, Conversion evolution

C Says: While wine is perishable and capable of deteriorating, complex chemical reactions involving a wine's sugars, acids and phenolic compounds such as tannins can alter the aroma, colour, feel in the mouth and taste of the wine in a way that may be more pleasing to the taster. This distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods placing it in the evolution profession. The vocation of observing evolution for the purposes of trade and profit.

~ People change, they say. Time will have its wicked way.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Power struggles and lust for power is characteristic of the human form of life in its course of evolution.[2]
  • One of the main tasks of The Mission, FIGU and of Billy Meier was and is still to warn, heads-up, scientists, journalists, politicians etc. the Earth human, about the rapidly approaching time when a conflict with degenerate and depraved humans from space becomes unavoidable.
    Other solar systems have a number of various life forms, and not only human life. That among these human species there are some that have acquired much knowledge, to the extent that they have freed themselves from their environment; they travel through space and occasionally come to Earth. While most are peaceful there is a minority, and thats all it takes, which mean harm.[3]
    The misconception that has unfortunately developed is in an additional task of Billy Meier, that from the outset has been aimed at informing the sects and religions by successfully reaching them somehow, along with the related general underdevelopment of the human consciousness.[4] This then is the reason why the 'Billy Meier Case' has always been laced with a special compound of religious terminology. Which has arguably confused often alienated many an atheist over the years. It has all been aimed at inclusively informing what is the majority, a humanity. There are few other methods of disseminating such a variety of content to such a diversity of individuals all over the world without it coming across as fanatical and or causing panic.[5]
    All along the fact was known that of all the 196 governments, none of them would develop the various cognitions quickly enough to sufficiently inform their citizens about these rapidly approaching events. Essentially leaving the majority in the dark and at the mercy of these wider realities, thinking that we are the only ones, running out into space thinking of money, which being unfair aside, if overcoming this lip in the course of our future is too harsh a transition it may negatively alter the course of the longer term evolution, it may make us paranoid if this transition into the wider realities is not smooth enough, so being informative has been the aim all along.[6]
  • The natural Universal Consciousness law of evolution continues to possess its validity during and for all available time and its never subject to any kind of alterations.[7]
    It doesn't matter how its worded its always still a natural law.
  • Each universe brings forth a universal prophet who is repeatedly materializing again as a human being in order to help the various humankinds speeding up evolution. That’s a normal occurrence.[8]
  • Every form of life is subject to changes in their progressing evolution, subsequently they collect and establish various cognitions and truth.[9]
  • Negative and positive powers always become transformed over time in the balance and in the power of life and in its constant forever evolving consistency.[10]
  • Human beings who exist in a half-spiritual phase of development cannot be compared with us material human beings because they do not think and act in the manner as we do.[11]
  • Billy must take the precaution to not allow the knowledge of how and at what point in time he will depart from all others unexpectedly and unassumingly from the worldly living area, so that an idol would not be made of him, if the dates would come to be known. Its only allowed to be known that he will again, in around 800 years, be the centre point of this innermost group, as this already existed in earlier times on various occasions and also exists today.[12]
  • Creationists have been disproportionately justified and boosted due to governments usually and generally being allied to them, due to being filled by them.[13]
  • All higher level forms which include Arahat Athersata and Petale have Spirit-forms, therefore they also have to further develop themselves quite normally, which thus means they're also subject to a natural evolution.[14]
    The course of evolution belongs to the high and highest forms of life just as much as it does also belong to low and the lowest forms.[15]
    Human beings are the highest.
  • Billy received the recommendation from Sfath that for the sake of his evolution and life's work that he must be a true human being and live for life, as well as for his health and for his welfare, for which reason he recommended, that in every respect, he always exercise the necessary control over himself.
  • The path of evolution is very long and burdensome. The process is marked by many kinds of different external stimuli and influences. However the particularly influential of these external stimuli usually originate in the same kind of form and species of life. The exertion of the same form of life's flexibility in its powers over an individual single form among the same species or form of life, incites the beginning of this very long and burdensome transformation process. The individual form of life under this burdensome exertion is only then able to overcome and control these external influences through living through greater spaces of time, learning from them and establishing philosophies to cope as well as manoeuvre the obstacle, from which understanding and recognition result as well as the timely inevitable balance.[17]
  • The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm.[18]
  • The legendary sword of King Arthur, Caladvwlch (German=Caladvwlch Breton=Kaledvoulc'h Welsh=Caledfwlch Latin=Caliburnus Cornish=Calesvol Old French=Calabrum, Callibourc Church=Excalibur) was real.[19] Excalibur was a light ray-weapon, a “lightning sword“, emitted lightning-like rays, forged on the Isle of Avalon under the guidance and participation of Plejaren Keridwena. She fell in love with Merlin[20] and gave it to him as a gift,[21] who later gave to his pupil[22] King Arthur, who then fought many bloody battles with it. Efforts to regain possession of the sword failed and she angrily[23] ended her secret relationship with Merlin, of which really no one knew anything.[24] It was only after Arthur’s death that the sword was reclaimed by Myrddin and returned to Keridwena who destroyed it[25] after which she left Terra[26] and returned to Erra.[27]

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