Message to critics: Stop Henoch Prophecy's candidature

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Message to critics of Henoch Prophecies

Stop Henoch Prophecy's candidature for James Randi's million dollar challenge...if you can
then we will start to discuss the scores of "predictions" from contact Notes and other sources already verified over last decades


If you do not know about Billy Meier – he is a legendary figure in the ufo community, i.e. legendarily controversial. He allegedly fooled eminent scientists and experts, made videos only reproducible in the age of sophisticated computer graphics, even maybe cast a magic spell on his friends that helped them, when they were tested using lie detector, to clear the test. Critics allege he is looking to gather followers. An example I guess would be his book called Goblet of Truth, which basically have the potential to shock and awe 99.99% of world population in such a manner that in their shock, they would hail BEAM as the new founder of a new religion. He even anticipated attack on his photos, specifically Asket and Nera photos and published them in his contact Notes. Alas … critics were once again up in arms when his space photos were proven to be duds. So called and self-proclaimed “less manipulated” and “not manipulated” photos of Apollo Soyuz should not have been given certificate of “less manipulated” and “not manipulated” by the Plejaren, critics complained, since the Plejaren are like the omnipotent “Gods” of human imagination and “Gods” do not make mistakes and no power can fool them.

To do an analysis of just The Henoch Prophecies, it is necessary to forget the dozen upon dozen scientifically accurate information published by Meier through his contact notes. Even when this author was researching the case, at least 3 such event happened as detailed in here. I would leave it up to Billy's many critics to refute them. Forgetting the scientifically proven statements in Billy's contact Notes would make it easy to flush the mind of prior success and do an unbiased analysis. This brief is therefore on Henoch Prophecy only for the reason that, since after Michael Horn took Henoch Prophecy as a benchmark for proving the authenticity of the prophetic ability of Billy Eduard Albert Meier, many expressed doubt that Meier retrodicted his prophecies.

Prophecies, according Meier evangelists are different from predictions. Prophecies are earth political, religious, societal and military developments which are subject to change, depend on human action. Prophecies are given out for the people to take note and take corrective actions in order to change for the better. Prediction, on other hand, are sure to occur. For example, Meier published a contact report that claimed an asteroid “Red Meteor” would hit earth in 2036, if not 2029, unless earth scientists and engineers do not undertake mission to deflect it. Reliable NSA, err, NASA says there is no such danger in 2029 or 2036. While it can be deduced that the “Red Meteor” is indeed the Asteroid Apophis, critics allege there is no such proof, after all, it is very statistically common to guess an asteroid threaten earth not once, but twice.

Coming back to Henoch Prophecies – Henoch prophecy is part of contact 215 from February 1987. The content can be read here or here. Actually the Henoch prophecy consist of several dozen prophecies spanning several hundred years. Came Michael Horn, and in his own signature way, he announce if the Henoch Prophecy already meet the criteria for the million dollar challenge from the shining light of skeptic community James Randi. For those unaware, James Randi announced an award of a million dollar to any person who demonstrates any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability under satisfactory observation”. So the millon dollar question, armed with only Henoch prophecy, can Meier be awarded the wad of money, err...the truckload of money James Randi promised?

The Rules

Critics howl that only those Henoch Prophecies can only qualify that materialized after Henoch Prophecy was published, thus eliminating the chance for postdiction/retrodiction. So it goes that Henoch Prophecies was first published in English in Guido Moosebrugger's And Still They Fly (Feb 2004). It was first published in 2002 in a German booklet, but the author could not confirm the copyright information or verify the same, hence only events on or after Feb 2004 is considered as valid, "provable" evidence for Meier's prophetic ability and/or supernatural source of the “Henoch Prophecies”. This is as per the so-called "high" skeptical standard that few skeptics wish from Meier.

Also, no general statements on natural catastrophe, war, etc. can be considered, so also events yet to fulfil, or not beginning to fulfil. In other words, only consider events from 2004 till date – the specific ones, those fulfilled, or beginning to fulfil are considered.


Destruction of WTC in September 2001 and the ensuing war on terror and American campaigns in Asia are outside the date range under consideration, unless someone can proof that some version of Henoch Prophecy was published on 2001. Terrorism as a specific major world threat was also a fact since the 90's, so was Globalization, and India-Pakistan border war of 1999. Future civil wars and “civil war like conditions” etc. are also out of contention due to this reason.

Prophecy on last pope so far is averted as per latest information from Meier. Some though suggested certain Papal candidate or even the elected Pope himself was the Petrus Romanus. Even if it is true, it is open to interpretation, or could be copied from Malachy prophecy. For now, this prophecy cannot be considered for the challenge.

Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome, a variant of BSE, also occurred before 2004, so this also fail to qualify. AIDS also was a menace well before 2004.

Meier named Ebola specifically to cause an epidemic. The prophecy however, was not about the virus, but that it will cause an epidemic and "many death". Before 2004 the largest outbreak caused 400 cases, and this was an exotic, nearly unknown disease outside Afrika.

"Also, an epidemic known as Ebola will cause many deaths, as well as other unknown epidemics and diseases which will sporadically arise in epidemic proportions and will be new to the human being, causing great concern. "

Computerized weapons have existed before 2004 and this is no new stuff.

Russian military movements/activation of Arkhangelsk to militarise Arctic and set up bases in and around Artic is indeed threatening to Canada and Scandinavian countries. While no attack took place yet, certainly Arkhangelsk would now be best placed to be the staging point to coordinate between the Northern bases like Novosibirsk and Kotelney. But could Meier have guessed it? Kotelny Island, Vladivostok and other bases along Siberia were also good candidates. The fact is, Russia is militarising Arctic and Arkhangelsk is the staging point and a future Russian attack on these regions over Arctic dispute now would inevitably involve coordination from Arkhangelsk. Point goes to Meier for not for the Russian war on Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska that probably lies in the future, but for at least pre-empting the nerve centre for Russian Arctic build-up and future war with Canada et all over Arctic.

"Yet Russia will not rest and will attack Scandinavia, and in doing so will embroil all of Europe. And months before that, a terrible tornado will have swept across northern Europe, causing great devastation and destruction. It must still be stated that the Russian attack will occur during the summer, in fact, starting from Arkhangelsk."

Similar “developing” revelations point to DARPA doing research on “designing” super soldiers using genetic manipulation as in the Henoch Prophecies. Super soldiers would be able to perform superhuman feats, feel no remorse or empathy – in other word, will have “total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines”. Another hit by Meier.

"The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines."

China's relation with India have been frosty since 1964, but it was on an upswing from 2000 till mid 2006. Guido/Meier had time to revise his prophecy content of “uneasy relationship” of China with India. by 2004, when the prophecy was published. From around 2006, Chinese relationship with India turned increasingly hostile. A future war over Chinese claims of Indian territory cannot be totally ruled out at as of now. Retrodiction? Not likely.

"And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her. China will attack India;"

Recent scholarly analysis explores if US is arm-twisting Germany and EU to cooperate on the Ukrainian crisis as per American strategy to use Germany and France as its puppet powers in Europe. Analyst even speculate if Germany is tilting toward BRICS. However, speculation of American arm twisting of Europe existed since 90's and moreover the information on Germany joining or aligning with BRICS is never recognized, neither any overt activities toward this goal are in focus. A positive match with Henoch prophecy on American pressure on Germany, Switzerland and other European countries and their eventual break-up with US seems premature at this stage.

" In part, others will join in because they will be forced somehow to do so or will be misled by irresponsible promoters of American propaganda. Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation."

Petroleum and gas extraction connected to earthquakes was finally confirmed by USGS in 2012.

"And through this, a shifting of weight inside the Earth takes place, caused for example by the creation of gigantic lakes by damming and by creating hollow caverns due to the exploitation of petroleum and gas, etc. And thereby unnatural inner-Earth movements are created, which also lead to unnatural tectonic effects and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,.."

From 2004 till date, Meier can clearly claim certain “supernatural” source for the warnings in Henoch Prophecy as far as prophecies regarding super soldiers and petroleum extraction are concerned. Surely, he can even be given a clean chit with his claims on Ebola, Chinese-Indian relation and Arkhangelsk. Five hits in last 10 years, a hit every 2 years on average. So can Henoch Prophecies, on own survive amazing Randi's challenge, or will need time to mature as events unravel? Critics reply. Henoch Prophecy should not make it.

Question remains how many proven “supernaturally sourced” information would be enough for James Randi? What is his goalpost? One, or many? If the goalpost is moved, is made smaller, would Randi accept the innumerable scientifically accurate information in Meier's alleged 500+ contacts, including those in rest of Bill Meier's Contact 215?

Page to be updated as events unfold..