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This weekend's topic: Meditation


German discussion for beginners

German discussions were moved to Skype


Time of meetings

Valid from 2011-W47

Day, TimeCity/Country
Saturday, 11:00Honolulu/US-HI
Saturday, 13:00Vancouver/CA, Los_Angeles/US
Saturday, 14:00Edmonton/CA, Denver/US
Saturday, 15:00Chicago/US, Mexico_City/MX, Winnipeg/CA
Saturday, 16:00Toronto/CA, New_York/US, Lima/PE, Bogota/CO
Saturday, 16:30Caracas/VE
Saturday, 18:00Santiago/CL, Buenos_Aires/AR
Saturday, 19:00Sao_Paulo/BR
Saturday, 21:00Dublin/IE, London/UK, Lisbon/PT
Saturday, 22:00Rome/IT, Madrid/ES, Oslo/NO, Prague/SE, Warsaw/PL, Paris/FR, Zurich/CH, Berlin/DE
Saturday, 23:00Johannesburg/ZA, Jerusalem/IL, Riga/LV, Kiev/UA, Istanbul/TR, Helsinki/FN, Athens/GR
Sunday, 01:00Moscow/RU
Sunday, 02:00Karachi/PK
Sunday, 02:30Kolkata/IN
Sunday, 03:00Dhaka/BD
Sunday, 04:00Bangkok/TH, Jakarta/ID, Novosibirsk/RU
Sunday, 05:00Manila/PH, Perth/AU, Shanghai/CN
Sunday, 06:00Tokyo/JP, Seoul/KR
Sunday, 06:30Darwin/AU
Sunday, 07:00Brisbane/AU
Sunday, 07:30Adelaide/AU
Sunday, 08:00Sydney/AU
Sunday, 10:00Auckland/NZ

How to participate

From 2012-02-03 our chat room moved back to Paltalk service.

Chat room is password protected. Current password is: Sfath

Paltalk rooms are accesible only with accounts. To create one please press link "Join now" on login form.

Since Paltalk is voice chat, please prepare your microphone with speakers. Best option is headset with mic. Try to avoid standalone speakers if using mic.

Links: | Paltalk chat room | Alternative IRC channel

Already discussed topics

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  • 2011-W17: "Our Dreams. Part Two"
  • 2011-W18: "Freedom of Ideas"
  • 2011-W19: "Connection with Nature"
  • 2011-W28: "Spiritual Realm"
  • 2011-W31: "Discussions with religiuos people"