Contact Report 483

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This is an unofficial but authorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports volume: n (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block n)
  • Page number(s):
  • Date/time of contact: November 30, 2009, 12:16 AM
  • Translator(s): Christan Frehner
  • Date of original translation: December 1, 2009
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Florena


The Plejaren give their view on the idea of the Michael Horn VS Kal Korff DVD. Korff is described as one suffering from a consciousness-related disorder connected with delusion, who desires to misuse Michael Horn for a dishonest controversy, in order to spread more slander against Billy. Michael is urged to distance himself from Korff.

Contact Report 483 Translation


You came fast, dear father friend. It’s a pleasure to see you and I cordially greet you, therefore.


Oh, that’s lovable. Be welcome. Greetings to you, dear girl. You surely come to me with an answer from Ptaah, I suppose, regarding the matter of Michael Horn and Kal Korff.


That’s right. You had called me and requested that I ask Ptaah about his opinion.


Yes, because Christian Frehner told me that Korff had addressed Michael Horn to produce a controversy DVD regarding my contacts with you people. Michael makes a great effort in this matter, as I explained to you. That’s why I sent my question to Ptaah through you about what he will have to say about the fact that Michael will do a pro DVD in favour of, and Korff against our contacts.


I have passed on your related explanation to Ptaah. He says that he is not pleased about it because such action will trigger a new controversy which will be full of lies and slander. Ptaah explained that Korff is suffering from a consciousness-related disorder connected with delusion, respectively that he is paranoid to a high degree. Besides, he is a selfish intriguer not accessible to reason, who is full of hatred against you and is slanderously trying with all dishonest means to accuse you of lying and cheating, and trying to let the truth of our contacts appear in the same light of lies and cheating. In order to reach his goal which he wants to attain in his maniacal delusion, Korff is now trying to hideously misuse Michael Horn for a dishonest controversy, to produce the pro-and-contra DVD mentioned by you, and to curse you worldwide again with slanderous claims of lying and cheating. Ptaah explains that it is extremely regrettable that Michael Horn is involved with him, because what is done is counterproductive. Besides, in light of Michael Horn’s person as well as his invaluably good achieved services over all the years regarding our contacts and your mission, the whole thing is entirely unworthy for the mission. Korff infamously imposes this unworthiness upon Michael Horn and is showing him in a dubious light. Ptaah asks Michael Horn to distance himself from this issue because nothing good will result from the whole venture, but only a new and dishonest controversy, as this is in Korff’s mind.


Unfortunate. Michael Horn cannot know, of course, what Korff is up to. What he has in mind with the entire machination is now clear to me. Ptaah has thought correctly regarding Michael bringing the matter to an end as long as it is possible to prevent Korff’s plan.

Flornea: All of us who have discussed it with Ptaah and some spiritual guides are thinking the same.

Billy: Then I will immediately inform Christian so that he can contact Michael and explains everything to him.

Florena: Yes, that’s important.

Billy: Do you have some spare time, for I want to have a chat with you?

Florena: No, unfortunately, because I’m in a hurry and have only come to pass on Ptaah’s answer to you. That’s why I have to return to my work at once. Good bye, dear father friend, and kind regards from Enjana to you.


That’s a pity, but then “Tschüss” and also good bye. Send my regards to Enjana.


This I will do.