Climate change - The facts and an important Plea

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A change in our climate is already being experienced. In the news the number of articles or reports of floods, storms, stronger typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones, snow and sand storms, drinking water problems, etc. is increasing. Every week there is at least somewhere in the world where there is a catastrophe of some sort related to nature.

Also on a personal level one can experience the change. So for example the famous city of Venice, Italy was flooded this year with a record high water level. I caught a "Red backed" spider in my bathroom, a spider that originates from Australia and is lightly poisonous, which is an indicator that these spiders are starting to feel comfortable in Europe where the temperatures are normally to low for it to adapt. The same spider was also seen in Belgium. During my vacation in Morocco, a record thunderstorm broke out and flooded areas as well as provoked massive mud slides or stone avalanches. The guides told us that this is a first timer. Also in the south of Japan a few years ago the first tornadoes appeared. Now some might say that because of the cameras and cell phones today that these incidents are being reported better and thus taken into account in the statistics. This is however not true as events always get forwarded by mouth or they got written down, especially if it is about natural catastrophes or things that cannot be explained. The famous volcanic eruption of Pompei was recorded in writing by the Romans for example, and in Asia the writing art existed already longer than in the west. Also people of the Maldives or other islands as well as Brazilians report that an unusual increase in the frequency of these happenings. In New York, record temperatures of 20°C were measured a few days ago, in December! Also the strong winter in the US and Europe, of 2009-2010, is a consequence of the climate change. So it is not only the media or a campaign running to promote climate change, but also concerns are forwarded by humans who have nothing to do with media or the politics.

However as the majority of humans are living in big cities where there is concrete and steel everywhere, the small signs of change, like for example the appearance of new insects, animals, or the change in rainfall or sun hours, can't be seen or experienced personally any more, also because there is too much diversion (TV, cinema, restaurants, theatre, opera, etc.) or because of the stressful job one has to carry out nowadays. That is why so many humans are forced to "believe", whether the side of the "climate-change sceptics" or the one of those who think that climate change is real.

The facts behind

I will not repeat here the whole climatology science, which can be found in good books, and which is written by scientists of that field.

Everyone knows that when she/he turns on her/his car without opening the door of the garage, that one can suffocate because the CO2 displaces the oxygen that is essential for our survival. So the effect that a gas has in a closed garage, it will also have in the atmosphere, only that there is not just one car emitting CO2 but very soon over one billion cars shooting their gases into the atmosphere. To this, one has to add the industries of all kind and the households as well. Also the power plants have to be added that are still producing electricity with coal. Just imagine the huge volume of CO2 blown in the atmosphere by the cars, military, households, industries and power plants.

The oil and hydrocarbons that were produced over millions of years would still be underground if we would not extract them for burning and thus the climate gases it contains and which is bound in organic material, would never have come to surface. Of course volcanoes when they erupt have emissions of CO2 and other gases which have an impact on climate, but they would never spew out all the oil because most of the oil sources are far away from magma chambers and the fire belt or the middle oceanic ridges. The oceans are a big reservoir for climate gases and absorb CO2 for example, but they reached their limit, because the pH of the oceans is declining and thus becoming more acidic, which will prevent corals, with their calcium skeleton, to grow and thus a whole ecosystem will disappear which will again have an effect on the climate of the Earth. Without the coral reefs many sea creatures will have no breeding habitat, where they can lay their eggs. This will also have an effect on the fish populations and other species that eat algae and plankton. Scientists recently found out that the acidification of the oceans inhibits the plankton growth, which is the most important nutrient to the majority of sea creatures. So these two factors caused by acidification of the oceans will decrease the fish population drastically. It is also a fact that the permafrost soils are melting, which is releasing huge quantities of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is a gas that has a "greenhouse" effect 21 times stronger than CO2. This means that methane can retain 21 times more heat than carbon dioxide within our atmosphere.

If one thinks logically, it can’t be denied any more that we as a human race are messing up nature, because we bring again substances/gases in the atmosphere, that should remain underground if everything would have gone it’s natural way. I mean without the human sucking out all liquid oil and gases as well as minerals out of the Earth like a fat mosquito on a tiger's skin. So here we are perturbing the structure of our earth by creating huge empty holes that create earthquakes, which can be seen with the coal mines for example and the atmosphere by bringing in gases that should normally remain sealed by nature.

Some give the excuse and say just because we recently had a very hard winter that the climate change is only a fraud. This however is not true because the "apparent" heating and the displacement of the Earth's rotation (axial tilt) because of the atomic bombing tests, create a real climate change that has different effects on each area. It has also an effect on the oceanic currents, and it was already scientifically proven that the "conveyor belt" system is changing, as the gulf stream is apparently losing its strength.


Considering the facts that the climate is changing and bringing huge fluctuations between extremely warm and dry summers in some regions of earth and on others extremely strong winters. Also tornadoes are appearing in areas where there were none before, as well as long thunder storms that can last a whole week. These signs are undeniable signs that something is changing, and this happens also because of the Earth citizens.

Some make money with the CO2 hysteria, like companies producing the new trend of "eco friendly" products. Other sell books, like doomsday in the Christian religion. Others on the other hand deny it completely because they want to continue to sell their oil and coal. By using denial tactics, many energy companies have made a lot of money and preserved their supremacy of "power" also in politics.

One has to look between these two extremes to see the real picture.



An important plea to those responsible in government

The reason why I added this text to this page can be found in my worries concerning all the prophesies about the environmental catastrophes and the climate change made by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier, since the 50's. The spectacular floods in Pakistan, the fires in Russia, the floods in Germany and in India, because of the increasing monsoon,..... all this is only the beginning. There you can already see what overpopulation and climate change can do. Now the prices for crops, dairy products and meat will rise because of the drought in Russia and the floods that have destroyed many hectares of farming and arable land.

We have now arrived at a stage where the "warming up" of the catastrophes will come slowly to an end, and the magnitude of it all will increase. The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico is a new factor which has to be taken into account for the models of the climate change calculations as it will change the climate patterns again to the disadvantage of us humans living on this planet. (This can be read in the new FIGU Bulletin Nr.51 on the FIGU Homepage, which will be translated, please read: [1]). At least that is what my eyes see and what my logic as a scientist in environmental matters sees occurring.

I ask, no I beg, all the responsible ones of the governments of Earth who are reading this page, or those who, out of "controlling" or "monitoring" purposes for the different governments, to tell their politicians that the time of making big talks is over. Please stop with this ridiculous nonsense of raising the taxes, then decreasing them again. Stop with this Kyoto Protocol nonsense, and increasing the alternative energy usage only to 10 - 20% until the years 2020 or 2050. Stop with this raising the taxes and saying this is against the climate change. Stop with this being worried about your rent after work, if it continues like this, you will have other problems than enjoying your rent at the age of 70............ - Let's be honest, we all know that this is all for the birds.......(this is all pointless).

Do not believe that all this will occur only in the far future, no you will feel it already in this lifetime and then you will be full of shame for having done this to your kids and grand children.

Please listen to the words of BEAM and do not throw them in the wind, because also your future will depend on this.

Thank you for your attention and with sincere respect.



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