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Markvd said ...

I watched that movie Predator and thought what an interesting hobby for ET`s, little did I know it was actually occuring. We really need to stop fighting each other like ignorant babboons on Earth and find ways to interfere and repel ships that don`t belong here. I`m sure if we got all the scientists of Earth to work together on non destructive and psycho projects we can accomplish something. There is a constant all these ships must maintain if we disturb that no one will want to come here.:}

--Markvd 05:32, 25 October 2010 (BST)

TheUFOGuy said ...

Have anyone heard othe janosians. It as said their planet Janos was destroyed by metoer shower or a astriod or a moon named Saton (pronounce as Zaton). Are there tall greys in Betelgeuse? Are they ET from Alhpa Draconia (Thuban). Are there lyrans living Alderbaran?

--TheUFOGuy 07:19, 19 February 2011 (UTC)

Epicn2l said ...

In the section "Peaceful ET race to officially visit Earth - 35.P1068-1083" it mentions that we would possibly be visited around the year 2000.

Is any information mentioned about this in a later contact?

--Kit Varela 05:26, 11 March 2012 (UTC)

Markvd said ...

I think it was postponed Epicn2l not sure why, but I think we have to evolve a lot more before we get any encounters from other beings trying to develop themselves in the cosmos the same as us. All that we need to know is possible to solve our problems with our own current knowledge so it's not necessary for others to help us in person or material form. Ideas and conscience is good enough to push new ideas and solutions. As a whole Earth is nowhere near common sense level so once we reach that in our civilization we might see someone someday. :)

--Markvd 06:45, 11 March 2012 (UTC)

Cat said ...

I wish we had a number of those abducted and taken to other planets and the names of them, what star system etc etc!! I imagine since earth humans are unable to travel through space without dire consequences to their health - that they would be suitably narcotized by the advanced ET's then able to breath air that is similar to our own once on the foreign planet. I enjoyed reading this page as it summed things up all in one go.

--Cat 08:58, 21 June 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

I agree Cat that they need to design the ultimate material body that can adapt and withstand any material universe challenge so we can boldly go where we are not suppose to go. :)I bet some ingenious living beings have found a way to alter or design the body in a way that can adapt to many different atmospheres. Unfortunately majority of Earth is worried about there bank accounts at this time rather than more interesting stuff.

--Markvd 11:32, 21 June 2012 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

There appears to be a conflict of dates when the High Council was first contacted in 1951 and on Contact Report 469 when Keridwena with the advice of the High Council in 466 contacted Merlin in the hopes of influencing King Arthur to adhere to creational ways.

Extraterrestrials History of Aryans Recent Plejan history - 70.92-100

On the home planets in the Pleja System, the wicked war was fought until the bitter end and the scientists capitulated. Their type of government was removed and placed in the hands of spiritual leaders who announced the long-forgotten spiritual lessons and educated the nations. The people recognized the value of the lessons and have lived accordingly since that time. They finally found peace and have lived ever since then under the law and order of absolute determination. These conditions are still preserved today and will never change. For the next 8,000 years, the Pleja nations developed themselves to a very high spiritual level and unanimously lived for evolution. They developed great alliances with every other nation possible within far-reaching systems

They also performed new expeditions and in 1951, by Earth chronology, they discovered a world in the Andromeda Star System. It was inhabited by an extremely high developed form of life which existed semi-materially and semi-spiritually as well. It was agreed among this form of life in Andromeda, that they should guide and govern the Pleja nations and their alliances with their gigantic knowledge and wisdom.

Contact Report 469

By Year 466, Merlin had already been contacted by the Plejaren Keridwena, who, as I mentioned earlier, was a sister of my grandfather Ezekeel (the mediator). This took place after the High Council decided to convey Henoch's teachings to Merlin, which he was to disseminate in order to contain the barbarism of the Celts so that they would refrain from barbarity and their bloody battles. Merlin, being a Celtic druid, was chosen because the High Council hoped that with his help, King Arthur, who, according to a “Vorausschau” (German = view into the future) was to be born on January 4, 469, would transform Henoch's teachings of love, peace, harmony and the freedom and equality for all people into reality.

--Hawaiian 23:46, 21 June 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

I see that throughout history mankind has not utilized there capability to correct specification. If they excelled in science the war mongering people converted there tech into destructive purpose thus negating the good possibilities of science thus forcing wars into reality. Governments that are uncorruptable should be the highest law in the land to bring about he peace and order but they to were to weak in there minds to defeat materialistic desire. It's the hope eventually they will find balance so they don't repeat mistakes of the past, repetition being the worst skill of planet Earth from every generation wars, greed, overpopulation. If you can't improve what is the purpose of life. No one is perfect but no one can be that foolish. :)

--Markvd 03:52, 22 June 2012 (BST)