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2010-W20(*) Topic: „Shortage of natural resources”

current state of resources
* Do we have plenty of resources on the planet or our supplies are melting fast?
* Or maybe we always will have new alternatives after end of old resources.

more efficient usage
* Can we avoid wasting resources? Can we use them more efficiently?
* New ways of energy extraction and society organization.

how to prepare yourself to post-industrial era
* Is the MadMax scenario possible?
* How to live without traditional energy resources?



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Time of meetings

Part 1 Part 2 City/Country
Friday, 07:00 PM Saturday, 11:00 AM Honolulu/HI-US
Friday, 10:00 PM Saturday, 02:00 PM Vancouver/CA; Los_Angeles/US
Friday, 11:00 PM Saturday, 03:00 PM Calgary/CA; Salt_Lake_City/US
Saturday, midnight Saturday, 04:00 PM Winnipeg/CA; Chicago/US; Mexico/MX; Bogota/CO; Lima/PE
Saturday, 01:00 AM Saturday, 05:00 PM Toronto/CA; New_York/US, Miami/US; Santiago/CL; Caracas/VE
Saturday, 02:00 AM Saturday, 06:00 PM Sao_Paulo/BR; Buenos_Aires/AR
Saturday, 06:00 AM Saturday, 10:00 PM London/UK
Saturday, 07:00 MF Saturday, 23:00 MF Stockholm, Paris/FR, Berlin/GE, Zurich/CH, Roma/IT, Warsaw/PL
Saturday, 08:00 MF Sunday, 00:00 MF Helsinki/FI, Riga/LV, Kiev/UA; Jerusalem/IL; Istanbul/TR
Saturday, 09:00 MF Sunday, 01:00 MF Moscow/RU
Saturday, 10:00 AM Sunday, 02:00 AM Karachi/PK
Saturday, 10:30 AM Sunday, 02:30 AM Dehli/IN
Saturday, noon Sunday, 04:00 AM Novosibirsk/RU; Jakarta/ID; Bangkok/TH
Saturday, 01:00 PM Sunday, 05:90 AM Beijing/CN; Manila/PH; Perth/AU
Saturday, 02:00 PM Sunday, 06:00 AM Tokyo/JP; Seoul/KR
Saturday, 03:00 PM Sunday, 07:00 AM Sydney/AU
Saturday, 05:00 PM Sunday, 09:00 AM Auckland/NZ

How to participate

Meetings are held 2 times during each weekend. Second part of meeting goes 16 hours after part 1. You can choose the most appropriate meeting time or you can participate twice. Topic of each part is the same.

Actually we use Voxli voice chat room for meetings, but you are advised to use IRC channel too. Please note, that Voxli chat is free to use only while in beta. In case of problems with Voxli, mettings will be moved to IRC.

Since Voxli is voice chat, please prepare your microphone with speakers. Best option is headset with mic and try to avoid standalone speakers with mic.

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