My Destiny: How the Mission affected my life and the course of my future

From Future Of Mankind

It has been 7 eventful, wondrous, inspiring, extraordinary and tumultuous years in my life. At the age of 21 I discovered Billy Meier and his amazing life story. The moment I viewed a photograph of him on the internet, I was overcome with a deep feeling that this man is indeed honest, genuine and sincere, and that the information he provides in regards to claims and conclusions is without doubt, accurate and truthful. I also understood the self relevance of this man’s story and their implications on a personal level in the matter of spirituality and value to the human race. It was as if I had found what everybody is searching for. The Skeleton key that belongs to the house of life.

Within the last 7 years, I have experienced many things. Many of which I cannot share, because it is in regards to subject matter that (as I have learned the hard way) most all people cannot grasp and understand, let alone accept or cope with in any reasonable manner. I had wanted to share my experiences with those around me. To some degree, there has been positive reactions, but largely negative. I had eventually come to the realization that these events were of a personal nature and meant for my eyes only, so to speak. These events were sparse throughout childhood, but began a gradual increase in frequency as I grew into adolescence, and by age 19 became a part of daily life. These experiences began to make sense when I discovered the F.I.G.U. material, provided by Billy and the Plejarens.

It was never the photo’s of beamships, or metal samples and such, that interested me. It was rather the historical information in regards to Lyrans, Hyperboreans and Atlantis that drew me closer. Feelings, nuances and strange impulses rattled me from the core, and outward. It manifested in dreams, visions and real events all perceivable by the 5 material senses. It was bitter sweet, the first 3 or 4 years, as I was not completely of sound thinking and allowed myself to jump to conclusions, to entertain fantasy with the intention that I should not fear making mistakes, and only by this way would I eventually stumble upon the fact of the matter at hand.

At the age of 19 i had seen a white light in the sky. On an impulse I looked up into the night sky, right at the light, as if I was meant to see it, and no other. Not a star, not an airplane, not the moon or any planet, but that single ball of light. It was white and did not flicker. It did not move or shimmer or make a sound. At that moment I knew without any doubt, that it was a craft piloted by intelligent life and that they had impulse me to look at their light. After that thought, the light slowly headed north. It was a clear night, perhaps the clearest night of my life at that point in time.

That moment, that event, it was the beginning of a conscious understanding that somebody wanted my attention, but for what reasons, I would not start to grasp until the age of 21, when I discovered the Meier case.

I felt like I was being apprenticed by very intelligent and loving people in matters that most people fear to ever dare confront and ponder. Being that I was different in many respects to everyone around me, I was quite at ease by it all. I was at the doorstep of something very great and immense. It was as if a strangely familiar story was playing itself out in my dreams and waking moments, with total strangers whom at the same time were so familiar to me. I could not put my finger on it. Something like De javu, but much more deeper and concise.

After 4 years, I had almost had a nervous breakdown, so I made the difficult choice of removing myself from thinking of these matters of U.F.O’s and reincarnation, Plejarens and the rest of it. After about 5-7 months, they made their presence known again. I had a habit of constantly, over and over and over and over again, questioning what I seen or experienced. Constant assessing and questioning, to get to the same logical, irrevocable conclusion each and every time… These events were real, deeply spiritual and personal in the most significant degrees.

I suppose I could have sold my story and made a quick buck, but the thought did not occur, I was too busy growing in spiritual integrity. I understood the importance of this unspecified task at hand, this “duty” of mine. I did not ever seek this out. I did not ask to see the things I have seen. Yet this concurrent event put into perspective all the questions and mysteries that existed in my life to that point.

For the last 3 years, I have been in limbo, trying to figure out who those persons are, who took such an interest in me and what my role is in the noble and great Mission. I heard talk of learning German and translating contact notes, starting study groups, becoming a passive member etc. And I remember not being certain of any of those choices.

The last 3 years were quiet in comparison to the eventful years prior. These 3 years were difficult and being the human that I am, I have lived in a self imposed hell, to some degree. Not long ago however, while striving to get back on the straight and narrow path, those kind, loving and wise beings piloting those white lights came and made their presence known again in my life, in their trademark manner. As if to say “hello, we were always with you”. In ways I cannot explain due to the personal nature of this event, I came to understand my personal link to these individuals, and that they were in my life out of a natural course of destiny, not obligation. They say Love, once created between a person and another, is a bond that cannot be broken, and is constant throughout all conceivable distances. I experienced Love and True Love, and through this bond, I have become a person worthwhile of being called a human being. I have learned to love myself, others and behave in a manner that is akin to a natural way of existing with harmony lingering in the distance, calling to me every so often with a warm soft voice. One night not long ago, I made the decision to devote my life to the Mission, completely. I understood that this was the path that leads to all my worthy goals and ambitions. This is the path that leads to greatness as a human of earth, and that leads to the answers to my still unanswered questions. I made a pledge to live in accordance with the Mission, as opposed to any sort of vice ridden lifestyle I could easily nuzzle myself into. The white lights were present as I made a pledge to the universe, to earth and to humankind. I felt a great moment had just transpired.

Following this important decision, I asked myself, “What should I do to assist the Mission”? Then, like as if my subconciousness had a voice, I heard the impulse murmur,” write an inspirational piece of literature that would inspire and push those who read it, those who feel what is written here, into active spiritual service”.

The title of this written piece is called “My Destiny: How the Mission affected my life and the course of my future”. It is meant to communicate the idea that everything I do, every goal I accomplish is the result of my own determination, and that I have a long historical relationship with the thing we call The Mission. I feel now, more than ever in my entire life that I am finally doing what I was destined to do. It is something which has been building momentum for many incarnations. It is something that involves people who have spirits that have crossed my path and intertwined with my own spirit many times.

I had a dream when I was about 19 that summed it up best…I am like a young child lost on the path of life. A beautiful woman with love and kindness in her heart reaches out to me, as if to take me back home, but I run afraid, deep into a thick forest. It is a scenario that played out before, who knows how many times. I am fearful of truth, because I have ignorance in my heart. But I have chosen to break this circle of suffering and misunderstanding. Through the spirit teachings as proclaimed by the seventh prophet, and the true prophet of mankind, and with the help of those from my past, whom the unbreakable bond of love radiates with unending brilliance, I will be the greatest person I can be. All I wish for now is to be given the chance to be a devoted husband, worthy father and avid pupil of logic and reason.

I want to say this to anyone reading this…If Billy Meier and the Mission is something that strikes a deep chord within you, and you hear a faint but strong voice calling out to you, urging you to walk into the uncertainty of the unknown… do not be afraid. Do not fear losing friends, because no one ever loses a friend. Do not fear being labeled a liar or fool, because a label does not define your self-worth and value as a person. Do not fear that which you do not understand, because in time you surely will understand, and it is through understanding that you will find Love, and only in love will you bare witness to the true extent and depth of your power, that is to say, the power of spiritual greatness that exists in all things.

Peter Brodowski
November 2011