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The most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies without hesitation or scruple.

Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings, even in the bed of marriage partners, in order even there to attack and destroy the last and most private secrets of human beings.

Now finally has come the time when a stop can be put to all these unscrupulous activities, if man becomes sensible enough, revises his thinking and devotes himself to the real teachings of Jmmanuel. In all likelihood, all those who have bashed their heads against the brick wall of the cult religions deceitful madness and are therefore no longer capable of normal and sensible thinking, will fight and oppose it with all means; and yet, their desperate fight will be in vain because truth will be stronger than any cult-religious mania or dirty lie, even though the lie has been in existence for thousands of years. The scandalous falsehoods of cult religions will now be shattered and destroyed for good, no matter how much the cult religions and all their followers and advocates rebel against it. Finally truth will be victorious, even though it must be secured through great struggles, as it has been written in the Scriptures, which say that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe. However, truth is required and must no longer be silenced. A catastrophe will be understandable if one considers that the cult religions have attained immense power, which so far has enabled them to suppress, with murderous and sordid means, all truths directed against them. They will again attempt to do this, even if it means indulging in murder as has often been the case in the past.

Billy Meier, The Talmud of Jmmanuel, Introduction

Excerpt from Contact Report 710

Source: Contact Report 710

"...most people are so trapped in their incapacity that they cannot make anything of themselves and therefore have no real success in life, following that they always see themselves as victims and therefore aggressively rebel against any effective real truth that is explained to them regarding their wrong thinking and behaviour. Therefore, everything is constantly getting worse for them, because their false thoughts and feelings, built up and lived by the misleading religions within them, make them brainless believers without initiative with regard to a free, peaceful and open independent use of their own thoughts, feelings and reflections to form their own personal opinions. This is unfortunately not possible for a believing person, because the fear of the threatening <penalty of God> always sits in his neck, which prevents him from developing independent thoughts and feelings. So he cannot - out of fear of an imaginary God that never existed in neither the present nor future - recognize the effective real reality and its truth, that not an imaginary deity, but only he, man himself, is his very own lord and master over himself, his thoughts, feelings, opinions, decisions and his experience as well as his responsibility and his actions."