Human Spiritform

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What are the three immortal components of the human spiritform?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

We know that the astral body has three immortal parts: they are the Spirit, Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Gemut.

Could you explain in simple words

  1. What is Gemut and its function?
  2. Where will Gemut go after one dies?
  3. Would Creation create all these three parts at the same time when creating an individual astral body?
  4. What happen to these three immortal parts when evolution reaches a stage that a body is no longer needed?

ANSWER: Hi Savio,

I agree with Marc about "one question each time".

Regarding your questions: You can forget the "astral body" because it has nothing in common with the things you mention in your questions.

The Gemuet belongs to the spirit-form, in a similar way as the Psyche belongs to, or is a part of, the human being's material body.

The Comprehensive Consciousness Block has no personality and doesn't think. It is an energetic block for creating, in entire neutrality, a new personality after an incarnation of the spirit-form.

As the word "immortal" implies, the "three immortal parts" continue to exist after death and even when no material body is needed any longer (in the spirit-form).[1]


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