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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports volume: Unknown
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Date/time of contact: Friday, 21st March 1975, 4:18 PM
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Semjase


Ancient Earth history.

Contact Report 9 Translation


  1. At our fifth contact, we ended the history of mankind where some 50,000 years ago in Earth chronology, our home world found peace and liberty.
  2. Shortly before this time, 70,000 human beings fled under the leadership of Pelegon.
  3. In spacecraft which they took by force, they fled through the cosmos and settled here on Earth.
  4. Under Pelegon were 200 sub leaders, scientists, competent in their special fields of knowledge.
  5. by these, and others, Pelegon was unanimously acknowledged as "King of Wisdom" (IHWH/God) and regarded as such.
  6. In the course of millenniums, they constructed great cities and inhabited all the continents of Earth.
  7. Regrettably this went well for only a narrow 10,000 years, until desires for power and control prevailed once more, and a deadly war raged over all the earth.
  8. Without exception all was destroyed, and only a few thousand human beings survived (on Earth) while others fled once more into the cosmos and settled far away worlds.
  9. For 7,000 years none returned to Earth, and the humans left behind degenerated and became completely wild.
  10. then descendents of those who had settled on faraway worlds returned.
  11. They were again under the leadership of an IHWH, under whose command they built on Atlantis and Mu.
  12. They built huge cities on each of the two separate continents.
  13. For thousands of years they lived in friendship and peace, until a few scientists were again overcome by the old thirst for might and power, and tried to seize the government.
  14. But having tired of wars, the nations rose up against them, and they occupied spaceships and fled into cosmic space; that being some 15,000 years ago in Earth chronology.
  15. For two millenniums, they and their descendents lived in a neighboring solar system.
  16. Two millenniums during which they had become very evil and only maintained order under strictest control.
  17. By mutation and their sciences, they extended their lifespans to some thousands of years.
  18. Overcome by their thirst for power, they left their world about 13,000 years ago and returned to Earth.
  19. Their highest leader was the scientist "ARUS", who was also called "The Barbarian"...
  20. Like the IHWH 40,000 years before, he also had 200 leaders and sub leaders, who were competent in special fields of science.
  21. In two groups, they settled in the high north and the present Florida of North America, while they continuously attacked Atlantis and Mu in wars.
  22. In only a few millenniums after their occupation of Earth bases, they succeeded in destroying (the civilizations of) Atlantis and Mu completely.
  23. The few survivors went into servitude, while many great scientists were able to flee, and return to their home worlds in the Pleiades.
  24. But centuries before this point in time, the intruders boasted of their conquest of Earth, and IHWH ARUS led a severe and bloody regime.
  25. Still his sub-leaders assumed for themselves many things and became more and more independent.
  26. Within only three decades they had gone far in their own decision making, even though they feared the punishments of the IHWH ARUS.
  27. They advocated a codex, to under all circumstances maintain their own race and not allow it to fall to mutations away from themselves.
  28. In a forbidden manner and secretly, they went out and caught wild Earth creatures and mutations who were distant descendants of former human beings from cosmic space.
  29. wild and beautiful female beings were tamed and mated with by the sub-leaders who called themselves "Sons of Heaven".
  30. Each, according to his own race, created mutated beings, completely new forms of life, who were of dwarf like stature, gigantic or animal-like.
  31. Semjasa, the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an EVA, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form).
  32. The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form.
  33. Semjasa called him "ADAM", which was a word meaning "Earth human being".
  34. A similar breeding produced a female, and in later years they were mated to each other.
  35. Meanwhile, others similar had been produced, who formed groups and tribes.
  36. From these, present Earth mankind developed...
  37. IHWH ARUS, angered by these activities, seized his sub-leaders, when he could catch them, and killed or exiled them.
  38. In time he changed his mind and recognized a new power he could exercise over the Earth beings.
  39. With newly appointed sub-leaders and guard angels, he brought three human races under his control.
  40. These were the ancestors of those who today are known as "Indians"; then the (fair-skinned) inhabitants who had settled around the Black Sea; and the third were the Gypsies along the south of the Mediterranean Sea, who were called Hebrews. .
  41. Through his guard-angels, IHWH ARUS subjected these races and forced them under his control.
  42. As the highest ruler over them, he allowed himself to become venerated and adored.
  43. He allowed them to venerate him above The Creation itself, and his sub-leaders as assistant creators.
  44. He imposed harsh and severe laws demanding the blood of the guilty.
  45. His son "JEHAV", who took over his dominion was little better for he too, as IHWH, demanded only blood and death from the three enslaved races.
  46. The later descendents of these GODS became more humane and developed a degree of spirituality.
  47. Their spiritual evolution changed their minds and they decided to leave the developments of the earth beings to their natural course, and retired to their home-world, so they left the Earth and returned as peaceful creatures to the Pleiades, where their own mankind had reached advanced states.
  48. United, we live together today and are an allied population in peace and liberty.
  49. This is the essential that is important for Earth beings to know that the pleiadians visiting earth feel that they have vested interests here coming over from their own belligerent and often chaotic past, and, perceiving yet another atomic devastation by the scientists’ new ascendency, a legacy to us from their own history, seek to head it off if possible.
  50. Further necessary knowledge regards a cosmic change, of which I have already spoken once.
  51. It treats of the "Age of Aquarius", also called the "Golden Age".
  52. in this respect I must first explain the religious interpretations concerning this epoch are wrong.
  53. A certain irresponsible fanaticism treats this as the religiously proclaimed "final days".
  54. By no means is this new age a final time, because in truth it brings real life.
  55. This epoch enables everything to develop to highest potential, including spirit, according to providence.
  56. But it will take many centuries after entering that period to reach such advanced levels.
  57. At first, as usual, the irreligious scientists will profit from the new advances while the common people will be restrained by their religions.
  58. Caused by the change of epoch, religious people will fall into fanatical religious delusion.
  59. Especially the 184 years of the time of change, religious beliefs of all sorts will shoot up like mushrooms and bring many humans under their control.
  60. Murder, suicide, and exploitation of all kind, as well as religious slavery to false beliefs will be the daily lot, by which the whole world will be shaken.
  61. False prophets will offer salvation publicly in a fanatic search for victims and new followers. (7.
  62. This is the initial phase of the "Golden Age", the transition phase of 184 years.
  63. The culmination of this period will come in 2028 (our years).
  64. The revolutionary force of this new epoch has begun in 1844, and since then the extensive alterations on Earth rush irresistably forward.
  65. The New Age already demands its tribute, religious delusion, rapidly developing sciences, rampant crime, and wars of extirpation, characteristics of this time which can not be ignored.
  66. The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, while the Earth felt the last of the "Age of Pisces" (as it was called).


  1. Since that time, rapidly evolving events, discoveries, inventions, etc., were characteristic as for no other time.
  2. This whole sun-system with all its innumerable creatures is under the control of the new age.
  3. Each and everything is influenced by it, because this is a cosmic law.
  4. It is to this law, to which are subject all movements of planets and all forms of life in the Universe, that the earth proceeds in the run of cosmic events since 1844, which according to evolution replaces all hitherto existing regulations not of the Creational character.


  1. The origin of this epochal change is in the radiation effect of the huge central sun around which your system circles once in 25,860 years and passes through 12 epochs within the meaning of your astrologer’s Zodiacs.
  2. The Earth has already touched the outer borders of the "Golden Radiation" of the central sun, which are of the strongest and most revolutionary radiation.


  1. But also much mischief is connected with this, quite especially in respect to religions and the use of new discoveries and achievements.


  1. The way-showers of these changes are in cosmic destiny and appear under the Creation laws.
  2. The way-preparers for these revolutions (affecting humans) are also human beings who, as prophets and teachers, announce the truths of knowledge and spiritual wisdom.


  1. These way-preparers will be considered revolutionaries, heretics, and exiles, for they will announce the truths for all to see.


  1. These revelations are of much interest, and also of great importance to humans and you should spread the word by all means. This is our desire.
  2. I know you have undertaken the diffusion of my messages and other things already, yet, regrettably, they are not sufficient.
  3. It would be of benefit for you to form a group to occupy itself with these matters.
  4. During the last two weeks your labors have not been as successful as we had expected.
  5. This is not your fault, but ours, for we have allowed ourselves to be deluded about the loyalty of certain ones.
  6. Unfortunately they are more imprisoned within their religions than we had calculated.
  7. But we did not want to penetrate their secrets, thus this observation excaped us.
  8. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to find a new way.


You tell me this so easily - but what shall I do then? I am a stranger in this field, in the public sphere, and have no connections. I really do not know how I could reach the public.


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