Another investigation on the Asket photo controversy

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Introduction and hypotheses

I have been reading in Internet pages, information about the "hoax" of Asket and Nera photos taken by Billy Meier. There are two main hypotheses:

  1. Billy Meier took these photos from the Dean Martin Show so these photos are fake.
  2. Billy Meier took photos of Asket and Nera in a space ship, but somebody in charge of processing them changed the photos using the photos from Martin's show (with the MIB intervention?)

Main conclusions

  1. There is too much evidence that shows Billy Meier has had real contact with ETs (Asket, Plejaren, etc). He would not fake photos to damage the existing evidence and damaging his reputation.
  2. He took photos of Asket, and the hypothesis (2) of somebody manipulating them to damage his reputation is the most probable one.
  3. I think other photos from Billy might be also manipulated in the same way, for example the flying Pterodactyls, photos of Venus, etc.
  4. Asket really looks like the woman shown in figure 1.

The photos and mysteries about them

Some people think Asket does not exist, and her photos are of a lady that participated in the Dean Martin Show. See figure 2 of a comparison of Asket and one of the models of Dean’s show

Looking at these two women, they are very similar, but I think they are not the same person. You can change the hair and the make-up, but the shape of the skull cannot be changed. The lady on the left has a thinner chin. However, some people say they are the same and this is a proof that Billy Meier used the model photos and they say that the Billy case is a hoax.

Now, you may find the same lady on the official page of The Golddiggers Super Site: (as I see it in February 2009). This lady is in one of the photos in the central heart figure in the main page.

Do you see the same woman in this mosaic of photos? She is in one of the central photos, and by the way, it looks very interesting. See the central photo from Figure 3 extracted to Figure 4:

I see the same woman in the left, but she is younger here. And this photo seems to be taken from the Dean Martin Show. (Look at the background).

In the "Independent Investigations Group-IIG" page you may see their results about the investigation they did on Asket photos and their demonstration of a "hoax" (see: )

The IIG shows as evidence a photo provided by Michelle DellaFave. She was one of The Golddiggers. Her photo seems to be from the same episode (Billy’s photos), as the IIG says, (Figure 5):

Did you notice something very interesting? Just compare figure 4 and 5. They are very similar but not quite the same. The background looks similar, the models are about the same but there are a few differences. The IIG says it is the same show, but the same models changed their clothes. But... the lady in the left, the one very similar to Asket, not only changed her clothes, she changed her hair arrangement, and her face! Now she looks older, and her head looks bigger. Did she have a very quick plastic surgery? Look at these two photos together in Figure 6:

A very curious coincidence is the relative positions of the two ladies on the left. But, why or how did the blond woman change her face?

Now look at one of the Billy Meier photos of Asket and Nera (Figure 7):

They are similar, correct? Figure 7 is very similar to figure 5. So I did an experiment: I took figure 5, I cropped it, made a Gaussian filter and I changed the contrast and color to show how similar they are. You may see the result on the left in figure 8:

A Hypothesis

What does all of this mean? My conclusions are:

  • Figure 4 shows a real photo from Dean Martin's show.
  • Figure 5 shows a manipulated photo. The image of the blond lady image at the left was modified. The women could change their clothes but one of them, the blond one, could not change her face in such dramatic way.
  • Figure 7 shows a manipulated photograph. The background was from Dean Martin's show, but the faces somehow show the appearance of the real Asket and Nera. A larger manipulation was made on the blond lady.
  • The real photo of the Golddiggers should be like this one (Figure 9)

The photos are fake or manipulated, not by Billy Meier, but by somebody else that want them to look very similar, but with some details that could demonstrate later on that they were from the Dean Martin's show.

The manipulation could be done in the following way (this is just a speculation):

  • Somebody that was responsible for processing the film roles from Billy Meier, printed the real photos of Asket and Nera.
  • A photo from Dean Martin’s show, like Figure 4 was also printed.
  • The face of Asket and probably Nera too, were cut it from the original photos and put it on the top of the photo from Dean Martin´s show.
  • Some minor retouch could be done to make more real the edges of the cut faces.
  • Then he took the photos, but to avoid the manipulation being discovered, he unfocused the photos. (Figure 7).
  • The negatives of the newly manipulated photos were given to Billy with the paper copies. Billy remembered very well the face of Asket, so he could not notice they were manipulated because the faces were very similar. The background, for example the vertical lines pattern (a Greek column in the studio?), was not important for Billy, so he did not notice the change.
  • Later on, after allowing some years to pass for Billy to publish his photos, the Golddigger photos were shown and Billy accused of being a hoaxer.
  • Most likely other photos were also manipulated in the same way. If there are other photos from the same roll, some of them, or possibly all of them, were also manipulated.

There is no final word on this subject. There is always room for people that think Billy is a hoaxer and room for people that think Billy's experiences are real. This is part of the process of finding the truth. This document represents just another point of view.

Rhal Zahi,
February 2009

Edited by James Moore on 5th Septemeber 2010

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