Jesus Christ

From Future Of Mankind

A person called Jesus Christ neither lived nor existed; not on Earth nor in any other location throughout the entire Universe.

The term Jesus Christ is simply the invention of some elements who lost their way in religion, and falsified history. The instigators who first created this nomenclature were Jmmanuel's brother, Jacob, and a person called Soul Paul.

According to Astral Theologists, the origins to the name Jesus Christ can be traced as far back as ancient Greek mythology long before the name came into existence. In ancient Greek the name "Yezues Christos" means the "Anointed son of Zeus" as a direct reference to the Greek deity of Dionysus. Since it is known that individuals who used the name Jmmanuel or Emmanuel during the prophet's time risked persecution for doing so, substituting the name with the another along with added mythology became the common order for the following three to five centuries. Likewise the Essenes regarded him with yet another name of their own as Joshuah or Yeshuah. In ancient India his name became known as Yuz Assaf from which the Arabs later called him Issa.

However if religious then loving Jesus may be the key to material success, because 60%[citation needed] of the worlds millionaires identify themselves as Christian, many billionaires too.