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The Purpose Of This Page

This page is for listing all proposed unofficial FIGU study groups, for the purpose of discussing and studying the information from our friends at FIGU.

Further information on study groups:

"Other ways to get involved would be to form informal study groups. This might be a casual meeting of two friends over coffee once a month discussing and studying the information. If more people participate in such an informal study group, it is possible to form an official Study Group. A minimum of three Passive Members are required to form an official Study Group in addition to holding regular meetings. An official study group has the possibility of making translations of FIGU literature, holding lectures, printing booklets, etc. " - FIGU

Official study groups are obviously preferred over unofficial ones but are not possible until at least 3 passive members exist within the group. Unofficial ones are still beneficial to the study group members as they can at least discuss the information on a face-to-face basis or over the Internet resulting in additional knowledge and wisdom being gained, or so the theory goes. Official study groups are listed at

Actually, the Future Of Mankind Chat Room is a form of unofficial study group. There is a chat room meeting every Saturday night.

You might think that the forums are sufficiently informative, the same as the chat room, but having a chat in real-time face-to-face with another human being has its benefits over the other methods. For example, the ability to empathise or understand emotions in other people is only possible when human beings are interacting face-to-face. The loss of human-to-human interaction is also detrimental to the psychological, and therefore physical, well-being of the human being. Since our future is one where computers will become an unavoidable part of everyone's life experience, human dependence on computer technology may very likely reach a very unhealthy magnitude with a great many of us. Surely we should make an effort to promote or prefer human-to-human interaction whenever given the chance?

See the links in the Proposed Study Groups section below for proposed study groups. You can request a new study group page be added using the Comment form below or you can add it yourself if you're already an editor.

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