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Sweet6b9 said ...

All other opinions asside, I have seen the proof that these contacts are real as the US Government has extensive records related to the fact that these contacts are real. I do not have these records but I am attesting to this fact for all to see. They have and are having contact with the Baffath and are working with them as evidenced by the Black Triangle ships that are being seen world wide. For Video Evidence search Triangle UFO or TR-3B online or on YouTube. Peace & Wisdom

--Sweet6b9 23:52, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

Gerswin2002 said ...

That metal is Aluminum and not Thulium. The EDS spectrum that Vogel shows corresponds to Aluminum with traces of Silver (see reference below). Thulium has a strong band at 1.462 KeV. This is very close to the Aluminum strong band at 1.486 KeV and without the "secondary bands" as Vogel himself noted.

I have experience with EDS X-Ray in Scanning Electron Microscopy; it is easy to confuse elements and, since there are no secondary bands, the metal is the very common element Aluminum and not the rare Thulium.

I'm surprise that in almost 30 years nobody noticed the mistake Vogel made in his analysis.

Reference: The "Thulium" Spectrum is shown at time mark 8:44 of the video . Again, that is Aluminum with traces of Silver and not Thulium.

--Gerswin2002 19:04, 8 December 2011 (UTC)