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Telepathy (from the Ancient Greek τῆλε, tele meaning "distant" and πάθος, pathos or -patheia meaning "feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience") is the Pure spiritual or material consciousness-related energetic-oscillation based means of understanding, transmission and communications process.[1]

The location of the Pineal Gland within The Human Brain.

Its the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our traditional sensory channels or physical interaction. It is explained by Billy and the Plejaren to be associated with the correct function of the pineal gland (the gland; epiphysis cerebri [pineal body]), which is situated on the upper section of the diencephalon (mid-brain or between brain) which, in the centre of the brain, perceives visual stimuli, and so forth, whereby, however, the precondition must always be that the human being has not allowed the capacity of this factor to atrophy (partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body).

The fact is that the pineal gland is able to detect Feinstoffsinnlich, electromagnetic fields in a completely different frequency range, that is to say, to -like a sensor -track and recognise them, and thereby receive information. That functions equally in regard to a look which "bores" into the back, or into the nape of the neck, when, as a result of and the thought-vibrations of the person who is the observer, the fact of the look directed at the back, or at the nape of the neck, is recognised by the pineal gland and this information reaches the Consciousness.

The fluidal vibrations of the world of thoughts have nothing to do with the Supernatural because there is no Supernatural. The fluidal vibrations of the thoughts are based on a factor which is called "Feinstoffsinnlich", not, however, "supernatural", because the supernatural does not exist, and, indeed, because that which is Feinstoffsinnlich can be perceived with the seventh sense, or, with the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, consequently it therefore lies far above that which can be perceived by means of the material Senses. Unfortunately, the human being assumes there are only five Senses (hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling,) although seven exist, whereby the two further ones are spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling and feeling, whereby the latter is associated with the instinct and is fundamentally bound with the world of thoughts.

Thus Telepathy is both the Sixth and can be Seventh of the Sixth And Seventh Senses.

Telepathy in the Contact Reports

In contact 2 dated Monday, 3rd February, 1975. Semjase said the following to Billy related to Telepathy.


28. Certainly there are such beings who communicate only telepathically.

29. However, their method of communication was telepathic from the very beginning, or else, they simply allowed their spoken language to become neglected.

30. But as far as we know, no beings who communicate only telepathically have ever come into terrestrial space.[2]

Further Reading


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