FIGU Bulletin 008

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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 8
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: August 1996 (English Edition: February 1998)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 8 Translation


Sighting on Sunday, June 16, 1996, 11:30 p.m. Witnesses: Barbara and Frank Demenga, Zürich, Switzerland. Observation period: approx. 15 seconds. Location: Zürich (7th precinct), Switzerland. Visibility: Clear night. Flight path of the objects: From south to north. Audibility: Soundless. Special features: Delta form, grayish white in color, yellow position lights, stable, calm, horizontal flight. The object suddenly appeared as a shadow from the darkness of the sky. Description of the sighting: My wife and I were sitting on our balcony when I suddenly saw what appeared to be a hang glider flying towards us --- in the middle of the night. When the object was above us, I was able to distinguish the delta shape. When it disappeared in a northerly direction, I recognized roughly six yellowish, intense lights along each side of the triangle. My wife was unable to see the object since she was sitting beneath the roof's extension, which blocked her view.

Nearly three minutes after I saw the first object, a second one appeared, and my wife could see this one. It moved at great speed, was round, approximately the size of a full moon, and glowed brightly. The object traveled across the sky in a southerly direction. --- In my opinion, these objects were not meteorites, satellites nor the like, and neither were they airplanes. The objects flew silently and lacked the typical blinking navigation lights of airplanes. Their shape was not only highly unusual for a plane, but they also would have had to fly over the city of Zürich at an estimated altitude of 300 meters [approx. 900 feet]. Simply impossible.

Comment: Between 1982 and 1996 I observed five different unusual flying objects, and due to their form and flight maneuvers that defy all physical laws, I am convinced they were not flying devices of terrestrial origin.


Sighting Report dated June 5, 1996, by Barbara Harnisch, Switzerland:

On Wednesday evening, June 5, 1996, I stepped onto my balcony around 11:05 p.m. It was a balmy evening with a gentle breeze; the sky was slightly veiled by high clouds. I was enjoying the view before me as I peacefully glanced toward the edge of a nearby forest. As I scanned the dark silhouette of the trees, I noticed a bright flash in the sky. Puzzled, I looked to the west but couldn't see anything other than a few stars. A few moments later another "flash" appeared in the sky, this time slightly to the east and closer to the house. A bright, whitish, globe-shaped light, which only flared up for a moment, caught my attention and then instantly disappeared again. At first I thought it was a plane flying above the clouds where it was visible only for a few seconds at a time. I heard no engine noise -- and when it flashed once again an instant later, more northerly this time, I realized it was not an airplane. Airplanes do not fly in such zigzag patterns as this object did. Furthermore, a plane could not have flown this fast from one location to another as this object had just done. Due to their construction, airplanes must follow more or less a straight line. I don't know of any terrestrial aircraft that could have performed the flight maneuvers I had observed. For this reason I concluded this object could only be a UFO. "Saalome," I thought delightedly as I scanned the sky in hopes of perhaps seeing the flying craft one more time. And sure enough, there it appeared again only moments later, in the same northwesterly position where I had just seen it flashing. I was able to pick out a small, orange-yellow dot, which now moved again in a southerly direction. This time I was completely convinced: It was a space ship. Fascinated and at the same time elated I followed it with my eyes. Suddenly it increased its speed tremendously and abruptly disappeared. As I peered into the region where the craft had vanished, I saw some flashes of light in a southerly direction --- but this time it was certainly an airplane, for I could clearly distinguish its blinking lights and hear the engine noise. Then the small orange-yellowish object reappeared behind the plane, but at an altitude higher than the aircraft. The object's light was just large enough for me to see and to note that it was approaching me once again in northerly direction, again on a zigzag course but in a circular pattern at the same time. I continued to watch it until my eyes could no longer distinguish the object.


Question: Black Holes -- how did this term originate?

Paul Trachsel, Switzerland

Answer: In 1915, as part of his General Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein was already teaching that Black Holes could indeed exist, at least in theory. The descriptive term "Black Hole," however, was only coined in 1967 by the American Astronomer John Wheeler. From then on Black Holes were considered a probability. Astronomers remained uncertain about this theory for, among other reasons, Black Holes cannot be observed due to their characteristic ability to swallow nearby matter and light.

One very popular theory states that Black Holes exist at the center of most bright galaxies. This implies that our galaxy, the Milky Way, also has one --- just as the Pleiadians/Plejarans have stated, and as revealed in the latest prophecies. Due to the fact that from Earth the view is clouded by gas and dust clouds, evidence of the Black Holes' existence may be very difficult to come by when observed from this planet or its close proximity in space.


Question: According to recent statements, the hole in the ozone layer has once again stabilized itself. Is this true or is it still increasing annually by 5% as Ptaah declared it to be?

Pius Keller, Switzerland

Answer: According to information from Ptaah, nothing yet has changed regarding the increasing expansion of the opening in the ozone layer. One must assume, therefore, that the opening is enlarging and that the danger has not diminished in any way. The damage to the ozone layer poses equally as big a threat on the climate as do high ozone concentrations in the air, which also affect the weather and all life-form organisms.

Ozone [Gr.- the fragrant] consists of molecules with three oxygen atoms (O3) and is a form of oxygen. In high concentrations this gas has a deep blue coloration; it condenses at minus 111.9 C [169.42 F] into a deep blue liquid that solidifies into bluish-black crystals at 192.5 C [314.5 F]. Ozone has a penetrating odor. Under the influence of oxygen atoms, ozone forms into molecular oxygen, which then breaks down again according to the following formula: O3<>O2+O and 2O--> O2. Through the influence of oxygen atoms, ozone is one of the strongest oxidation chemicals in existence and is very toxic in higher concentrations. In place of chlorine, ozone is used as a chemical to oxidize, to bleach and, in a watery solution, to disinfect. Ozone forms wherever enough energy is present to influence it through the effects of radiated energy or electric discharges. As a result, oxygen atoms from oxygen molecules are released, which then interact with other oxygen molecules.

Ozone Layer Ozone is derived from molecular oxygen and accumulates in the ozone layer of the atmosphere through the influence of the sun's shortwave ultraviolet (UV) rays. By absorbing the UV rays, ozone immediately disintegrates again; but the released oxygen atoms enrich themselves with molecular oxygen, and thereby generate a balance in the ozone layer by way of the ozone's synthesis and disintegration. The ozone layer is extremely important since it prevents most solar UV rays from penetrating the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, only a small portion of these damaging rays reaches this planet's surface. Ultraviolet rays in small dosages are vital to every life-form, but in large doses they are harmful. For instance, exposure to strong UV rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer, while normal dosages are essential for the body to function properly. These normal functions include the body's ability to produce Vitamin D.

High ozone concentrations in layers of air close to the ground may occur particularly in those areas where a great deal of emission gases are produced, and where nitric oxides and sulfur oxides produce ozone through the influence of sunlight. Ozone in large dosages is toxic to humans, fauna and flora. With humans and animals the harmful effects upon their health appear to be mainly irritations of the mucous membranes; however, significant damages are also possible. In the early stages of exposure, plants mainly react to high ozone concentrations with bleach blemishes that can later result in further damage. Organic substances such as textiles, leather and paints, among others, are also damaged by their exposure to ozone.

The Ozone Hole: This term is applied to the destroyed ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere above Antarctica. The destruction of the ozone layer is primarily the result of the terrestrial population's utilization of materials which wreak negative chemical and physical effects. The leading cause for the ozone layer's destruction is the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Once released, they slowly rise into the atmosphere and reach the stratosphere over a ten to fifteen year period. There they break down, releasing highly reactive chlorine atoms and chlorine oxides which, in turn, react with the ozone and split it into oxygen. The ozone hole above the Antarctic was discovered in 1985 -- approximately ten years, therefore, after I notified terrestrial scientists of the ozone layer's destruction on behalf of the Pleiadians/Plejarans (see Semjase Contact Notes Block #1, page 64a). By the end of 1992 further evaluations revealed that the hole was even larger than before. Over an expanse of nearly 23 million square kilometers [approximately 9 million square miles] above the South Pole, the ozone layer in the atmosphere by this time had already decreased by more than 50 percent. In comparison to 1991 figures, the ozone hole not only had expanded by 15 per cent but the ozone had become thinner. These facts were the result of the interaction of the CFCs with halogens and sulfuric acid aerosols, which reached the atmosphere through the volcanic outbreaks of Pinatubo (June 1991) and Mount Hudson (August 1991). The aerosols seize nitrogen compounds and release reactive chlorine compounds that lead to the breakdown of the ozone. Strong evidence exists which reveals that the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere is greatly damaged and is also thinning.

Damage to the ozone layer, among other things, produces severe biological consequences such as the increased mutation rates and a rapid escalation of cancerous skin diseases. Now it is mandatory that we also take into account the negative and harmful effects of ozone depletion on our climate.

Latest News About Ozone: Up-to-date satellite assessments in July 1996 show that UV radiation has increased at an above-average rate due to the ozone hole.



In past conversations about UFOs, extraterrestrials and the like, people have sometimes approached and questioned me. They say that you, Billy Meier, claim to be of extraterrestrial origin, as does Michael Hesemann, the publisher of Magazin 2000. If these allegations of my companions in their conversations are correct, I feel as sorry for M. Hesemann as I do for you. Such claims by you would also force me to re-evaluate your chronicles, explanations and other items, for if these assertions about you are true, I have somehow been drawn in by a charlatan --- and I would have to disassociate myself from your written material and statements, just as I have done with the American Omnec Onec and various others whose statements and contacts, I am convinced, are purely based on fraud and charlatanry. I would hate to see this happen with you too, because your background, data, statements, and explanations have always appeared to me as being extremely believable, honest and frank without the usual sectarianism. I would appreciate your honest response.

Alois Klingler, Switzerland


Never have I ever claimed that I am an extraterrestrial. At all times I have clearly and explicitly stated that I am a human being who was procreated by and born to terrestrial parents on Earth. My spirit-form, however, has a very ancient, extraterrestrial origin. And this is the case with many other people on Earth whose spirit-form traveled to Earth from alien worlds in human bodies. These extraterrestrial people died on this planet and, as a result, their spirit-forms have continued to reincarnate into terrestrial-human bodies ever since. My spirit-form, which ultimately provides life to my present physical body, has in the past enlivened the bodies of other people, and these individuals fulfilled the same or a similar mission in past times just as I do today. This also serves as an explanation to the question why was I, of all people, chosen to fulfill the role of a contact person with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, and why was I chosen as their messenger to the people of Earth in matters pertaining to this Mission and to the spiritual teachings. Although my spirit-form previously came to Earth as a human's life-giving force, albeit of a totally different person, it has remained on this planet through numerous reincarnations ever since that time. I am physically and in my material consciousness a terrestrial human being. Therefore, I would never dream of deceitfully presenting myself as an extraterrestrial.

I find it extremely regrettable that such lies are repeatedly disseminated and attributed to me, for they merely lead to defamations against me instead of providing the actual truth of the matter. I also regret that these lies victimize individuals who may be mislead or harmed in some way by them. Ethical individuals, such as Michael Hesemann, who make genuine efforts to search for and present the truth, are defamed by these slanderers in this manner and are pulled through the mud by these liars, intrigants and defamers. You mention that Mr. Hesemann allegedly asserted he was an extraterrestrial. I would like to speak on Mr. Hesemann's behalf now by quoting his own words from a letter he wrote me on June 11, 1996. These words must not be looked upon as an obligatory justification, but purely and simply as a clarification --- the truth never requires a justification.

Quote: "To begin with, in your latest Voice of the Aquarian Age, which you had kindly mailed to me, I read some information about me with which I wholeheartedly agree. I am referring to your statement in which you say that I am a person who was created on Earth --- a terrestrial and not an extraterrestrial being. I have never claimed otherwise about myself! Truthfully, in your question to Ptaah you refer to a claim made by the 'RTL Extra' program that I had presented myself as an extraterrestrial. You know from your own experience that this program is the worst of cheap-shot journalism on German television. And Mrs. Strohwange, Schrowange or whatever the name is of that precious moderator, had the nerve to use unverified material from the furniture salesman and sectarian Anti-UFO fanatic Werner Walter of CENAP [German acronym for Central Research Network for Unusual Phenomena] in Mannheim, Germany. A portion of this material came from a statement I allegedly made at a seminar in Berlin. The fact is that this statement was taken completely out of context. The statement was made in response to questions from the audience, and I had been asked my opinion of Sheila Gibson, the bleached blond barmaid who poses as Omnec Onec from Venus . . . [Michael Hesemann distances himself from this impostor]. The next question was: 'How did you become interested in the subject of UFOs?' My response was something like this: 'Of course, I too could claim now that I originated on another planet and came to Earth to bring you the truth. But the truth is much simpler: As a young boy I found a von Däniken book in my parents' bookcase.' One reporter present at the interview recorded what I had said, and because he wanted to discredit me he gave the material to CENAP, who adulterated it accordingly by cutting away the beginning and ending of my statement."

Michael Hesemann, Germany

In reading Michael Hesemann's clarification, the entire matter takes on a completely different complexion, and one certainly cannot contend that he asserted such nonsense about his own extraterrestrial origin. --- Unfortunately, verbal statements and taped recordings are only too often falsified by cheap-shot journalists in order to compromise a message, especially when it pertains to ufology, and I have repeatedly experienced this myself over the years. Of course it is self-evident that wanna-be ufologists, notorious twisters of the truth, denying persons and slanderers also have their grimy paws into the midst of this scenario. Unfortunately, creatures such as the CENAP organizer Werner Walter is one of them. He is very popular with the cheap-shot journalists who assist Mr. Walter to find a warm nest and great popularity. The same also holds true apparently for those who are intent on defaming Michael Hesemann. Although he is perhaps somewhat gullible in certain aspects he, too, is often defrauded by dishonest elements. His honest efforts toward the advancement of ufology, the dissemination of its related truth and that of other items elsewhere, have become a great and valuable asset. And for his endeavors he is being attacked and ripped to shreds by deceitful journalists, resentful people, know-it-alls by their own grace, wanna-be-ufology-twerps and others. Such individuals are incapable of performing valuable work on their own, and they merely release their rubbish to satisfy their greed for financial profit instead of pursuing and providing the actual truth.



Published in the April '96 UFO Kurier #18, a cheap-shot article about the Billy Meier Story by Luc Bürgin from Basle, Switzerland, prompted various provoked individuals to write letters to the editor of the UFO Kurier. Apparently not all were reproduced. Michael Hesemann was one of the readers who sent such a letter to Mr. Kopp of the UFO Kurier, but so far [up to Edition #21] his letter has not been printed. Consequently, we are making this letter available to the readers of the FIGU Bulletin. I have heard through the grapevine that the UFO Kurier is planning to continue its campaign against me, Billy Meier. Michael Hesemann submitted the following letter to me regarding Luc Bürgin with this note:

Quote: "It is very unfortunate that a Swiss citizen finds it necessary to copy written material from a pathological liar such as Korff, instead of doing his own research at the original site, with you, Billy, in Hinterschmdrüti where he could have interviewed eye witnesses himself."

The following reprinted letter is a translation of the one Michael Hesemann sent to the German magazine which published Luc Bürgin's rubbish regarding Billy Meier and his contacts:

Magazin 2000

Verlag Michael Hesemann
Worringer Straße 1
D-40211 Düsseldorf


Herrn J. Kopp
Hirschauer Str. 10
72108 Rottenburg

RE.: UFO-Kurier Nr. 18

Dear Mr. Kopp,

You are the publisher of Fred Steckling's classic Extraterrestrial Bases on the Moon, one of the best books in the world of UFO literature (yes, you can quote me on that), but ...

In a letter of February 4, 1999, the attorney-at-law of Dr. Johannes Fiebag has summoned Billy Meier to delete the declaration about Mr. Fiebag made by Michael Hesemann. Since we are unable to check the truth ourselves we comply with the request. 'FIGU / Billy Meier'

... Regarding Luc Bürgin's article let me state the following: I respect Luc as an investigative colleague, but I am greatly disappointed about the evidence of his mental incompetence which he revealed with his article in your magazine. Must a Swiss citizen, who perhaps lives one hour from the Billy Meier farm, really resort to copying material from an American called Kal K. Korff? One can give Korff the benefit of the doubt that he could not thoroughly investigate the case from lack of mastering the language and because he had to work "under cover." But what about Luc Bürgin? What a wonderful, independent investigation he could have carried out. I am convinced that if only Bürgin had interviewed a mere 10 of Meier's 30-40 witnesses (as I did), he would have arrived at completely different conclusions.

I do admit, and I have previously written about this in Secret Matter UFO, that the "Meier Case" was contaminated. Without any doubt, Meier has photographed the world's best UFO pictures in 1975/76 whose authenticity no serious researcher or photo expert would deny. Let me state right from the start that the reflections of the landscape on the spacecraft's underside were, of course, not "added" by the U.S. researchers. Those reflections can also be seen on the original prints, which Meier gave to ufologist Ilse von Jacobi from Munich, Germany, in 1976 --- two years before the first U.S. investigator ever set foot on the Meier farm. To make those reflections appear better defined by using wrong-color analyses on the computer is a perfectly legitimate method. Yes, and it is also true that the U.S. investigator Col. Stevens and the NASA associate Jim Dilettoso, in order to avoid the expense of purchasing a computer, had these wrong-color photographs and all other evidence later analysed in California by a company with access to computers, which were horrendously expensive at that time. What is dishonorable about that? Today one can purchase the "photoshop software" for a few hundred dollars, but computer technology was astronomically expensive in those days, and all that was needed were these wrong-color pictures . . .

Jim Dilettoso has never used a Ph.D. or any other academic degree and, therefore, related data could not have been false. I have known Dilettoso since 1991 and have dozens of his various business cards, letter heads, and three videotaped interviews with him, one of which was recorded at his impressive institute in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ. He never claimed possessing any academic degrees.

Even more unfair are Bürgin's "dark insinuations" about Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens' "lengthy" prison term. The charge stated he had an affair with a 17-year-old girl, a crime in the USA about which one would merely smile in Germany. It is a fact that the charge was made by the teenager's mother who perhaps falsely interpreted her daughter's (and the girl's 16year-old girlfriend) interest in UFOs, especially since the daughter actually did fall in love with Stevens which, after all, can happen. Stevens swears to be innocent, but he has no proof of it. In a puritan country like America one is quickly condemned. Well, at least the Air Force seems to find him innocent, or else he would have been demoted to a lower rank and would no longer be a Lieutenant Colonel today. Bürgin seems to think Meier is idiotic enough to write accolades about himself by using the name of a company with his own initials ("BM Galact Corp."). However, Bürgin forgets that the Swiss man's somewhat awkward style is easy to imitate. One good thing is that Bürgin at least spares us Kal K. Korff's favorite argument: During his lectures and expensive Anti-Meier seminars where he, of course, also sells costly Anti-Meier videos, Korff shows a photo of Meier, points to his long beard and explains: "As you can see, this man wants to look like a biblical prophet." Korff's logic, therefore, must apply also to the 'Cool Man' in the Milka brand chocolate advertisements and to any bearded Swiss alpine dairy farmhand.

Unfortunately, since Bürgin only duplicated text from Korff, he also missed the opportunity to investigate this Californian's credibility. I have heard three of Korff's lectures and find him to be a questionable character. All of his blaring 'revelations of evidence' throughout his lectures ("Neighbors saw Meier with models"; "I spoke with Meier's bookstore owner and can proof the source of every one of his contact conversations"; "I discovered the store in which Meier bought the helium for the balloons from which he suspended the UFO models."), have later proven to be nothing but hot air. Yes, there is a store in Winterthur where they sell helium --- but nobody there knows Meier. Yes, he is customer in a bookstore --- but became a client there only a few years ago. Yes, people have seen him with models when he and Wendelle Stevens tried to test Meier's photos by duplicating them with models Stevens had manufactured in the United States. Korff's entire book is based upon such half-truths.

Yes, Meier took authentic photographs in 1975/76. And yes, in the same period he had 30-40 eye witnesses, among them those who curse him today although they still swear to have seen UFOs with him. Furthermore, predictions in his contact reports have later proven to be true. But: Hoaxes also existed. Why? Because someone wanted to contaminate the case, make it less believable -- whatever. By Meier himself in order to protect himself and his family? By the Extraterrestrials to ensure that it is up to us and our own spiritual evolution, instead of believing in miracles that cause us to accept or reject the contact information? By Meier's opponents or by the Secret Services? I don't have the answer. But I ask myself why a man capable in 1975/76 of taking the best UFO photos in the world would rather produce dubious material instead. If he were a brilliant hoaxer then all of his frauds would be equally good.

The answer to this question can be found in Switzerland, in Hinterschmidrüti, where Meier lives . . . not in America, among the sensationalistic machinations of scrupulous 'investigative' journalists.

What a shame that Bürgin, who lives so close to the truth (whatever it may be), pursues it in the distance . . .

Here's a question for you as the publisher of the UFO-Kurier: Why did you not request a rebuttal article from Guido Moosbrugger whose book you also sold? That would have been a sign of IMPARTIALITY!

With best regards

Michael Hesemann


Regarding Randy Winters, Adrain, and the fraudulent contacts in Florida, here is the latest information provided through investigations by the Pleiadians/Plejarans and by Michael Hesemann: Adrain is a protegee of Randy Winters. The following text is an excerpt from a conversation during my 255th contact on May 13, 1996:

Billy: . . . Tell me: On February 13, 1996, Florena mentioned to me that your investigations showed Randy Winters is not the only guilty party in matters pertaining to the fraudulent, purported contact story in Miami, Florida, and that there actually exists a man who makes these deceitful contact claims. Furthermore, this Adrain collaborates with Randy Winters who, in turn, cheats him and capitalizes on this liar and fraud by commercially exploiting Adrain's material for profit.

Ptaah: That is correct --- this is precisely what is actually transpiring. Winters is utilizing the falsified material of this Adrain, as he calls himself, in order to enrich himself although he basically knows exactly that the entire matter is nothing but lies and deceit. Winters is a profit-hungry scoundrel, and the same holds true for Adrain who makes every attempt to introduce himself to people with whom he can collaborate and capitalize from his fraudulent story. As for Winters, he now exploits this Adrain in the same manner he has applied to your material, albeit with one big difference: Your information and contacts are the truth, of which he is fully aware, while the Adrain story is a ruthless lie, fraud, deceit, and charlatanry --- and Randolph Winters is fully conscious of this fact as well.

In a letter dated June 11, 1996, Michael Hesemann also reported the following to me:

Quote: "In evaluating the Adrain case as a hoax, I fully agree with you after my initial research. Among other things, Adrain claims that the Pleiadians, together with some elderly Nazis, maintain a base in the Brazilian jungle where he [Adrain] met Hitler who, he claims, is a 'lovable old man.' Randy Winters is not one and the same person as Adrain. I have seen photos of him (he is tall, about 30 years old, has a moustache and a short, military hairstyle) and have received faxes from him. Several people, among them Giorgio Piacenza, Giorgio Bongiovanni (who also rejects him), the movie producer Larry Germain and others, have spoken with him. As far as I know, he spent last week with Fred Bell (!) in California, after complaining that Randy was selling his [Adrain's] material in video format for a great deal of money without giving Adrain a single penny (Randy is therefore an avid student of Lee Elders, the Shark!). Bell wants to publish a book with Adrain. Well, birds of a feather flock together." In a fax dated June 28, 1996, Michael Hesemann continued reporting to me:

Quote: "Regarding the Adrain situation --- Randy Winters, whom I met at the 'gathering,' has also concluded that at least a major portion of the pictures are a hoax. The 'glowing ship' filmed on October 24 actually proved to be a 'blimp,' and I am enclosing a receipt from the company that launched it. It is quite possible that Adrain's pictures were recreated on a computer by actually utilizing your photos. Adrain did spend the second week in June with Fred Bell in Laguna Beach, California, and Bell has agreed to help Adrain disseminate his material. By the way, Adrain was born in Cuba and maintains contacts with a Puerto Rican who, like Adrain, also disseminated bogus Polaroid pictures (or more accurately, Polaroid reproductions of the computerized creations) as purported evidence for his contacts with extraterrestrials. I plan to expose the entire story in Magazin 2000 as soon as we have all the puzzle pieces in hand.

Michael Hesemann/Germany



During my May 13, 1996, contact with Ptaah, our conversation once again turned to the machinations of liars, deceivers, frauds, and charlatans as they pertain to fraudulent, purported contacts with Pleiadians/Plejarans. We also spoke on the topic of so-called remote viewing, which recently has become the flavor-of-the-month in the parapsychological firmament.

Billy: I still have a few questions, one of which pertains to a purported medium, Ingo Swann, and a U.S. Army Major called Ed Dames. They are both involved in this so-called PSI TECH, supposedly a technological viewing method to discern and uncover even the most secret things from a distance --- at least this is what is being asserted; such a claim is made in Magazin 2000 starting on page 81. The article states that interested parties can meet Ed Dames in Germany where he intends holding a 3-day seminar at the impertinent price of DM 1.800 [approx. $1.400]. First of all: Are you familiar with this story? Second: Should Ed Dames be taken serious? Third: What about the medium called Swann? Fourth: What should we think of remote viewing?

Ptaah: We are familiar with these claims and schemes. With his dishonest methods, Ed Dames is one of many who extracts money from the pockets of trusting and gullible people. The school for remote viewing, which he initiated, are infamous, shady wheeling and dealing (WV); and this purported remote viewing is nothing more than charlatanry. Both the USA and Soviet Union governments previously conducted comparable studies, and continue to do so to this day. This has not been classified information for quite some time, ever since a great deal of the secret material regarding this so-called remote viewing "trickled" out. The efforts in this secret research by the USA and the Soviet Union failed to produce any major successes, and their work in this direction must not be linked in any way with the charlatanry of Ed Dames. PSI TECH is not identical to this purported remote viewing, it is merely the name of an alleged firm. Regarding Ingo Swann, I can say that he, too, is involved in many dishonest schemes, and he has been given credit for many things that are untrue. When the facts are examined, therefore, all of these matters must be regarded as charlatanry and shady wheeling and dealing (WV). Only certain secret research programs and achievements by the USA and the Soviet governments regarding long-distance perception or remote viewing, as it is referred to in English, can be excluded from this entire foolishness.

Billy: Thanks. --- Do you know anything about a person called Jani King? I have received a fax recently stating that this woman in Australia's North Queensland has written at least two books about . . .

Ptaah: . . . purported contacts with me. Of course, her information is as much a foolish fantasy and nonsense (WV) as the untenable claims by Penny McLean, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak, Amorah Quan Yin, and the others who make obscure and stupid (WV) assertions about their having contacts with me. On this list I must also include Fred Bell, who alleges (WV) to have had contacts with my daughter Semjase, and Randy Winters with Adrain’s story (WV) about his purported contacts in Florida. Never have we had such contacts with humans on Earth --- you are the rare exception --- and currently no other contactees exist whatsoever. Furthermore, in the future no contacts will be initiated with any terrestrial humans by any of our peoples. If, therefore, dishonest people (WV) claim they are having contact with one of us, or with the spirit entities of one of our peoples, you can rest assured this is a lie, fraud or charlatanry. As well, schizophrenic processes, suggestive influences, self-delusions and the like should not be excluded as possible causes for the individuals' actions. Unfortunately, the number of liars, deceivers, frauds, charlatans, and delusional individuals who claim they maintain contacts with us, is constantly increasing. Every one of them, and I must strongly emphasize EVERY SINGLE ONE, is simply an individual suffering from derangement, schizophrenia or delusions --- unless the person is a deliberate liar, deceiver, fraud or charlatan. It is interesting to note that we Pleiadians/Plejarans became part of the Earth's public's interest only after you officially began disseminating your mission material, and making public appearances. At that time we were suddenly being exploited by dozens of delusional people, liars, frauds, deceivers, and charlatans who claimed we had or were having contacts with them. The irony of this scenario is that these sick and dishonest people with their delusional, deceitful and fabricated stories, are being accepted as telling the truth by practically all UFO groups, although their fabrications bore not one iota of truth --- while you, our genuine contactee, continue to be scorned as a liar and cheat, and your evidence is defamed as being fraudulent. --- It certainly would be appropriate for you to compile a pamphlet regarding these matters so you can hand it out to everyone who is interested. The sincere investigators, indeed all other human beings, are entitled to hear about the fundamental truth.



The Hubble Space Telescope made another sensational discovery: New galaxies were found which, so far, are more distant from Earth than any others, including some recently discovered celestial bodies.


The Hubble Space Telescope captured another sensational photograph: The picture reveals the star Eta Carinae at a distance of 8,000 light-years from Earth. The star is enveloped in gigantic gas and dust clouds, and its brightness is 4 million times greater than that of our sun.



The American-German space probe "Galileo" passed Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, by a mere 843 kilometers [523 miles] during the night of June 27, 1996. The probe snapped countless photographs which delighted scientists because the pictures are the most precise ever taken of our solar system's largest moon. Ganymede has a diameter of 5,262 kilometers [3,279 miles], making it larger than Mercury, the small planet, which currently is the closest known planet to the sun and orbits our central star at a distance ranging from 46 to 70 million kilometers [28 to 43 million miles] every 88 days.

Using the research satellite "Galileo's" fascinating photographs from its encounter with the Jovian moon, scientists are now hoping to find evidence of similar geological activities on Ganymede to those on Earth. The scientists are speculating that beneath the ice-generated grooves, craters and ditches on this moon is a surface with mobile continents.

Ganymede is nearly as large as the planet Mars whose diameter measures 6,790 kilometers [4,219 miles] and is less than half the size of Earth with its diameter of 12,756.4 kilometers [7,926.67 miles]. This moon was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei. The texture of Ganymede's surface was first depicted on grainy photographs taken from the "Voyager" probes as they passed by Jupiter's moon in 1979. Regardless of the fantastic Ganymede photographs, scientists are increasingly concerned about the "Galileo" probe since two of ten examination units on board seem to have failed, or at least proved to be faulty in some way. As a result, the recordings of high energy particles in Jupiter's radiation belt are missing.

Among other things, the probe's photographs show the moon as having a surface of volcanic origin that was pitted by comets, meteors, and asteroids. Black-and-white pictures support the theory that Ganymede was actually a moon of ice whose surface was tectonically shifted in numerous ways at least 3.8 billion years ago.

The main goal of the American-German "Galileo" probe's mission is to investigate all facets that make up this Jovian moon. It is assumed that Ganymede's core consists of silicic acid (silica), a very common material found also within the Earth's crust.

"Galileo" was launched in 1989 and entered the Jovian atmosphere in December 1995 after having flown 640 million kilometers [397 million miles]. It approached Ganymede on June 27, 1996, at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour [17,398 mph]. Calculations indicate that September 6, 1996, will be the date for the next encounter at a passing altitude of just 500 kilometers [310 miles] from this moon, and will ensure even sharper photos --- this time in color. Another objective for this fly-by will be to measure Ganymede's magnetic and gravitational fields.



For the first time ever, German-Swiss scientists were able to observe the solar storm phenomenon. An incredibly powerful windstorm continually rages on the surface of our sun and blasts across the gigantic fire ball at speeds of up to 40,000 kilometers per hour [24,855 mph]. Such solar winds cause supersonic turbulences and supersonic booms.



In the spring of 1996, paleontologists in Morocco made a spectacular discovery that may link the African and South American dinosaurs.

Here are details regarding this ancient beast:

Length: approximately 9 m [9 yds.] Age: 93 million years, Name: Deltadromeus agilis

This meat-eating reptile with long, slender limbs was very fast and agile.

Under the direction of American paleontologist Paul Sereno from Chicago University, researchers finally unearthed the partially well-preserved skeleton of the long-extinct reptile after several months of search in the Moroccan Sahara's Kem region of Africa.

Deltadromeus appears downright graceful when compared with the Carcharodontosaur saharicus. Scientists were aware of this ancient reptile as far back as 1927, and the skull of one Carcharodontosaur saharicus has been excavated. With a length of 1.60 meters [3'3"], the skull of the Carcharodontosaur is at least as large as that of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. The entire skeleton is estimated to be 12 meters [39'] long and it, therefore, exceeds the size of the T-Rex, until now considered to be the largest carnivorous reptile. Some additional data remains outstanding at this time which may confirm the issue of size. Discoveries in March and September 1995 in Argentina, South America, revealed an even larger skull, that of a Gigantosaur.



It is simply unbelievable how the name of the Pleiadians/Plejarans is being misused for money-grabbing and infamous schemes. The Plejarans’ name is dragged through the mud and slandered by lying, deceitful and underhanded people throughout the world when they claim --- against their own better knowledge or in schizophrenic fantasies --- that they had or were having contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, and that they were receiving important messages from them and the like. The Pleiadian/Plejaran name has been exploited for quite some time in underhanded chain letter schemes. In June 1996 we, too, received such a letter here at FIGU and promptly submitted it to the police. The reason the letter was handed over to the police was that not only did the chain letter break the Swiss law, but it also defamed the Pleiadians/ Plejarans. Therefore, something had to be done about this.

FIGU was not the only place to receive such chain letters. Many individuals, whose addresses were found in telephone books and whose names were obtained by word of mouth from acquaintances, also found these chain letters in their mailboxes. Some people complained to FIGU about receiving them, but we could only respond by recommending that they report the arrival of such letters to the police. For readers of the FIGU Bulletin who may also get such a chain letter we offer the same recommendation. To give you some idea of the rubbish contained in this particular chain letter, which is being distributed by using the Pleiadian/Plejaran name, we reprint a [translated] letter's entire content below.



Wouldn't you like to help yourself, your family, and Planet Earth through a monumental blessing of energy? With 1.6 million German Marks [approx. $1 million] you could make this happen! Soon you will have this much money at your disposal, if you participate in this chain letter game! This is not a regular chain letter: Its existence only perpetuate when based on good thoughts and feelings: This chain letter game will expand your emotional and material horizon. This we promise!

This chain letter game has a history and a future: Our friends from the Pleiades foretell us that, if we participate, we will be able to live the coming years in abundance. (You should keep 90% of the funds that will be streaming in for yourself and your family and you should invest a major portion of them in gold and real estate. Approximately 9% of the money coming in should be donated anonymously to various organizations who protect and maintain human life and nature. Thoroughly investigate such organizations and their administration in advance! And 1% of the money you should use disburse light and knowledge -- buy the new books of wisdom, those that contain the channelings of our Pleiadian friends, or those of Ramtha and Seth. Give the books to your friends and acquaintances, to schools, drug rehabilitation centers, hospitals, prisons, the homeless, and others.)

The difference between this and other chain letters is that this letter has the following small addition: I will participate because I want to help myself, my fellow humans and the Earth.

This chain letter game is under particularly positive auspices: The love of all participants, not least of which is the Pleiadians' support for its energetic distribution.

And it is completely legal! It is not gambling but a perfectly conceptualized game in which everybody is a winner. And here are the figures:

If you participate, you can end up with approximately $1 million (!) within a mere 6-8 weeks! How? By investing

DM 50 as circulating capital
DM 40 to cover the costs of 100 photocopies of this concept
DM100 for stamps

DM190 in total investment

The entire success does not depend on luck and coincidence but is based upon thoughts of love (love is contagious) and this simple mathematical concept:

You write to 100 people and you place yourself in 5th place.

Let's assume that 8 of the 100 people you have written to play along. They in turn mail a letter to 100 people. That adds up to 800 letters. Even if only 8% of these people play: It adds up to 64. They also send out the letter to 100 people. Now you have 64 x 100 letters.

At this point you are in 4th place in these letters. Of the 64x100 (6,400) letters 8% of the people play: Now there are 512. They also mail our 100 letters. Now there are 512 x 100 letters. This puts you in 3rd place in these letters.

Of the 512x100 (51,200) people who received a letter 8% play: Now there are 4,096. They mail a letter to 100 people. That makes it 4096x100 letters. This puts you in 2nd position in the letters.

Of the 4096x100 people who received a letter, 8% play: Now there are 32,768, and you are in first position, i.e., you now receive 32,768 x 50= DM1.6 million.

If you think the game will run out of steam, our Pleiadian friends can assure you that everything which serves a good cause and is done with love will never run out of steam; instead, those who participate are blessed with good fortune. To this chain letter system you cannot apply analytical calculations because they very quickly run into billions of players and, thus, it has a natural limit. The entire game hinges on the level at which your heart is most accessible.

Make your decision to participate only after rereading the concept several times. The longer you ponder the concept, the more rational it appears to you, for it is a selfsupporting system similar to those implemented on the Pleiades:

There is no director or a central administrative office, everyone is on his or her own and is responsible only for the five people on the list (including yourself) and the 100 new addresses. Only the participants of the "Pleiadian Self-Help Project Earth" will profit --- and so will Earth!

Therefore: Evaluate your feelings! If these pages make any sense to you, trust your feelings and spontaneously begin your task: Buy 100 stamps, 100 envelopes, etc... If, however, you have the feeling that this is a fraud, or if you doubt that this chain letter system will work, you should not participate! Toss away this letter or give it to a friend who may be more inclined to gain emotional access to it ...


  1. Write or copy into the upper half of a blank sheet of typing paper the name and all bank information listed on page 4 --- after you removed the name and bank information of the individual in position #1. The person in position #1 is now excluded from the list and will no longer be entered! Now you can enter the name (incl. bank information) in position #2 in position #1, the 3rd name advances to position #2; the 4th name is placed into #3 position and your name and bank information is added as the newest member in position #5 (please type).
  2. To avoid any delays, transfer the DM50 [approx. $35] today as running capital into the account of the person whom you have now placed in position #1. Please write "Help Project" on the line provided for the money's planned purpose!
  3. At the same time buy 100 stamps of DM 1 for mailing the 100 letters and have the post office give you a receipt for your stamp purchase.
  4. Glue these receipts on the bottom half of the blank DIN A4 page with your copied or newly typed name and bank information and your own name in position #5. This is now the new page 4 of the letter.
  5. Make 100 photocopies of all 4 pages (i.e., the old 3 pages and your new page 4). Mail the photocopied concept of this game to the addresses of people you know, such as your friends, acquaintances, business colleagues or to any other person who you believe, or know, would see the advantages of the project for themselves and their environment. The remainder of the people you can find , e.g., in advertisements in esoteric newspapers, on telephone CDS, in telephone books, the Yellow Pages (i.e., individuals with similar professions to your own), and so forth. Please expand your choice of addresses. Take only a few from esoteric newspapers, and a few from advertisement in the regular newspapers. Succumb to the inspiration of the moment. Decide spontaneously: This name attracts me, this address speaks to me, etc. It is equally important that each person comes from the same city!
  6. Do not view the copying of these addresses as a pesty task but look at them as services to your fellowmen, Planet Earth, and not least of all to you. In the event that you have a job, you can easily copy 20 addresses every day after work. Feel the love for yourself and these people while you copy their names.

The statistical upper limit of participants for such a system with 100 mailed letters is 10% (in the USA). This amounts to a profit of approximately 6 million German Marks. The statistical average amounts to about a 8% participation with ordinary chain letters. Even if only 7% are players and only 7% participate, you will still end up with more than DM 800,000. And if only a mere 5% participate, you still receive approx. DM 160,000.

However, this is no ordinary chain letter!

This letter will enhance the empathy you have for your fellowmen, it will release you from your isolation as a passive citizen, who watches powerlessly and unmotivatedly the activities of the Upper Ten Thousand in politics and business. And it strengthens you as an immortal being by giving you what is yours in the first place: the energy called "money" with which you can positively negotiate in the world's events (through your dissemination of 10% of this money, as described above).


Please follow the instructions precisely and honestly.
Act soon -- for your interest in each player and for your own. Long breaks should not occur! Everyone who participates should willingly and eagerly take on the responsibilities of this concept.

  1. As a new player you must verify that
  1. the firm or person who sent you this concept is truly in position #3 and that the DM 50 for the running costs have been transmitted to the person in position #1.
  2. the 100 postage stamps were purchased. (In case this was not done, have that person do so. Without photocopied proof the sender in position #5 is not entitled to play. This monitoring is important for the security of the system in this three-dimensional reality is somewhat guaranteed.)
  1. Each player should accurately copy (with love, if possible) the names already on the list that move into the next higher positions, or if they are handwritten, check for reversed numbers and the like.
  2. In their own interest, the players should ensure that this concept is passed along in a legible manner or else retype it if necessary to ensure that good copies (here too: do it with love!). You will thank yourself!

With Pleiadian Greetings!


Reports published at the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996 stated that, after years of research, a breakthrough experiment was crowned with success for 52-year-old German physicist Professor Walter Oelert and his team at the CERN Plant in Geneva. For one infinitesimal moment they were able to create an anti-matter atom.

When matter and anti-matter collide, huge amounts of energy are released --- so large that a spacecraft, using this type of fuel, could reach the speed of light at 299,792.458 kilometers per second [186,000 mps].

Scientists throughout the globe have been preoccupied for decades with discovering anti-matter, and now their efforts have finally succeeded. This is another chink on the sword of all those obstinate scientists who still claim energy forms other than light cannot be produced. More farsighted scientists do not exclude the possibility that this newly discovered form of energy will be used for spacecraft propulsion in the distant future. If, however, spaceships are built to traverse the universe at the speed of light, humans must resolve the problems linked to the human body's survival at such high speeds. Consideration must also be placed on the problems of shrinking the time (time dilation), and how these newly discovered energies can solve the energy problems faced by Earth's human population. Terrestrial scientists have neglected to even ponder these issues.



At a distance of approximately 450 light-years from Earth, a large mass of guppy-shaped material with cometlike heads and tails is racing through space. The total mass measures twice the size of our entire solar system in diameter, and the tails are about 150 billion kilometers [93 billion miles] long. The U.S. Hubble Space Telescope has supplied photographs of these gigantic objects, and scientists speculate that trillions more may be found throughout the universe.

Scientists describe these formations as cometlike knots since their glowing heads and veil-like tails, at a cursory glance, resemble the tails of comets. These unique formations, which chase through space at tremendous speed, were discovered by Hubble astronomer Robert O'Dell and Kerry Handron, a student at Rice University in Houston, TX, as they explored spiral nebulae. The latter, a ring of glowing gases, are located in the Aquarius constellation. Both scientists are of the opinion that these strange objects are remnants of dying celestial bodies, which consist of gases emitted while the objects travel through space.

Scientists have speculated for a long time that such objects exist, but only now has the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed this concept. Another conjecture contends that the objects will last only a few hundred thousand years before fading again.

The scientists base their assumptions on the concept that dust particles from each of the gaseous balls can collide, stick to one another and, ultimately, grow into icy objects the size of Planet Earth.



During the 256th contact on May 13, 1996, Ptaah mentioned that renewed massive attacks against FIGU, me, as well as against the Core and Passive Group members are in the offing. Here is what he said:

Ptaah: ... on the other hand new, negative intrigues against you, the group members, and the entire Mission. Our investigations have revealed very unpleasant things, for the time is nigh when renewed, massive external forces will rise up against both you and the Mission. These negative forces lurk not only among your habitual enemies, but will be generated also by public media systems such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, as well as by sects and religions, government agencies and secret services. Among them are defamers such as Kal Korff, various MUFON [Mutual UFO Network] groups and similar organizations, along with pseudo-scientific associations who fundamentally denounce anything and everything which is of a non-terrestrial nature. One of these organizations is CENAP (Centrales Erforschungs-Netz Aussergewöhnlicher Phänomene = Central Research Network for Unusual Phenomena). Many unwary people permit these denouncers and debunkers, know-it-alls and intrigants to mislead them. In so doing, the unwary actually enable those who deny our existence and undermine you and your mission for reasons of hatred, envy, religious-sectarian delusions, know-it-allattitudes, perpetual criticism, upgrading their own image, lust for admiration, arbitrariness, inferiority complexes, megalomania, feelings of superiority, a need to show off and the like. Also, the desire for financial gain, which is of particular importance to those individuals for whom money means everything, frequently plays an important role in this scenario. No intrigue or defamation, no lie or fraud is too low for them. Sadly, this type of individual exists in great numbers on Earth. Many of them do not refrain from defaming us when they suggest that we are actually contacting them and that we, purportedly, are transmitting messages and teachings to them. This deceitful characteristic is especially predominant among individuals of American origin, although this disease has now invaded Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Poland, the former Soviet Union, Austria, Italy, Israel, Spain, France, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, and is on the rise in many other countries as well. You and your group members will soon notice this happening, as renewed attacks will be made on you from all parts of the world. Not only will you be included in these attacks from every corner of the globe, but all Core Group and Passive Groups members will be affected as well. Additionally, all your efforts to disseminate the truth and to fulfill the Mission will be increasingly defamed and affected. This also includes the efforts by the Core Group and the Passive Groups. Even the individuals' personal rights and personal freedom and work may become influenced. Along with all these attacks will come a time that demands increased attentiveness and increased efforts of every FIGU member in the Core Group and the Passive Groups with regard to steadfastness and the fulfilment of the Mission. You will all need even greater strength from now on as you face the defamations, attacks and false accusations, which will become ever more drastic because the time is now ripe for certain "elements." Another reason may be that the attackers even sense setbacks in their passion to boast, their vainglory, arrogance, power hunger, greediness for financial gain, their fear, or in their deceitful actions to suppress the true facts which discriminate against the truth. You and your Core Group and Passive Group members will be subject to undue stress from now on and, therefore, the chaff will separate from the wheat. Those who are not completely on the side of the truth will fall by the wayside and drown in a sea of irrationality and the denial of the truth.