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--Jamesm 08:32, 1 June 2012 (BST)

Based on the following references I have updated the Lineage/Genealogy Drawing.

From Questions to Billy dated 6-Feb-2012 12:41PM

- There was an additional Semjasa personality that existed 389,000 years ago, prior to Adam’s Father.

From FIGU Bulletin No. 50 – Clarification of the Prophet Enoch and Henok:

- There were multiple Nokodemion personalities with the same spiritform. First one 12 billion years ago and spanning for the next 4 billion years. The number of personalities with the same name (Nokodemion) and spiritform is unknown. - There is a third Henok (Enoch) whose personality existed 13,500 years ago.

The updated drawing is attached. Please let me know if you come across any additional corrections with the associated FIGU reference and I will update the drawing and send it to you.

Patrick McKnight (PatM)