Invisible Garment

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Invisible Garment

The state and situation before the universe. From our perspective.

Genesis (the book) - Meaning

The universe was only a created idea of the Ur-Creation at this stage, so thus it was still invisible and therefore without a physical (spatial) existence.

Indicating that the universe as a well thought idea in createdness - existed, but however it was still not realized as yet, at this stage, that it could come into being as an actual created existence.

So therefore it still did not at this stage have its space dressing, therefore it was without spatial existence.

As an idea existed yet still had not as yet been created as an existence.


Time at this stage did not rule, it was not as yet a component or feature. Therefore it was only an endless duration without any limitations regarding time. Time involves a space, but space however was not yet created, so it was just an endless duration without the position of time as a rule.

To create a time in this timelessness it was first required that a space be created. This had already been realised by the Creation, that the creating of a space must first become a reality in order that time may rule over it. Therefore this task was first awarded.

Genesis (the book) - Out of context

[English] 1. The Universe was enveloped in its invisible garment[1]
[German] 1. Das Universum war gehüllt in sein unsichtbares Gewand.[2]

[English] 3. It was wrapped in the invisible garment, in the non-existence.[3]
[German] 3. Es war gehüllt in sein unsichtbares Gewand, in die Nichtexistenz.[4]

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Other Alternative – Meaning

Keep secret.

Other Alternative - Out of context

Goblet: 11:6 ... also, you shall not cover yourselves with the garments of the untruth (lie) and never keep the truth secret, but rather reveal it because uprightness endures (lasts) over and beyond all untruth (lie), and any keeping secret of the truth brings harm upon you and people of your kind (human beings/fellow human beings).[5]

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